My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1080

Vol 5 Chapter 1080: It Turns Out That You Are Behind Me.

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Chapter 1080, So you are behind me.

"When I meet Zhao Tiankun again, I might be able to abuse him as a dad!"

Lin Chen's eyebrows reveal the domineering world!

He stuffed ten pieces of Long Qingguo, chewed and swallowed it, and served another glazed bodhi. The injuries in his body were recovering at a rate visible to the naked eye.

"The Five Tribulation Xiuwei took control of the alien crystal, which is not inferior to some human race geniuses..."

At this time, in a water robbery energy enchantment in the cave, the black robe and the lady were powerless.

Lin Chen was shocked and quickly turned around, walked to her and squatted down, "Are you awake?"

Luo Yao'er don't look too far, without looking at Lin Chen's face, said blankly: "Woke up half a day ago, you... why should you save me, not afraid of me, take you forcibly?"

Lin Chen was stunned and scratched his head: "Well, do you still miss me now? Although I am handsome, you are also beautiful, but we are obviously not all the way... mother, why do you kick me? !"

Lin Chen still felt Luo Yaoer's cold eyes even though she was covered by the cloak and veil.

Luo Yaoer said indifferently: "Yes, we are not all the way! You don't come down to me, I will kill you sooner or later! If you don't want to regret it, it is best to kill me now, this is your only chance!"

Luo Yaoer stared at Lin Chen, and Lin Shuai felt a sense of oppression overwhelm him, as if he was not facing a person, but a world of repression on his head!

He can feel that this woman is not kidding! She would really kill herself!

The magic mark on Lin Chen's palm glanced through a ray of light, flashing away.

Lin Chen sighed; "I... still won't surrender you, but I don't want to kill you. Is there anything I can't sit down and talk about, do I have to do so?"

At this time, Lin did not know that if he really wanted to kill her, even if it was just an instant killing intention, it was Lin Chen who was in trouble!

Luo Yaoer said indifferently: "Without the opportunity to talk, I entered the human race in order to find the son of the human race's natural prophecy, but I will not let go of any human race similar to the prophecy, or it will be attributed to my race. , Or die."

Lin Chen frowned: "I don't understand what prophecy you said, but I can tell you that no one can see my fate. The prediction you said is definitely not me."

Luo Yao'er expressionless: "Who knows."

Having said that, she got up hard, and her large black robe could not completely hide her exquisite figure.

She had just taken a dozen steps out of the cave, kicked the stone, and the shaking body fell down!

Lin Chen helped her, and the beautiful fragrance of the beautiful woman sniffed her nose, he said helplessly: "Your injury is not completely good, the sacred energy of the Yin system has just melted, and there are a lot of problems with your injury."

Luo Yaoer said indifferently: "That wouldn't need you, a fellow who is not a passer-by, to control me."

Lin Chen was stunned. Was this woman still embracing herself?

"But we are on a boat now, and I can't leave you alone? I'm Lin Chen's biggest shortcoming is that he respects the old and loves the young. He is willing to help others. Alas, this shortcoming needs to be changed in the future and must be changed."

The relationship between the two is so fierce, Lin Chen dare not open the door to ask directly about the matter of the Holy Prison. This woman is obviously the type who eats soft but not hard. If Lin Chen threatens her, I am afraid that it will be brought to the end of jade!

However, someone in Lin is worth it! Eat soft or hard?

Hey, as long as it's a lady, I don't believe me Lin Chen can't do it! At the end I let you eat both hard and soft!

Luo Yaoer disdain: "Do you coax children? Don't think I don't know that you have a plot."

Wipe, so that it can be seen?

Lin Chen nodded blushingly and nodded seriously: "This makes you see, yes, I admit, I am greedy for your body, I am so honest."

Luo Yaoer took a deep look at Lin Chen, stretched out the jade arms like Yang Yuzhi on Lin Chen's shoulders, and said indifferently: "I know where you want to go, and you can't die until I get back to strength."

Lin Chen was stunned: "Can you still restore strength?"

Luo Yaoer threw a meaningful sentence to him.

"Look at your performance."

What the hell? Can you regain your strength depends on my performance?

Does being handsome can help others recover their strength? Could it be that she wants to do that with me? Legend has it that practicing certain exercises can heal and practice while doing that kind of thing?

Thinking of this, someone Lin's grievous'pull off the collar', a pair of'I don't go to **** who goes to hell' shouted: "If so, then come! Don't pity me because I look handsome , The people in my dark horse club can stand the toss!"

Luo Yaoer raised his hand and punched him in the face! Almost lost his nose!

Lin Chen covered her nose, "How do you hit someone! I'm not good at this!"

"I'm letting you carry me, what clothes do you undress!" Luo Yaoer was bitten by this strange flower, and if she didn't see his performance that day, she could now turn Lin Chen into a puppet!

Lin Chen stunned, sulking and laughing.

"Oh! So you are behind me..."


Burial of the Holy Mountains, the ancient battlefield of Xitian

More than two thousand geniuses gathered on a thousand feet high within a few hundred miles!

In addition to some old antique warlords outside the energy enchantment, there are more than 4,000 strong players present!

Brush ~!

A space beam came suddenly!

This ray of space attracted everyone's attention. Someone could travel through the void in the Sacred Mountain Range. Who is it?

"Hey, fortunately I'm not late, there is still a chance."-Lin Chen smiled, carrying Luo Yaoer's graceful figure, volley appeared!

When it came, Lin Chen's shoulders were shocked, and all the avatars descended, and Dragon Emperor and Little Shadow protected him from left and right.

"Lin Chen?"

"This **** can actually travel through the void? What freaks are there in the Dark Horse Club!"

The 19 super geniuses who had previously encircled and suppressed Lin Chen were solemn.

"Mean of the Devil Race?"

"Unexpectedly, she dared to appear before us!"

"No, it's not that she appeared in front of us, it was the kid who took her with her."

"Oh? That's the legendary dark horse club? Ben Shaowei just received the wind. He is rumored to have a secret technique to temporarily step into the holy land and slaughter 14 saints!"

At the moment when the energy barrier was about to disappear, Lin Chen's fall attracted almost everyone's attention.

When I saw the demon woman behind Lin Chen, most of the geniuses had some murderous intentions and greed in their hearts!

However, most of the geniuses are as good as ghosts, no matter whether they have heard of Lin Chen's record of Tu Sheng, no one is taking the lead.

Zhao Tiankun saw the "Zhende Shuai" beside Lin Chen, and he couldn't get a sigh of anxiety, and he slammed into the air!

Bang ~!

Hundreds of millions of tons of yellow sand rolled up a hurricane dust storm, such as the Baizhang Salon slammed into Lin Chen and others!

Many geniuses frowned, and Zhao Tiankun's hatred for this dark horse club is not a bit of a star!

The next moment; Zhende Shuai smiled indifferently, stretched out his palm and gently held it, the palm turned white light, exuded a runner-like brilliance, and instantly shrouded the combat salon!


When Sharon exploded, hundreds of millions of tons of yellow sand, which had been transformed by the mighty fighting spirit, exploded, and the yellow sand pour point fell across the sky.

! All the handsome men in the dark horse club forced to open an oil paper umbrella, which was very coquettish.