My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1082

Vol 5 Chapter 1082: Monster Level Genius

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Chapter 1082, Monster Level Genius!

Many powerful people feel scalp tingling, is this Lin Chen crazy?

Zhao Tiankun's mouth twitched slightly: "This kid also refined the inferior crystal?"

The moment he saw Lin Chen wielding his sword, there was a power of alien crystal in his right arm.

Otherwise, even if the power of this knife is orange rank, it can't strike all the sage remains so easily!

"What am I doing!"

"This kid has a conspiracy, first take back the saint's remains!"

All the geniuses almost rushed to the remains of the saints who were flying away almost subconsciously!

No one can think of this scene!

Who wants this?

Everyone came here to **** the holy possessions, which is like: a group of people went to the dining room to receive the meal, and a queue with you suddenly jumped out of a wonderful flower and kicked away the dish bowl of the dining room?

What the **** is sick?

Besides, no one can think of Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club, the speed is so abnormal!

Almost ninety-nine people did not find out that among the remains of Lin Chen's flying saints, only the remains of Qingtian War Saints!

But everyone's attention is on a large number of saints' remains!

The moment the blade gas fragments flew over the remains of fifty-six saints, everyone rushed towards the scattered saint remains!

Mostly, most geniuses suspect this is a "conspiracy"! I suspect that Lin Chen still has a back hand. I want to swallow more holy possessions, and subconsciously rush towards the direction of more saints' remains!

"It's now! You big fools, go grab it!" - Lin Chen's eyes narrowed!

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

It was almost the same moment that all the saints blasted away, and all the avatars rushed to the remains of the Sky Sage Saints!

"Sure enough, there is a problem!"

"It's worthy of being a man on the bloodbath genius list, you are really weird!"

"Ben Shao should look at what is unique about this saint's remains!"

Almost instantly, a group of geniuses appeared from all sides!

Zhao Tiankun with foot salon, ranked 4188 in the genius list!

A proud young man with black wings spreading his wings behind him, Nansha AnshaFei Anxing! The genius list is ranked 1910!

There is also a handsome young man who stepped on the flame sword light, and his mouth outlines a cynical smile. The genius list is ranked 1999, YanyuYingyan Sword Emperor, Yan Wuxie!

There is also a cold and indifferent red robe woman who comes with a sword and is slashing with a sword. The genius list is ranked 6666. Sword domain Tianwai Feixian, Jian Qingcheng!

"It doesn't seem to be all fools, Zhao Tiankun not to mention, the other three are a little tricky..."

Among these people, Lin Chen clearly felt that the lower the genius, the more outrageous the pressure on him!

These geniuses are not like other geniuses, and their attitudes towards San Zang are more'following destiny', and they are not very important.

They entered the funeral mountain range for another purpose, but the dark horse club aroused their interest!

Lin Chen had just used "Tears of the Gods". The meridians were painful and the fighting was lacking. He had not recovered.

But this is not beyond his expectations, he did not expect that the hand just now can take everyone away!

"Slow rune!"

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

Rune energy consumed 400 points, Lin Chen instantly played four slow runes, the avatars seized the opportunity to condense offensive, flying knives, marksmanship, swordsmanship, and emerged!

[Consumes 480 talent points, all avatars use instant light split talent.

Unexpectedly, the other four people seemed to be on guard. Lin Chen's slow rune only blocked one-fifth of their breath, and was broken by the Alien Crystal Power that appeared in everyone!

The red robe woman Jian Qingcheng and Yan Wuxie were even more outrageous, breaking Lin Chen's "slow rune" faster than others!

"I wipe, so fierce?" Lin Chen was shocked!

The slow rune of this value even a saint who opened a holy cave can seal a small pause, and this group of guys broke through in a blink of an eye!

Zhao Tiankun broke through the **** and urged the "Alien Crystal Power", the momentum was like a sandstorm destroying the sky, his hands pushed horizontally, struck out two yellow sand Qianlong, and hit the Jinhong, the "Yutian" golden rainbow!

