My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1081

Vol 5 Chapter 1081: The Dark Horse Club Is Crazy

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Chapter 1081, The Dark Horse Club Is Crazy! ! !

Zhao Tiankun's pupil trembles!

"He actually took my attack with one hand?"

This strength is so different from before!

The super geniuses who had besieged Lin Chen before, stared at Lin Chen like a ghost, with a horrified look!

"This... how is it possible that on that day they still had to use that one-in-a-half trick to stop Zhao Tiankun, but now they only use one hand?"

"Although Zhao Tiankun didn't score much strength, the growth rate of the dark horse club is so outrageous!"

The brothers and sisters of Jianjianmen were particularly horrified.

They swallowed hard. When they met Lin Chen at first, the people in the dark horse club were just the four emperors!

How long did it take for them to go to the Five Tribulation Warlords?

Until now, one-handed take over Zhao Tiankun's attack!

"There is a problem! Everyone in the Dark Horse Club has a problem!"

The elder Jianmen's brother set off a storm in his heart!

It can be justified that a person has adventure breakthroughs.

Can several people break through at the same time? There is such a coincidence in the world!

Zhendeshuai raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Isnt this Mr. Zhao, whats wrong, cant you afford to lose? Or is it that the people in our dark horse club are more handsome than you,"

Zhende Shuai's hand, in time to deter the crowd, the geniuses were sideways surprised!

"It's a pure war of light, what kind of exercises is this child practicing?"

"Interesting, I want to meet him more and more."

Some geniuses are eager to try.

The woman in the red robe standing high in the south is carrying a sword, her indifferent eyes flashing a bit of doubt and curiosity.

"He is Lin Chen...what he was thinking, he wanted to protect the demon clan, and he brought it to the eyes, and he couldn't see through. If he was besieged by the group, how could several of his people stop these geniuses."

Lin Chenyun was breezy, as expected, none of the geniuses present dared to move him!

The saint is at the front, everyones goal is the remains of the saint. Siege to him at this time will only let others be fishermen.

The most important thing is the deterrent brought by strength.

"You are stared at, be careful." The lady vomited Fang Lan lightly in her ear. Lin Chen's ear was soft and shivered. Another extreme pressure gun.

Mom, let's kill!

"Thirteen miles from the west, the guy with the ghost face, his killing intention to you is more intense than anyone else, and it came to you, not because of me."

Although Luo Yaoer was seriously injured and unable to move, his experience can still far exceed all the people present.

Lin Chen followed Luo Yao'er's eyes and found that the other party was staring at herself.

He was wearing a gray robe and a greasy face with open teeth and claws, and could not see the true face.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed-"This guy, gives me a dangerous feeling."

Perceiving Lin Chen's sight, the ghost-faced grey robe looked away, and Lin Chen couldn't feel his breath or killing at all, as if he had never existed in that space.

Suddenly, Lin Chen's face changed slightly, and his heart was excited!

Jin Dexiu took out a golden yellow armor fragment, which shimmered with a touch of gold, and for the first time responded!

That's right, here!

The remains of Optimus Warlord are here!

Lin Chen followed the golden armor fragments and found the remains of a broken golden armor in the field! Its bone fingers are wearing advanced ring!

"That is the former owner of Xiaomeng's mother, the remains of Optimus Warlord!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, Jingguang struck!

Too imposing, the third fragment!

Whether you can practice the Orange Order Mind Technique, success or failure is here!

"This time, who will stop Lao Tzu who will die! From Kyushu to Holy World, I finally found it!"

Lin Chen's eyebrows appeared unstoppable monstrous war intentions!

Luo Yao'er under the cloak suddenly had some doubts. Why did he suddenly become wary?


At this time, the enchantment of energy began to show the fluctuation of the Holy Light, and began to dissipate gradually, and became more transparent!

Bang ~!

All geniuses, antiques and emperors are ready to go! Quietly fighting the war!

"You will hold on to me later, I will get away most of the people first!"

Lin Chen spoke amazingly, and even Luo Yaoer showed a little surprise!

Take away most of the people? Lin Chen simply does not have this strength! What does he want to do?

There are more than two thousand geniuses present, and there are many geniuses in the top 5,000. Even if the saint is here, most geniuses cannot be stopped.

Behind Lin Chen, the holy phoenix wings appeared, and the fuchsia dazzling wings flapped the sound of the wind!

The fighting spirit of Lin Chen and the avatars exploded, and the "eightfold change" and the ultimate moment were on. His light robbery and fighting spirit brought about a huge explosion due to the doubling effect of the mentality of the "ultimate moment"!

Luo Yaoer didn't have time to think, the energy enchantment disappeared suddenly!

At this moment; Lin Chen grasped the "Azure Blue Moon" with one hand, the fighting spirit of the Nine Tribulation disappeared at a rapid speed, and the fighting spirit was all poured into the "Wangguang Abnormal Crystal"!

Brush ~! Bang ~!

The moment the energy enchantment dissipated, the sonic boom raged. Countless physical skills, blood, magic, special physiques, and strange learning are all kinds of flowers, all at the same time!


Everyone felt a flash of purple and red light passing by, almost ridiculous! Than everyone has a few steps ahead to the regional center of the saint's remains!

"who is it?"

"Is this **** orange step? How close to it?"

"It is Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club! Lying trough, he can carry such a woman so fast!"

There was a trace of consternation in the hearts of all geniuses!

Lin Chen has entered the center of the saint's remains!

But he didn't grab the saint's remains for the first time, and the location of each remains was different.

Instead of snatching the holy possessions, he cut with one hand!

"Get me over there!" Lin Chen roared!

Bang ~! The surging Tianhe sword gas flashed from his blade, and at the speed of rotation, the ultimate light robbery was blooming!

Almost all geniuses froze for a thousandth moment!

What is he trying to do? Draw swords on all the saints' remains?

But at the next moment, a scene that made the genius scalp numb!


The 360-degree rotating aurora knife suddenly exploded, bursting infinitely!

Every piece of knife gas fragments are as clear as jade, and the aurora sharp edge is blooming!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

Sword gas fragments, like the sky and rain, burst into the air, slamming and crashing on the remains of all the saints like a gust of wind and rain!

Fifty-six saints' remains were subjected to the bombardment of violent blade gas fragments, and were directly hit by a large number of blade gas fragments to fly farther! Fly to different directions one after another and become more dispersed!

Many geniuses and antiques took a breath of air! Dumbfounded, he looked like a ghost!


It must be crazy!

This Lin Chen **** is a trick of orange order? All the saint's remains were blown away and scattered?

Is this person sick? It's not too sick! A few meanings!

Even if you dont want the holy possession, why are you here to stir up the trouble?


Lin Chen: "You may make money, but I will never lose money. It's a trick "God's Tears", how to say? Sorry, this handsome man didn't plan to play according to the routine~"

Luo Yaoer: "..."