My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1085

Vol 5 Chapter 1085: Cut You Paralyzed

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Chapter 1085: Cut You Paralyzed!

For geniuses, this happens to be the best choice!

Who knows what this guy wants to do!

The black horse club is a group of lunatics, not to mention this Lin Chen, there is a ghost when he is near!

If you let this guy cross the ball, there might be no end!

All the geniuses have almost unified this idea and turned their backs on Lin Chen!

"Yeah? Join forces?"

Lin Chen teased, and the Phoenix Wing shot again, flashing in another direction.

Brush ~! At this time, Zhen Dejiu held Azure Blue Moon in his hand, and all the fighting spirit was transported into the Languang Amorphous Crystal.

All geniuses have a chuckle, and some geniuses even greet from the heart!


What about you? Feelings are more than Lin Chen's uniqueness?

Zhende Jiu cut across his sword, and an aurora knife flashed out of Zhendejiu's hands!

Brush ~! Tear ~!

The blazing knife that was spinning at a rapid speed shivered suddenly, divided into five!

This is Lin Chens strongest knife "Tear of Tears" since he entered the Burial Mountain! Aurora Power + Instant Light Split

Many genius faces changed again!

"Don't panic, although his orange-level knife skill is strong, but more than 50 of us, we can explode his attacks with one hand! Keep good defense!"

Zhao Tianji sipped, and all the geniuses immediately recovered!

Yes, there are 46 super geniuses here, and there are 5 geniuses in the top 5,000. Even if it is a blow comparable to the saints, it is impossible to repel them all!

Lin Chen smiled badly...

"Explosion!" With the order of Zhen Dejiu, the knife exploded!

Sigh~! Bang~! The five incandescent blades that were spinning extremely fast suddenly exploded and shattered into countless blades!

Even with psychological preparations, the geniuses are still frightened by the shards of knives from the twisted strangulation!

The shards of the sky and the rain are so clear that they are broken like jade, like snow flakes, and they are violently crushed, causing more than 50 geniuses to take turns to break out of many half-orange ranks, incomplete orange rank skills, and orange rank skills!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

A breath that destroyed heaven and earth rose suddenly, and the spirits within a few tens of kilometers exploded.

Even though the space crystal wall in the burial holy mountain is extremely hard, it still does not shake the space by the shocking shock!

Many geniuses were deflated by sword gas fragments, injured by broken awns, and injured in varying degrees!

At this moment; several geniuses harboring ghosts, turned around and flashed, trying to mobilize their body, taking advantage of chaos to take away the arm of the holy skeleton!

"Poo~!" Those geniuses with a haggle suddenly vomit blood!

The geniuses were horrified, and everyone found out that their fighting spirit was extremely'disordered', like a mad dog mad, and the chaos continued to collide in the body!

"This... what happened?"

"The world is upside down? No... My mental consciousness is confused!"

"Poof! My blood power... how come I don't listen to me?"

All geniuses are shocked!

Including Zhao Tiankun, everyone is either qi and blood rushing, or the qi is disordered, the tactics are all running wrong, or the sky is dim, and the mental consciousness is in chaos!

"My arm is paralyzed and I don't listen to it?"

"My leg is also paralyzed! There is also the third one!"

"What the **** is this?"

The geniuses were frightened and panicked and pulled back aside! They have never encountered this situation!

Lin Chen in the distance smiled badly.

"This trick is called, exclusive to the Black Horse Club; cut you down!"

A light screen flashed.

[Triggered quasi-orange level talentSuper Chaos 61 times, the duration of the chaos state: 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

The trigger probability of the'Super Chaos' talent is 20% per attack.

"God's Tears" knife method can explode the sky and rain of the blades, and every blade is 20% probability, almost all geniuses are successful!

Mo said that it lasted for 1 minute, only a momentary pause and distraction, a shadow swept through the void, Lin Chen's Dragon Emperor and the small shadow, strongly seized the holy Zang Na ring.

"It's so strong... The people in the dark horse club have transformed again! When he played with Yan Wuxie's guys just now, he hasn't played this trump card!"

Zhao Tiankunqiang resisted the turbulent blood, and gave Lin Chen and others a deep look!

Now, he dare not say to win Lin Chen steadily. If he was besieged by the dark horse club, he even risked death!

Even, Zhao Tiankun thought terrible!

From encountering Lin Chen from the beginning to now, the transformation speed of the people around him is like an arrow away from the string, a thousand miles a day!

"Still don't provoke these lunatics..."

Zhao Tiankun walked away silently, and the remaining geniuses glared!

"Lin Chen, don't be arrogant, and you, the dark horse club, can't eat this holy zangna ring and hand it over!"

When a genius scolded, a huge gray-white rune descended from the sky, burst and exploded!

[Consumption of 400 high-level rune energy.

Zhen Dexiu stepped on Dragon Flash and raised his hands to shoot one after another, bursting the pure power of "Seven Powers" between five fingers!

Bang Bang Bang!

In addition to the few geniuses within the 5,000 rankings that were dangerously avoided, the rest of the geniuses were slapped by Zhen Dexiu and spit blood!

The genius who scolded Lin Chen was even broken by Zhen Dexiu's finger, and Najie was robbed!

Lin Chen joked: "Who will try again nonsense?"

No one dares to say anything!

This time, the fighting power of Lin Chen and his team caused absolute deterrence!

If it is unusual, it is difficult to control so many super geniuses with 400 points of rune energy, but at this time they are in different ``chaotic states'', unable to withstand the fire, and they are all blasted!

"The Dark Horse Club is so strong..."

"If he insists on protecting the demon girl, maybe only the gang can suppress the dark horse club!"

"It seems that the Orange-level exercises developed by the Sixth Rank Sect of the Southern Region are not so easy to take..."

The geniuses of the other battle circles were slightly surprised, their eyes dignified.

Everyone in the Dark Horse Club is as powerful as the top 5000 in the genius list.

Even the genius ranked 4000 won't dare to say any one of the dark horse clubs!

Lin Chen led the Little Shadow, Dragon Emperor, and the two avatars, and then entered other war circles. With the talent of super chaos, Lin Chens intrusive battle was like a broken bamboo. No one wanted to die with the madmen of the Dark Horse Club!

At this time; Lin Chen didn't notice that his "Nine Tribulation Wheel" was undergoing silent changes due to the fusion of memory and practice of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju".

As strong as Lin Chens lineup, he only snatched 4 Sacred possessions. There were too many geniuses on the scene. Some battle circles directly grabbed Najie and exploded. The things were scattered in the void and the scene was extremely chaotic.

Just when Lin Chen wanted to continue, the canyon deep in the mountain range raised a beam of light in the sky!

A pride that dominates the nine heavens and ten earths echoes between the buried holy mountains!

"Hahaha, this king's tomb has not been so lively for a long time. Geniuses from the Holy Realm, welcome to this king's world!"

This voice shocked the world, like the immortal Venerable, as if proclaiming the laws of heaven and earth!

The geniuses are shocked!

Lin Chen micro-sighed!

The master of this voice may exceed his cognition so far!