My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1084

Vol 5 Chapter 1084: 3. Practice Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju

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Chapter 1084, Cultivating "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju"!


Lin Chen took a breath!

It is actually a new permanent talent of the quasi-orange rank!

"As long as this talent appears at a critical moment, it can greatly weaken the enemy's strength and have a role in determining victory or defeat! However, to what extent this chaotic state can be chaotic, it needs to be further tested in actual combat."

Lin Chen's eyes crossed the sharp fighting intent!

With this super chaotic talent, he has another way to deal with those monster-level geniuses!

Lin Chen did not rush to the battlefield in full swing on the other side of the battle at this time. Instead, he could not wait to take the Dragon Emperor's ring!

The spiritual imprint easily penetrated into it, Lin Chen witnessed the sacred collection of Qingtian War Saints!

However, after repeated battles and battles, there are not many sacred possessions of Warlords of War, two volumes of Danfang and one book of swordsmanship!

Lin Chen didn't even look at the sword score carefully, swept her mental strength, and focused her attention on a roll of worn files!

Lin Chen's breath was a little trembling, infiltrating the spirit, and a series of simple characters were listed.

The third volume of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju"!

"It's finally here!"

Lin Chen's heart trembled fiercely, without a word, he came up with his two remaining volumes of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju"!

According to the analysis of the system, "Taiyi Futian Jue" requires three volumes to practice. If you do not practice more than three volumes, it will leave a fatal mental flaw.

According to the last words of Xiaomeng's mother, the reason why Optimus Battle Saint will fall here is that half of it is due to a defect in mentality!

He was obsessed with the mystery and power of this fragment of mind, but he also received a devastating ending.

This time, the system did not fail, and directly included the three volumes of fragments into the system.

[Advanced creation method of "Creation Nine Tribulation", Orange Order method "Taiyi Futian Jue" has been successfully collected, the host can use the vigorous learning of the practice method, and can integrate the memory of practice at any time. (Note: The level of the heart method cannot be identified, the host needs to collect other fragments of the heart method, and it cannot be strengthened until the heart method is complete).

"Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue needs to be perfected to be strengthened? Anyway! The foundation of the creation of the Nine Tribulation will be transformed into a foundation for practicing advanced mindwork, and my orange rank mindwork starting foundation will still be stronger than others!"

Lin Chen thought about it.

"System, I want to consume all the high-level exercises and spirits, learn "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju"!"

[Consumption of 19970 points of advanced exercises and spirits, began to integrate "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" mentality practice memory...]


Massive memory of practice poured into Lin Chen's and Doppelganger's minds. He took the three clones back into Taoyuan's capsule and tried his best to merge the memory of practice!

Only two avatars of Zhen Dejiu and Zhen Dexiu are left, plus the protection of Dragon Emperor and Little Shadow!

Lin Chen will keep the avatar to retain the ultimate moment so that they will be more efficient when they integrate the memory of the Taiyi Futian Jue.

"My mental power and energy of qi and blood have soared too much, and I feel more clearly that the boundary between physical sanctification and spiritual sanctification! If you come back a few more times with this massive attribute light ball, you will have a chance to impact Holy Realm, anyone who is physically sanctified or spiritually sanctified can sweep away the geniuses who are present!"

Lin Chen spent a lot of hands and feet to collect the remains of Qingtian War Saints, and then turned to the area where he was fighting, grinning.

"How can such a melee get me less than Lin Chen?"

Luo Yaoer suddenly said: "Aren't you trying to go behind the premises and grab something from that crowd?"

Lin Chen blew a whistle: "Relax, someone in Lin protects you, if you lose a hair, even if I lose!"

"System, mobilize the talents of the world."

[Consumes 230 intermediate talent points, activates the Junlin world talent, and enters the state of accumulating energy: 0 points.

Brush ~!

When Lin Chen flapped the holy phoenix wings and stepped on the body of "Dragon Flash", the speed was extremely fast, like a burst of aurora!

On the west side of the battlefield, the mountain peaks collapsed and turned into dust.

A giant of allegiance swept all around, and the mad larvae went out to sea.

The entire battlefield, all entered a fierce fierce battle!

Some saints remains were taken apart, and the old antiques furiously robbed the saints remains!

The remains of the saints falling behind, for them like this five-robbery war emperor, this opportunity is rare forever. If you can get a saint bone, absorb its remaining energy, there is still a chance to enter the holy land!

The battle surrounding the Sacred Ring is even hotter, and even more than a dozen chaotic battle circles have been formed. There are geniuses who are injured and retired!

Brush ~!

Suddenly, several aurora flashes, and the remains of two saints robbed by the crowd are taken away, and the faces of the old antiques are frightened!

A closer look is the man in the dark horse club.

"Fuck, devil in the dark horse club, are you looking for death?"

"Besieging him! How did you do it? If you fall into our siege, the saints will surely die."

Five old antiques stopped'Zhendexiu' in the air, and when the fighting was brewing, Zhende Xiulang laughed: "How can I grab things with all the seniors, our dark horse clubs always serve people with morality, Respect the old and love the young."

Having said that, he threw the two saints' remains on each side to attract more old antiques!


What are you doing here?

Are all the people in the dark horse club crap? Do you have to let others not succeed?

[Successfully decomposing the remains of two saints, consuming 420 points of intermediate heavenly path value, obtaining 150,000 points of advanced fighting spirit essence, 50,000 points of advanced qi blood, and 101 points of intermediate talent...]

"The energy of the holy skeleton disappeared!"

"It's a good thing the kid did!"

When the old antiques reacted, Zhen Dexiu escaped into the chaotic war circle!

Similar scenes, madness is staged in each battle circle!

Very simple, Lin Chen's body speed is above most people!

With the +15 "Dragon Flash" performed with more than 60,000 points of light energy, Lin Chen's avatars have achieved extremely terrifying stance speed!

Those who can be compared with them on the spot can be counted with one palm!

Brush ~! Brush ~!

Lin Chen carried Luo Yaoer, stepped on his body, and struck between the wings of the phoenix, just touching the sacred skeleton, it could decompose the essence of the saints remains!

What Lin had been through was howling. The 19 holy skeletal bodies were decomposed in half a quarter of an hour.

The complete holy skeleton cannot be included in the ordination due to the remaining holy power, only the broken saint bones can.

Therefore, the old antiques fought around. Not many people could take away the Holy Skeleton several times, but it was quickly disintegrated after being touched by Lin Chen and the avatars!

"There is not much left of the sacred skeleton. Let's see if we can share a slice of soup there!"

Lin Chen flashed to the side and looked up. The fifteen war circles filled the void, and the geniuses shot together. Under some siege, the saints ring was exploded, and the secrets of the skills scattered into the void.

"Just choose that one, the highest quality holy collection!"

Lin Chen chose a battle circle, and more than fifty geniuses were snatching a bone arm of the holy skeleton, and the quality of the bone ring was one of the highest in the audience.

And it happens that Zhao Tiankun is also inside!

Lin Chen stepped the dragon shadow in one step, and the speed was as fast as hundreds of feet, almost immediately making all the super geniuses who were robbing creeps!

"This ridiculous body speed... is Lin Chen!"

"Lying trough, he's a leg, he's coming!"

"Don't let this madman come! Stop him and talk!"

"This **** must be fine, come first!"

Some old antiques witnessed the magical scene. The geniuses who had fought to death in the previous moment suddenly clasped together to protect the arm of the holy skeleton in the void!

As Lin Chen approached, the geniuses who hated each other had joined hands with the enemy? Absolutely!

Is there such an operation?