My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1077

Vol 5 Chapter 1077: Lin Chen Take The Most Important Step

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Chapter 1077, Lin Chen, Take the Most Important Step! !

Lin Chen had to admit that even if he was himself in the Five Tribulation Warlord Xiuwei, it would be difficult to confront the geniuses in the top 5,000 geniuses without the help of slow runes!

If he used a knife of Gods Tears desperately, he did not have enough confidence to calm Zhao Tiankun. He also had Gods Tears and the other party also had it!

This is his current stage, the limit! Going forward, you must have more killer skills!

After breaking through the five disasters, Lin Chen could barely use Gods Tears, but it can only be used once. This knife method is too detrimental to the fighting energy and meridians, and will break its meridians if you accidentally do so!

In the sacred mountain range, it is not comparable to the outside world. If you use the God of War Bracers here, Lin Chens chance of survival is equal to zero.

In this genius is like a cloud, in a state of crisis and complete collapse, there is no possibility of life-saving.

"There is only one possibility to use the Ares Bracers, either at the moment of life or death, or when it is ensured that no other geniuses will appear after use, I can use the Ares Bracers to suppress all the geniuses I face!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, there was a bit of cruelty! In order to be too precarious, he almost put his life on top!

If it was Lin Chen who entered the Burial Mountain alone, it would be no problem to avoid these days.

He can use the innate shadow tactics to hide the breath, like a fish in the buried holy mountains.

But now he wants to take this woman of the demon clan, and once he goes there, he will always be the target!

Lin Chen found a cave, and Little Shadow and Dragon Emperor lurked outside the mountain to protect.

Secondly, Lin Chen dispatched all the avatars to urge the "congenital shadow tactics" to dispel the breath and continue to search in the inner circle of the mountain range. The main purpose is still to find clues about the warriors of Optimus.

"In the case of advancing to the Five Tribulation Warlords, my avatars and I have the geniuses before and after the single-headed genius list of 8000. If the firepower is fully used and the instant light splitting is used, even the genius in the 6000 ranking should be able to fight. In the face of Zhao Tiankuns flow, its not enough!"

"Burial of the Holy Mountains! One careless, this is the place where my Lin was buried."

Lin Chen sighed, and the people who came here were not geniuses at the apex of the Holy Realm, or a group of desperate old monsters trapped under the Holy Realm!

Next, Lin Chen did not act rashly.

He now carries a time bomb and cant put her in Taoyuan capsules, unless he has one person who singles out many geniuses or escapes in front of a large number of super geniuses, otherwise his appearance is death!

Lin Chen found that although the Demon Race woman was still in a coma, the Yin Qi in her body had gradually dissipated, and her devil qi and Lin Chen's "Jiuyang Huiming Dan" had canceled out most of it!

"You can give her pill medicine to heal!"

Lin Chen crushed dozens of Long Qingguo, a glazed bodhi, and took a healing product from the Rainbow Island, a first-class Saint Pill "Initial Pill", and also gave her generously.

With a lot of Jiuyin Holy Qi, Lin Chen could clearly detect the injury in her body.

"His! Serious wounds, broken meridians, broken roots and bones, and even the internal organs were shattered. The flesh and blood were mixed with internal injuries pierced by the sharp sword gas...This is?"

Lin Chen appeared shocked!

This injury can't be wrong, it is completely similar to the previous goblin!

It was the dark wound caused by Lin Xingchen's swordsmanship. It was extremely terrifying and cut into the bone marrow like strength!

At first, because of the deep cultivation of the goblin, it was able to evade most of the power of the dark injuries caused by Jianqi's dark energy.

If you replace it with an ordinary saint, even if you dont get killed in seconds, you will be tortured to death by sword gas!

"Did she ever fight with Lin Xingchen before? Or have you fought with someone related to Lin Xingchen? That guy is as strong as a monster. Should she be seriously injured? Was she wounded?"

Many thoughts came to Lin Chen's mind, but she didn't have time to think about it too much, sending a lot of water and fighting to help her catalyze the energy in her body.

Shengdan, Bodhizi and Long Qingguo began to repair her injuries steadily.

Long Qingguo nourishes the flesh and blood, and Bodhizi repairs the damaged internal organs and organs, and at the beginning, Huadan continued to regenerate her broken roots.

These healing sacred items are all of moderate energy and will not hurt the host. Lin Chen almost took the full content of the black robe woman's body to give her healing.

Whenever he saw the glamorous face under the cloak, Lin Chen's heart beat quickly and he couldn't help laughing.

"Grandma, don't you die, if you hang up, I can only enter the holy prison in the most stupid way! I think I'm a handsome Lin, who has traveled all over the world, and finally I have to use the way of prison Entering the holy prison, that's too much!"

After setting up the black-robed woman, Lin Chen sat cross-legged and lost in thought.

"Do you want to keep her here and send a doppelganger to protect? No, this time the genius means to enter the sacred mountain range is extraordinary. Just come to her with a few geniuses who are good at exploration or perception. At that time, my doppelganger may not be able to protect it. She, I may not be able to get back in the first time..."

Lin Chen thought for a long time and couldn't find a good way.

In the final analysis, or his own strength is too weak, all methods are limited!

If only to take her away, Lin Chen is fully capable of doing it.

But Lin Chen was also looking for the remnants of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue", which made it difficult for Lin Dashuai, who has been endlessly thinking about ideas.

"Five calamities are not enough. What else can I do to increase my strength quickly... Increase the element attribute value? Now that I am a five calamities, the attribute values that are as strong as a super genius are also very limited, and they are directly decomposed. An eighth-order medicinal material that obtains element attribute values is a rare encounter..."

Lin Chen searched for the precepts of the monkey-faced man who had previously died under the Peerless Flying Sword. He had exercises and some immortals, but he did not find anything useful at this stage.

"Cultivation exercises? I only have half-orange-level exercises on hand. They don't work much. Use strengthening points? I want to be strong, but I'm so strong! God's tears haven't been perfected, and I can't move, the main force right now. All combat skills have been strengthened to +15, can it really only rely on slow runes and nirvana?"

Just as Lin Chen was distressed and meditating, his mind suddenly flashed over Zhao Tiankun's figure!

A thunderous thought hit Lin Chen!

He was instantly struck by thunder and stayed in place!

At the next moment, Lin Chen flipped the ring, and a beautiful jade box appeared in the palm of his hand.

Inside the jade box, there are precious gems shining like a round of glowing stars.

The dazzling aurora illuminates the entire cave, almost blinding Lin's handsome eyes!

The'treasure jade' in this jade box is like what Lin Chen holds at this stage, the only complete inferior crystal, the light crystal!

As for the embryonic crystals being nurtured, it will still take some time to be born.

Lin Chen's heart was beating with excitement and excitement.

Perhaps it is time!

Take this most important step and take control of the alien moment!