My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1086

Vol 5 Chapter 1086: I Dont Mind Doing Him

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Chapter 1086

When opening the mouth, everyone in the inner circle of the Sacred Mountains was pinched by an invisible big hand!

This is an almost invincible idea!

It seems that the master of this voice only needs one idea before his life to obliterate anyone who is crushed!

Lin Chen frowned, this feeling of oppression gave him a very bad feeling, he was more doubt than fear.

"Why did my Nine Tribulation Wheel feel this sound is more like a candle in the wind."

Luo Yaoer seemed to be aware of it and said indifferently: "There is a problem here, be careful yourself."

After all, she was silent. I wonder if it is Lin Chen's illusion, this delicate jade crisp body seems to hold him tighter...

The illusion is definitely an illusion! Well, my Lin has also entered the state of "super chaos"!

The voice from the core circle of the Burial Sacred Mountain said slowly: "Well, this king guessed that some of you must have come for the inheritance and wealth of this king?"

"Indeed, if you can inherit this king's mantle, with the qualifications of you little guys, it is entirely possible to become a saint and ninefold. Maybe there is still a chance to become a nine-turn saint. At that time, my Haotian Saint King was in my life, except for the old guys and a group of top holy kings, this king was one of the Holy Spirits standing at the apex of the Holy World!"

When this remark came out, it stirred up a thousand waves!

"It turned out to be Holy King Haotian, my God, I have read his legend in ancient books!"

"It is the peerless demon who claimed to be the devil of 100,000 and reached the Holy King at the youngest age of the sword domain!"

"Holy King, I actually heard a holy king's idea in my lifetime!"

Many geniuses have turbulent waves in their hearts, and some fanatics kowtow to the beam of light in the core circle of the mountain range, with a pious faith!

The realm of the saint is more difficult than one, and the ninefold of the saint has stood at the peak of the holy world. Each is a living legend.

The nine-turned saint is even more difficult. Not to mention the fact that I havent even heard the news many times. Most of them only exist in the collection of ancient books.

Holy King, the strongest creature under the gods of the Holy Realm! Everyone is a legend!

Lin Chen was also shocked!

Haotian Saint King? There is a holy king inheritance in the core circle of the burial holy mountain range?

No wonder this year will cause a group of holy death battles, and it will be turned upside down!

The inheritance of a holy king is enough to make most of the forces of the Holy World crazy!

Then, the voice of Holy King Haotian became generous and excited, saying: "Unfortunately! This king was fighting the demons here, and in order to eliminate the demons, he finally ended up with the same end. My heart is unyielding forever!"

Haotian Shengwang's voice is quite like the end of the hero, Shaohua withered and sighed! The hearers moved, and the listeners sighed!

"Holy King!"

"The Holy King blesses the lives of hundreds of millions of souls. It really is a model for my generation!"

Many old antiques and geniuses were moved by it, and the emotions were so passionate!

The voice of Holy King Haotian sounded again; "The era of this king has passed. Today, there is a lack of a brilliant person who can really lead my young generation of the human race and kill the devil from nothing. Wanshanhe!"

The will and voice of Haotian Saint King has a kind of power to arouse people's inner hearts and teach the world the taste of people, which is bloody!

"Geniuses, come here if you have the courage, come and accept the baptism of the king, and eventually be able to inherit the king's mantle, as long as he vows to kill the devil for the king, he will become a new generation of kings! The king is in the tomb. Waiting for you!"

Bang ~!

All geniuses are moving!

Before the inheritance of the Holy King, no mortal can keep calm!

"Interesting, it seems I can't miss this good show!"

Lin Chen was eager to try, a strange flash of light flashed in his eyes!

Luo Yaoer suddenly asked: "Do you want his inheritance? Do you want to kill the Devil Race in the future? Become a human race?"

Lin Chen shrugged: "I dont want any human race heroes, I just want to be stronger, protect the people I value and live more freely, as for those demons, as long as you dont mess with me, Im not interested in them. ."

Lin Chen smiled suddenly: "The grievances between some races, no matter in any world, between different races, it is never possible to understand each other. The world with wise creatures has grievances, and racial differences will have high and low levels. This is an eternal truth, and no creature is willing to go down in the face of other races. The hatred and contradiction caused by it will always exist."

Luo Yao'er was suddenly silent, repeatedly pondering Lin Chen's words,

"Besides..." Lin Chen gave a playful smile: "There must be something wrong here, what kind of **** inherits beliefs, what kind of humanity is right, this set of things can only coax young and young, it is not useful to me."

Yes, there must be a problem!

Lin Chen has discovered that among the many geniuses who are in a frenzy state, there are individual geniuses who have no expression, when the voice of the Holy King is farting.

Among them, the woman in the red robe that is terribly strong, Jian Qingcheng, is also one of them. It is still a faceless expression, indifferent like a machine without emotion.

It seems that more than Lin Chen was aware of the problem.

Luo Yaoer asked with rare interest: "Oh? Why do I see it."

Lin Chen blew a whistle: "First of all, the geniuses present should not be qualified to touch the level of the Holy King. If you really want to find a character who picks up the beam, it should be the evil demon list."

"The demon list has been most of the saints' cultivation for ten million years ago, and now it is the holy realm of the whole list. If you want to inherit the mantle of the holy king, you should choose the peerless demon of the devil list. Understand this truth."

After all, Lin Chen raised her head and looked up at the miasma in the sky.

"However, there is a method specifically for the saints in this burial holy mountain range. The sacred realm does not dare to enter this, which is completely contrary to his original intention... That is to say, there is a conspiracy, a big conspiracy!"

Luo Yaoer said indifferently: "Since you know there is a conspiracy here, why not withdraw it? Do you know how strong the holy king? The holy king in the heyday, one finger can kill countless seven and eightfold holy realms. Yes For you now, the fourfold of the Holy Realm is an unreachable existence."

Lin Chen smiled suddenly: "The thin and dead camel is bigger than the horse, and he dares to be more handsome. I mixed it in this time, and I can fish in the muddy water. If I have the chance..."

Lin Chen's smile seemed particularly mad and evil!

"If there is a chance, I don't mind what this Haotian Saint King did!"

Luo Yaoer froze!


A young man who has not been sanctified, even dare to kill the Holy King, the idea of playing the Holy King?

Dare to write books!

The holy king and the war emperor are the creatures of the two worlds!

Luo Yao'er clearly felt that his war intentions were vented, and he was restrained, but he was serious!

Luo Yao'er looked through the cloak, his eyes glowed with strange awns, as if to see through Lin Chen.

"How many secrets does he have..."