My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1079

Vol 5 Chapter 1079: Power Of Light Alien Crystal

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Chapter 1079: Wheel of LightThe Power of Alien Crystal!

For those old-fashioned five-robber warlords, the target is the remains of the saints, who want to obtain the energy of their bone marrow and collaborate with other means to impact the holy realm!

Some holy realms, still wearing holy armor and helmets, cling to their names and stand up!

As long as you can grab a ring, it is equivalent to obtaining the wealth of the holy life!

For the geniuses present, this has a fatal temptation!

A juvenile boy with a dull surface, but a pair of eyes that are as bright as a star, disillusioning the power of the idol, he frowned: "This energy enchantment is the product of the spread of the Holy Spirit after the saint's death, if it is tough , It's hard to open..."

The red robe and beautiful woman beside him giggled: "Everyone is conserving their strength. No one wants to be the wronghead to break the energy barrier. It is estimated that there will be another three days, and the energy barrier here will not be broken. Right~"

Bang ~!

Suddenly, an offensive plunged into the battlefield, Zhao Tiankun stepped on the yellow sand Qianlong, pointing like a gust of wind, like a lightning, lasing a sandstorm directed at a young man!

The eyes of all the geniuses turned around and looked a little surprised.

"Huh? Is it Zhao Tiankun?"

"The kid he chased was a bit weird..."

When the geniuses were surprised, Zhende Shuai's eyes fell on the remains of the saints within the enchantment of energy, and his expression was excited!

"Here is the location close to the core circle of the Funeral Mountain Range? Optimus Warrior is very likely one of those fallen remains!"

In addition, Zhende Shuai is more and more shocked!

Beside the remains of the saint and the skeleton of the holy beast, there are many attribute light balls. It is roughly estimated that there are at least thousands of attribute light balls!

In the center, there are three groups of colorful brilliances. The fifty-two groups of orange brilliances have three five-light supreme treasure chests and fifty-two orange crystal treasure chests!


What a ridiculous thing!

Never seen so many attribute light **** and attribute treasure chests!

This is a big fortune!

However, at the next moment, the pupil of "Zhende Shuai" trembles!

He saw clearly that the core circle of the sacred mountain range was rising with a golden beam of light!

This golden beam of light is the light of the attribute light ball! Only his avatar can be seen!

Zhao Tiankun behind Zhende Shuai was more shocked!

He just chased down this son, his body speed has become more and more high, and finally he even has a taste of exhaustion!

"Is this guy's body style the best in the Dark Horse Club? My Qiansha Mad Dragon body style can't catch up with him?"

Zhao Tiankun's murderous skyrocketed!

Seeing Zhao Tiankun kill, Zhende Shuai smiled.

[Super dimensional transmission of talented space fixed-point coordinates is successful, and the spatial orientation is No. 5 space coordinates.

Under the eyes of all eyes, "Zhende Shuai" saw that Zhao Tiankun was about to be forced to the edge of the corner of the energy boundary. Zhende handsomely snapped his fingers!

"This time our most handsome director of the Holy World, Lin Da, hasn't arrived yet, Mr. Zhao, I'll play with you next time~"

Zhende handsome sulking smile, incarnation of a beam of space light, nothing for a moment!

All genius pupils tremble, their faces are very exciting!

"Space shuttle?"

"What is this boy's way? It's extremely difficult for even the saints to bury the Holy Mountain to tear the void, and how did he do it?"

Zhao Tiankun's expression was gloomy and he could not bear it. His eyes fell on the remains of the saints within the enchantment of energy, and his heart calmed down.

"Well, take the treasure first, and later kill the **** in the dark horse club!"


Zhende Shuai was teleported back to Lin Chens side and joined the cultivation camp.

Two days later

Bang ~!

The cave was crumbling, and a ray of incandescent extreme light shone on the sky!

Lin Chen opened his eyes, and two aurora blasted from his pupils, piercing through the solid stone wall inside the cave!

The scary thing is that the space that the Aurora traversed has a somewhat distorted taste!

Lin Chen was bathed in blood, and at the cost of repeated serious injuries, he completely absorbed this light-grade inferior crystal'Wangguang Amorphous Crystal'!

He was breathless, using Extreme Return to recover from his injuries, and looked excitedly at his right arm!

Lin Chens right arm shone with a brilliant gem! Every time it flashes, it emits a ripple-like brilliance, that is his'Wangguang Amorphous Crystal'!