Fei Anxing condenses a round of black moon with both hands, pushes into the sky, and smashes through the moonlight of Mirror Moon and God!

Yan Wuxie held the sword horizontally and slashed it, slashing the sword that blazed the flames, and chopped off all the avatars with the most lethal Jiguang film feather from the bow of Zhende show!

Jian Qingcheng is even more outrageous, with fingers as a sword, and easily shattered the four consecutive kills of ``Sword Fury'' and ``Peerless Flying Sword''!

too strong!

The latter three geniuses are one grade stronger than Zhao Tiankun, and the avatars have gained the elemental attribute value of the basic growth of Wangguang Amorphous, and they cant stop the three!

The small shadow hit the sky and blocked Zhao Tiankun!

"System, nirvana!"

Lin Chen's heart is like a power, and it is second to none. This time it consumes 900 rune energy. Three slow runes come down from the sky, suppressing Fei Anxing, Jian Qingcheng and Yan Wuxie!

These guys are so perverted! When Lin Chen is forced to face him, he must use the nirvana!

Without using the power of'Alien Crystal', Lin Chen's avatar could not stop Fei Anxing and others!

But the situation is special now, and the avatar cannot lose its fighting power in order to make a powerful blow!


The geniuses were a little surprised, but Jian Qingcheng was still indifferent, and a sword chant burst into the body, forcibly breaking through the slow runes.

! The geniuses rolled up the purgatory wind gangs above their heads, like the storm tornado, devouring Yan Wuxie, Fei Anxing, and Jian Qingcheng!

[Activate the Blue Rank Intermediate Nirvana, and lock three enemy targets.

The fight between the two sides is actually only in one breath, Lin Chen finally dragged the four people forward!

"These attacks, even my lone thousand flame step cannot avoid."

Yan Wuxie shook his head and marveled. There was more dignity in his expression. The sword was in the air. He urged his fire system "Alien Crystal Power" to dance the laminar flame sword shadow, blocking all the gray and white purgatory wind!

In this gap, the Dragon Emperor turned into a humanoid flapping wings and flew vertically, and got the war of the Qingtian War Saints!

Lin Chen's heart was a bit hot!

Have you finally got the remnant of Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju...

"Be careful." Luo Yaoer reminded Lin Chen.

A ghostly ghost image, mixed with purple-golden thorns pierced Lin Chen's heart!

This ray of sharpness is extremely weird, and it has a flavor that corrodes thousands of wars, so that any defense will be greatly reduced!

Lin Chentong's circulated'Yu Tiangeng Jin Qi' was pierced by Zijin's edge, and he was about to pierce his heart!

[Host initiates super-dimensional transmission, carrying target: 1. Consumption of 36 points talent points, teleport to the avatar position.

Brush ~! Under the light of space, Lin Chen and the two disappeared!

With a single blow, the ghost-faced man in the residual image frowned-"Can he still use the magical power of space shuttle?"

"It's dangerous! Where is the old Yin Yin, I am!"

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly, and his palms were condensed with nine-color starlight. His fighting spirit had just returned to 70%, and he began to reduce rapidly.

In the next moment, Lin Chen dumped all the Nine Tribulation Stars towards the ghost-faced man!

With his current element attribute value, come to the "Nine Tribulation Stars", that is sour, enough to let people know what is the spiral explosion into the sky!

[Consume 310 advanced rune energy, 102 intermediate talent points, activate recharge, penetration, sky hidden, slow runes, power increase: 290%, activate instant light split talent.

[Trigger complete passive talent Strike, power increase: 70%.

Buzz~! Nine-color stars turned into polar stars, suddenly divided into five, and suddenly disappeared!

In this scene, the tiger's body of the ghost-faced man was shocked, and he wanted to step back and retreat!

Sigh~! A grey and white rung descended from the sky, condensing the space near him!

"not good!"

The ghost-faced man crushed the jade palm in his palm, urged the defense with all his strength, and formed a dark night cloak to protect himself!