My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1083

Vol 5 Chapter 1083: Quasi Orange Talent Super Chaos

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Chapter 1083

Lin Chen gave a face-to-face appearance and sacrificed one of his strongest attacks at this stage; the full-featured rune + instant light split + strong attack + the power of the abnormal crystal, blessing the nine robbery stars!

From an instant attack, Lin Chen is almost certain that he has attacked his ghost-faced gray robe, and his strength is no less than Yan Wuxie and other three people!

Especially his body style and the technique of convergence, even Lin Chen failed to react in the first time! Without Luo Yaoer's reminder, Lin Chen would be disabled even if he didn't die!

next moment

Sigh~! Bang~!

Five pillars of nine-color light beams hit the ghost-faced gray robe man without warning, rising into the sky, slowly rotating, exuding a terrifying atmosphere of destruction!

Zhao Tiankun, Fei Anxing, and Yan Wuxie all showed a very dignified expression, but could Lin Chen even break out of such anti-sky attacks?

Only the sword fell into the city, and he was still at ease, even the sword was not drawn. Lin Chen's indifferent eyes looked at Lin Chen more curiously.

Five beams of nine-color light are united in five, condensing into a beam of nine-color light of hundreds of feet, the energy of destruction is even more surge!

Even Lin Chen hurriedly retreated to the side, looking at the nine-color beam of light, his face full of surprises!

He entered the realm of the holy realm with the talent of God-killer. He probably knew that the power of the Nine Tribulation Stars this time was close to the realm of the saint!

"This power, there is no doubt that even the Holy Land can be shaken!"

Of course, Lin Chen refers to the early saint who opened a holy cave. If two holy caves are opened, this blow can be easily blocked.

"The power of this trick has been far more than when he used it against me a few days ago!" When Zhao Tiankun resisted the "Inferno Wind Gang" nirvana, when he saw Lin Chen's "Nine Tribulation Star" power in the corner of his eye, he shivered. , Showing strong fear!

"This Lin Chen's growth rate is so amazing, I just don't bother to provoke this guy. Even if I am now, I might not be able to kill him if I try my best!"

Let's just say, this Zhao Tiankun, while resisting the nirvana, quickly escaped!

The corners of some old antiques that tried to fish in troubled waters twitched slightly. After sighing, they quickly withdrew and ran to the other side of the battlefield.

It was not only Yan Wuxie and others who discovered Lin Chens anomaly. Some old antiques also witnessed this scene, but they believed that they did not want to gamble on their lives to take risks near the black horse club.

The target of the old antiques is the remains of saints, but the remains of the saints occupied by the Dark Horse Club are only one. If you fight hard, it is extremely dangerous!

The nine-color light column dissipated, and the man with the gray face and gray robe showed up.

His appearance was very embarrassed, his robe was cracked, his body was covered with blood, and the corners of his mouth were bleeding. His face was pale, but he was only slightly injured?

Lin Chen's eyes were dignified: "Why is this man, after eating my nine robbery stars enough to shake the saint, was it a minor injury? What monster is this!"

The nirvana dissipated and the three geniuses were revealed.

Lin Chen kept chewing Long Qingguo, and he was on alert!

"Hey, don't fight, stop fighting. All of you have got it. The Dark Horse Club really deserves its reputation. His Excellency Lin Chen, I can't think of you as a monster."

Like a child, Yan Wuxie shrugged, put his sword into the sheath, and gave a thumbs-up to Lin Chen.

Lin Chen smiled slightly: "The award is over, the lord is also very handsome, so strong that I am a little counsel."

Yan Wuxie laughed: "Come on, you can be fiercer than anyone else, have a chance to fight again."

"Huh! With your strength, you are not qualified to protect the woman next to you. You can do it yourself. Now that you leave, you still have a chance."

Fei Anxing snorted coldly and left.

Lin Chensi has no doubt about their strength. Although these geniuses are five robbery warlords, Lin Chen feels like an endless sea, and his strength is unfathomable!

The most intuitive is that they are still unscathed in the blue level intermediate nirvana, which is the most powerful proof! This is a monster genius enough to leapfrog the saint!

Jian Qingcheng took a deep look at Lin Chen and the Luo Yaoer behind it, and said indifferently: "Your strength should be more than that. I look forward to your next strength. If you can let me draw a sword, I can't ask for anything."

She knows that as long as Lin Chen has the space shuttle supernatural power, the chance of snatching the ring is extremely low.

Jian Qingcheng rolled up a sword light and flew away in a vertical flash.

She came here, only pursuing a hearty battle to complete the master's last wish, not to pursue a chase battle. That's boring.

The ghost-faced grey robe saw all the geniuses leaving and walked away. There were all the geniuses in the black horse club. He couldn't take Lin Chen.

These geniuses are not stupid. They have other goals and tasks in their hands. There is no need to die for an unsuspecting precept and the dark horse club.

"One by one, the forcing is quite high, all come as soon as you come, and all go as soon as you leave." - Lin Chen pouted.

Then, someone Lin's heartbeat accelerated, he released the Dragon Emperor, the dragon body changed to the maximum!

Dragon Emperor is like a free little bird, soaring in the nearby area as much as possible, all the attribute light **** are taken away wherever he passes!

[Gain 88 points of wind energy, 52 points of dark energy, 59 points of ignition energy, 99 points of talent, 200 points of heavenly value, 28 points of mental power, 90,000 advanced qi blood, 110,000 advanced qi blood, 80,000 advanced battles Qi essence...

Lin Chen's attribute value, a straight line!

There are many saints and holy beasts falling here. What kind of attributes are there? Lin Chen had long thought about killing everything!

That's right, this is also one of the purposes of Lin Chen flying many saints' remains. He wants to fully charge all the attribute light **** of the Xitian battlefield!

What if more than two thousand geniuses are fighting here and picking up attributes? Pick up a wool!

He Lin someone has not been blasted into a horse honeycomb is good!

But now, Lin Chenchen has nothing left for the attribute light sphere and attribute treasure chest!

[Open 52 orange crystal treasure chests and obtain: 1.85 million blank attributes, 5.2 million enhanced points, 5,000 intermediate talent points, 8,500 advanced skill spirits, and 8,000 intermediate sky values.

"Hahaha! Cool, cool! I have never seen so many attribute values!"

Lin Chen couldn't help but laugh in the sky.

The most doubtful is Luo Yao'er. She is more surprised to find that Lin Chen's fighting spirit is becoming more and more powerful. Whether it is quality or quantity, they are surging in a straight line!

She can't see through! Since the mainland of Kyushu, she has been unable to see through this teenager.

Behind every seemingly outrageous action of Lin Chen, there is always the greatest benefit that only he can get!

[Open three five-light supreme treasure chests and get: Rune energy 8000 points, quasi-orange-level passive talent fragment Super Chaos (1/2), Super Chaos Fragment (2/2).

[Quasi-orange passive talent, super chaos, fusion is complete. Talent effect: When the host attacks the enemy, there is a 20% probability that the enemy will enter a chaotic state. The chaotic state includes but is not limited to: chaos of morale, chaos of sacred energy, chaos of blood, mental chaos, confusion of consciousness, confusion of senses, etc. and many more.

[Note: The strength of the chaos effect depends on the gap between the host and the enemy. This talent can be upgraded to the orange rank talent.