"My Lin Chen is finally in control of the abnormal crystal, ha ha ha ha!"

Lin Chen laughed excitedly in the sky! With ecstasy in his uncontrollable heart, he turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Five Tribulation Warlords-Advanced Essence: 9.88 million points

Ultimate strength: 9999 million dragon power-advanced blood: 8.16 million points

Advanced spiritual attribute value: 11646 points (half step into the holy)

Advanced skill essence: 12771 points-advanced rune energy: 10051 points.

Intermediate Tiandao value: 11066 points-Intermediate talent point: 10212 points.

Blank attributes: 3.44 million points-enhanced points: 8.94 million points.

Advanced Elemental Energy: 6604 points in fire, 6150 points in soil, 6200 in wood, 6366 in gold, 6488 in water, 6100 in thunder, 6410 in wind, 67666 in light, and 5880 in dark.

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Passive talent bar: (Blue tier) Double Cultivation Acacia, (Purple tier) Strike, (Purple tier) torn, (Orange tier) Extreme deity possession fragment (2/4)

Active talent bar: (Purple Order) Omen of Thief, (Purple Order) Fatal Bloodthirst, (Purple Order) Super Dimensional Transmission, (Purple Order) Ultimate Moment, (Purple Order) Extreme Return, (Purple Order) King's Landing, (Quasi-orange level) fatal life and death, (orange level) instant light split, (orange level one-time) sky reversal (1/2) fragments.

Nirvana bar (whether open)-characteristic rune bar (whether open)

Talent combination skills (whether to open)

Lin Chen was stunned!

He was like a fool who picked up the treasure.

This advanced light energy is so **** outrageous!

"What a powerful power, even if I just urge the light robbery combat body to throw a punch, the lethality is no less than I used to use one stroke and half orange-level combat skills, and if I bless my pure power, I play a stroke of light. Department of combat skills, that sour..."

Lin Chen's scalp is numb!

Only by refining the Wanguang Alien Crystal, Lin Chen skyrocketed more than 60,000 points of advanced light energy!

This is just the basic growth brought by the inferior crystal!

In addition, Lin Chen urged the "Wangguang Amorphous Crystal" with his light of war, and his light of war will be accompanied by a circle of blazing light.

This is the characteristic energy unique to the inferior crystal, also known as: the power of the crystal.

After truly controlling the crystal, Lin Chen is almost certain that without slow runes and nirvana, he will never defeat Zhao Tiankun!

Previously, Zhao Tiankun hadnt used the Strength of Abnormal Crystal. He relied on his own background and the basic growth brought about by refining the Abnormal Crystal, which crushed Lin Chen positively!

"No wonder the value of alien crystal fragments is not comparable to that of a complete alien crystal. The quality of the broken alien crystal fragments is no matter how high, and the purity of the energy is no less than one percent of that of a complete amorphous crystal. ..."

Lin Chen estimated that as long as he used the power of the "Light Wheel" crystal in his right arm to exert his combat skills, his power would be far greater than his previous self!

However, the power of stimulating the alien crystal will be very expensive. If you want to use the power of alien crystal frequently, you must support it with holy energy.

Lin Chen estimated that he can now urge the "Alien Crystal Power" at most twice, and the fighting energy will consume 90%.

Lin Chen's fighting strength is not what it used to be. The recovery speed of'Limited Return' also takes a while, and the power of'Alien Crystal' cannot be abused.

The combat skills blessed with the power of "Alien Crystal" will temporarily increase in power!

Lin Chens avatar can also use the bodys Alien Crystal Strength, but the consumed combat energy is also extremely high, which basically means that using it twice will cause the avatar to temporarily lose its combat ability.

"Among the many combat skills I control, the Jiguang film feather arrow method and the dragon flash body method are light-based combat skills. If the other attributes of the combat skills are converted into light-based combat strength, the original power will be reduced."

Lin Chen excitedly clenched his fists: "However, no matter how much it is reduced, the combat skills displayed by more than 60,000 points of advanced light energy will far exceed the power of other element attributes with only a few thousand points!"

In just less than three days, Lin Chen gained the transformation of the sky, and his strength soared several grades!

He bet correctly! At the cost of serious injuries, it exchanged the power to control an inferior crystal.

Unlike other geniuses, Lin Chen's growth rate is extremely outrageous. He possesses illusion runes and instant light splitting talents. The strength of this "round light crystal" to him is not a bit of a star!

Everything, as long as you enter the actual combat will know!