My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1078

Vol 5 Chapter 1078: Ancient Battlefield

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Chapter 1078: The Ancient Battlefield!

That day, he fought against the pseudo-god, and then encountered Zhao Tiankun. Lin Chen clearly felt the power of the inferior crystal.

After coming to the Holy Realm, he only got the Amorphous Fragment equivalent to one thousandth and one thousandth of the Amorphous Power.

He has never dared to refine this alien crystal obtained from the ancient god. The reason is very simple. Its energy is like a sea like a sea, like a world of latitude and longitude!

"Then Zhao Tiankun refined the refined crystal, and the help of the powerful Holy Realm was indispensable. In addition, his own constitution gave me a sense of suffocation that was oppressed by the entire earth. Although I dont have the help of a saint, my nine-robbery warrior has a natural effect of restraining and assimilating alien crystals of the same attribute..."

Lin Chen's eyes burst into perseverance!

"I don't have a choice right now. Time is not waiting for anyone. My element attribute value and repair behavior have changed dramatically compared to when I just met the predecessor of the ancient god, I may not have no chance!"

"Moreover, once it really doesn't work at the end, I will use the decomposition function of the system to decompose it into special attribute values. Compared to other strong players who have no way out, I still have a way out! It's right!"

Now that he is already a five-tribulation cultivator, he is no longer as weak as the original nine-fold war emperor when facing the crystal. Now, he has the strength and heritage to try to tame and control this power!

Impressively, Lin Chen opened the jade box, and the snow-like crystal clear and exquisite crystal, which was quickly included in the palm of his hand, instantly urged the mentality of "Genesis Nine Tribulation" and began to refine!

In the palm of his hand, Lin Chenru holds a star in his hand, like picking a star!

All the fighting spirit of Lin Chen was injected into the body of the Light Tribulation, and the whole body was glowing with time!

The light crystal, like the milk melted, gradually sank into Lin Chen's palm and followed Lin Chen's arm.

Thousands of rays of light emerged from the top of Lin Chen's head, and as the gods shined on the world, every meridian in Lin Chen's body poured into a huge amount of light energy!

[The host obtains 99 points of advanced light energy, 101 points of light energy, 94 points of light energy...]

Lin Chen's energy of the light system, hurricane!

"Sure enough, my light robbery warfare can assimilate the alien crystal..."


Lin Chen was not happy for a second and immediately vomited blood!

Terror as the majestic energy turned by the river of heaven flows into his body. Even after Lin Chen's elemental attribute value skyrocketed, his nine-color life wheel is not as good as it was today. In the face of the energy of this light system, it still looks like a young rabbit and The difference between giant bears!

In this way, it is only a matter of time before Lin Chen is boosted by the energy of the abnormal crystal!

"My God, what a terrible energy! No wonder Zhao Tiankun is so strong and so hard! Just leave a avatar outside, and gather the power of the avatar to refine it, and I will not believe that this alien crystal can't be held!"

Lin Chen gritted his teeth violently and urged the "eightfold change". When it was launched at the last moment, the efficiency of refining the alien crystals greatly increased, but it was still a slap in the air!

Every complete inferior crystal is born in the most intense area where the energy of various colors is concentrated between heaven and earth. After countless eras of compression, condensation, shaping, I do not know how much energy is absorbed!

If it werent for Lin Chens Light Tribulation War Body, it would have the effect of assimilating and restraining the light systems abnormal crystal. Ordinary genius would refining the complete alien crystal by himself.

Lin Chen quickly absorbed the infinite energy of the light system. Fortunately, his four avatars teleported back.

All the avatars have entered the state of "ultimate moment", while the refining efficiency has doubled, the four avatars and the body are refining with the mind, and they are seamless, just like one!

Finally, Lin Chen's efficiency in refining the energy of the light system's special crystals was slightly stabilized, but his injuries became more serious.

Even if Lin Chen quickly took Liuli Bodhi and Long Qingguo, the rapidly repaired injuries were constantly accumulating new internal injuries!

However, although the price is heavy, Lin Chen's advanced light system energy has been surging straight all the way!

This is the fastest time that Lin Chen has converted to advanced element attribute values after the element attribute values soared!

What decomposes the eighth-order medicinal materials, eighth-order strange mines, robs the Chen family, and is trash in front of this surge!

Lin Chen's advanced light system energy is only in a blink of an eye, from 4659 points, a breakthrough like a broken bamboo to 10,000 points!

It hasn't stopped, the energy of the advanced light system is still surging! It took only two quarters to break through 15,000!

the other side;

Zhao Tiankun was teased twice by Lin Chen, and became angry and angry!

His appearance is no longer as cynical and lazy as when he first entered the funeral mountain range. Instead, it is a serious and fierce look!

"It turns out that the guys are the dark horse clubs, and the famous Lin Chen is playing with the son? Ha ha, interesting, today I Zhao Tiankun want to see where you can hide!"

Zhao Tiankun raised a cold smile on the corner of his mouth. He landed on the ground, leaned down, and pressed his palm against the ground. The earth-like crystal flow on the right arm shone with a yellowish brilliance.

This instant time, the nearby area, all the energy fluctuations, the wind and the grass, and the flowers and trees are clearly detected through his soil system crystals, such as palms and veins.


Lin Chens only avatar, Zhende Shuai, suddenly stared at him.

Between the towering peaks in front, a lot of attribute light **** shimmered!

"That direction is, close to the core circle!"

From the center between the peaks, Zhendeshuai sensed the suffocation of oppression and geniuses gathered!


Suddenly, a sense of crisis choked Zhendeshuai!

A pair of blue and yellow pupils appeared in Zhen Deshuai's mind. He was surprised and said: "Good guy, is that Zhao Tiankun? I can perceive me so far!"

Zhende Shuai grinned, stepped on the dragon flash method, and skimmed towards the center of the attribute light ball!


Burial of the Holy Mountains, west of the battlefield in the east.

Here, the mountain collapses and the center is surrounded by peaks. It is a skeleton of a group of Gao Ruo mountains, all of the skeleton of the holy beast!

Here, there has been a scuffle between saints and beasts!

In the Xitian battlefield, all the saint remains and the skeletons of fierce beasts are all within the energy enchantment, and the enchantment is gradually diminishing.

More than 7,000 feet high, shrouded in strong poison, and poison mist penetrated.

If there are saints here, you might be able to find some anomalies. In the poisonous malaria, there are actually four ancient prison-like formations!

These ancient arrays, like the prisons of the Quartet, or like a pair of huge shackles, or the ancient array of the heavens and the earth, are slim and long, permeating the simple and vicissitudes of life, hidden in the malaria.

The slightly scattered energy in the ancient formation is enough to prove that these formations will be activated at any time!

These ancient arrays were the main reason for the fall of a large number of saints and beasts!

Even more weird and strange is that behind the ancient array, there was actually a weird bronze coffin!


Around the lower part, a group of silhouettes are floating in the air, either indifferently or indifferently, or Yuyu Xuan'ang, or Qianjia Baimei, or in charge of Qiankun, the clouds are light and windy, and genius gathers!

The geniuses stared fiercely at the situation within the enchantment of energy.

In this sage's remains, individual saints still wear high-level ring on their phalanx!

Sanzo! The complete saint's remains!

The most important thing is that none of the saints who entered this year were ordinary saints. They were all masters in the saint, and the lowest was the triple of the saint.

Of the fifty-seven saints' remains, forty-five of them were wearing Naruto, becoming the targets of all geniuses in the audience!

It can be seen that a total of 57 saints have fallen here!

Counting the scattered skeletons of fierce beasts, no one can imagine what a terrible war broke out here!