My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1076

Vol 5 Chapter 1076: Out Of The Encirclement

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Chapter 1076

"There is a big secret in this kid. Be him!"

"Chasing! The value of his body far exceeds the daughter of the devil!"

After discovering that Lin Chen used instant light splitting, the geniuses from all walks of life seemed to have hit the chicken blood, screaming excitedly!

When the geniuses are about to chase wildly, a shadow of the shadows emerges from the top of Lin Chen's head!

The geniuses were shocked and secretly called bad!

"It's the ghost monkey!"

"Damn, this **** is lurking and then assassinated, he will be succeeded!"

[Activate the instant light splitting talent, recharge, penetration, sky hidden runes, consume 68 advanced rune energy, 50 talent points.

Brush ~! The dark curtain turned into a sharp streamer, puncturing Lin Chen's heavenly spirit cover, and the dark dark fighting spirit rolled out a grim face: "Gaga, boy, your secret and the head of the demon race woman, I want it all!"

Lin Chen's face was still light and windy. He even calmly used "Extreme Return" to make up for the fighting spirit!

Poof~! laugh! laugh! laugh!

Knife lights flicker, streamers fall! Twenty knives with sharp blades slashed towards the monkey-faced men, looming, and never giving him reaction time!

[Trigger complete attack power, power increase: 300%.

Daoman cut and killed the monkey-faced man, slashed and killed, and actually cut his defenses into shattered blood!

Genius is falling! This is the moment when Lin Chen beheaded the top 10,000 geniuses for the first time!

This is the ultimate shadow flying knife Silian. It was Lin Chen who used the hidden power of the Tianyin Rune to accumulate power. When the instant light split broke out, the power was brewing to the extreme!

Lin Chen's faint fire-robbing fighting spirit formed an energy barrier and burned away the long blood rain above his head.

He jumped into the air and took away the dozen or so attributes of the genius who fell behind.


Many geniuses sucked air-conditioning!

When will this kid stay behind? They didn't see any traces of their shots. When they reacted, countless flying knives and mansions had cut the monkey face men to death!

With the compensation of "Extreme Return" and the re-use of Phantom Rune, the true virtue long avatar who entered the weak state on the side immediately became alive again!

Suddenly, a thundering roar shook all around, the airflow collapsed, the aura disintegrated and exploded!

"Dad, dare to play tricks on the boy, the dog is not timid!"

A burst of yellow sand turned into a storm, and there were dust storms all over the place. It seemed like a wild dragon swept through and attacked from the right side behind Lin Chen!

That Zhao Tiankun was actually killed!

Seeing Zhao Tiankun kill the side of the valley, all the geniuses' faces changed slightly!

Lin Chen frowned, this guy got rid of those old antiques so quickly? Worthy of being the top 5000 monsters on the genius list!

"Zhao Tiankun?"

"He's here too?"

The geniuses are worried, and Zhao Tiankun, who has already entered the top 5000, is terribly strong!

Those of them are born with ghosts in their heart, and they can't join forces completely. A single battle will be broken by Zhao Tiankun one by one!

"This guy came very quickly, and he wouldn't have to fight without throwing away!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, seeing that Little Shadow wanted to pounce on him to fight him, Lin Chen stopped, and let the avatar and Little Shadow act separately.

Nine-color starlight condenses in the palm like a vortex, and the corner of Lin Chen's mouth rises slightly.

Zhao Tiankun is different from the 20 super geniuses, the former is at least three grades better than them!

Previously, Zhao Tiankun's random blow forced Lin Chen and all of them to explode into orange rank talent, and they could only take it with all their strength!

In order to stop such a strong enemy, Lin Chen must take out some cards.

"Mr. Zhao, right? Try this!"

Lin Chen laughed with pride, with one hand flicking, the starlight of the Nine Tribulation Stars turning and ruining, the brilliant and translucent brilliance shining with nine colors and fascinating colors, and turned into a polar star towards Zhao Tiankun!

Buzz~! The Nine Tribulation Stars trembled and instantly split into five, showing five scattered nine-color stars lasing away!

All geniuses' faces changed slightly, and as strong as Zhao Tiankun's, his expression changed slightly!

"It's a weird attack, a battle of dragons and dragons, break me!"

Zhao Tiankun grabbed it, the five-finger fighting spirit condensed into the yellow dragon sky, the sandstorm raged, and the tumbling sandstorm dust turned into a dragon flying into the sky, hitting the nine-color stars and exploding, raising the nine-color beam, and constantly rotating!

The 20 super geniuses condensed the offensive, and broke the Xeon Onestrike on Lin Chens Nine Tribulation Stars. The five pillars of nine-color light swirled with a breath of destruction and locked the advancement area of everyone.

Lin Chen took the opportunity to retreat at a rapid speed and grabbed the attribute light ball dropped by the previously injured genius.

Under Zhao Tiankun's pressure, he can't kill all super geniuses!

Brush ~! Sharon flies into the sky, and a yellow dragon tears one of the nine-color beams. It is Zhao Tiankun!

Zhao Tiankun was wearing an earth-yellow combat armor, which was indestructible, resolved all kinds of offensives and aftermath of energy, and almost resisted walking out of the nine-color beam!

Was he forcibly tearing Lin Chens aftermath of the Nine Tribulations? The power is almost outrageous!

Even other super geniuses can't do it, and they dare not take this risk! That nine-color beam of light blessed Lin Chen's power to penetrate and rune, and was extremely devastating!

Zhao Tiankun smiled angrily: "Don't think you can run out of the palm of your son!"

He stepped on the Qianlong with a very fast speed, and stormed all the way to the space behind Lin Chen.

With the palm of his hand spinning out the sandstorm dragon scroll, Zhao Tiankun was about to make another powerful move. Suddenly, Lin Chen held Luo Yaoer's figure and turned into a ray of space disappearing!


Zhao Tiankun froze, dumbfounded!

Brush ~!

The space gleamed, Lin Chen's'Super Dimensional Teleportation' jumped to the position of Zhende Shuai.

He previously gave up the avatar to act separately, just to keep his back.

"This Wang Ba egg with the surname Zhao is terrifying. If I try my best to compete with him, it is not necessarily his opponent. The increase brought by a complete inferior crystal is terrifying!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and his speed was out of 10,000 on the genius list. There was no rival at all!

There is even the possibility of losing here!

Zhao Tiankun is born with the Wanyue Demon Tribulation Body, and has far more control and talents than the ordinary people in the earth system aura.

This physique can use the power of the earth to fight for his own strength and double his strength, and he has trained his Zhao family's "Four-phase Dragon Spirit Formula". This is a top-level half-orange-level mental method, almost tailor-made for Zhao Tiankun!

In addition, he is the fifth-grade Holy Vein, and his talents are against the sky. It is said that it took only a month to start practicing the Purple Order of the Earth Department in his youth, and his talents are almost monsters!

Even more horrifying, he also refined a complete inferior crystal!

As long as the "Alien Crystal Power" is urged, even the Warlord, even a single blow can tear the mountain and crack the mountain, crushing the mountains and rivers, with the power of sinking a small plane!

In the situation just now, only Xiaoying could fight Zhao Tiankun in a single fight.

"Sure enough, the higher the ranking of the genius list, the more terrifying the strength. The talents of these guys are more than one demon. Before I find the fall location of Optimus Warlord, I can't use the nirvana and the slow runes. I would rather be with these guys. Zhou Xuan can not give up this only trump card!"

Lin Chen exhaled deeply, a strange ray of light crossed his pupils, and his eyes were sharp!