My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1087

Vol 5 Chapter 1087: The Inheritance Of The Holy King?

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Chapter 1087

Lin Chen reckless? No, he must enter the core circle of the Sacred Mountain Range!

After approaching the ancient battlefield, Lin Chen saw the golden light beam of the core circle. He had seen it once!

The last time I saw this dazzling light was in the tomb of the ancient god!

The attribute treasure chest obtained is the gold warlord suit, ultimate armor, right bracer!

The Ares Bracers are here!

That's right, that is to say...

In the tomb of the Holy King, it is very likely that there are other gold war suit components!

Don't do it at this time, more when!

Lin Chen has a right bracer that can leapfrog and leap to kill the saint. What if there is another one?

What if we can get together a God of War suit? I dare not imagine!

The importance of the Golden God of War suit is no less than his "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju"!

"If this holy king still has the ability, he can show up and force us down. There is no need to play these bells and whistles, that is to say, he is subject to great restrictions. Otherwise, the six ranks of the sect can not put their own The genius Dingliangzhu was sent to death."

Lin Chen's eyes flashed barefoot, not afraid of the fierceness of wearing shoes!

"In this case, I still have a chance. Once something goes wrong, my super-dimensional teleportation still has space coordinates. It can teleport the outer circle of the mountain in minutes. At my current speed, after teleportation, I try my best to move my body and leave the mountain. There are only a few breathing things in the outer ring. You can fight for the God of War suit parts, and you can retreat to the soles of your feet. You dont dare to do it, and I dont need to mix up!

Even if the Holy King's Tomb Mansion is at the end of hell, he would have to break into it!

Brush ~! Brush ~!

The Dragon Emperor revealed the body, carrying Lin Chen flying.

Lin Chen sat on the back of Dragon Emperor, who carried him and Luo Yaoer.

Surprisingly, Luo Yaoer's injury has recovered a little, but her strength has not yet recovered. She seems to have lost most of her cultivation behavior. Want to add it back, seems to need a special method?

Lin Chen was a bit puzzled. Although her injury was serious, she was not as unconscious as she was at the time. Somehow, she just couldn't stand up.

Lin Chen simply continued to carry her afterwards. Anyway, who would be so beautiful as a fairy, who would hate it~

Lin Shuai is very honest, and I am greedy for her.

Long Huang piggy and other geniuses entered the depths.

The geniuses either controlled the sword light, or flew into the air, or released the holy weapon. Everyone showed their magical powers, bypassing the mountains and gorges, Lin Chen and all the geniuses arrived in a vast and vigorous peak!

This mountain gorge is as high as tens of thousands of feet. There are no peaks and no ends on both sides. The great shore is hidden like a sacred site.

A magnificent mountain gate was built in front of the mountain gorge, just like a few big characters!

Haotian Tomb Mansion!

Only Lin Chen himself can see that in the Tomb Mansion, a radiant attribute light of golden light rises!

Lin Chen's heart is hot, and the other parts of the God of War suit are likely to be inside!

"Well, this time there are 5,409 geniuses, and there are many good little guys. Very good, very good. It seems that during this time when this king sat down, my holy world human race prospered and pushed to a new And peak of the world."

The voice of that Taoist person again rang, filled with applause and gratification, which was so refreshing that he could not bear a trace of disgust.

Some genius excited blush and thick neck, if you go back to let the elders in the family know that they are praised by a holy king, go back to bragging all have a face, and their faces are bright!

Only a few geniuses are vigilant.

Hearing this, Lin snickered in his heart.

"Entering the tomb, you will all get the test of the king, and those who pass the test, even if they can't inherit the mantle of the king, they can get a rich reward and retreat."

Haotian Saint King's voice is full of the taste of Jiangshan, striking everyone's psychology, making everyone feel excited!

If you cant pass on the mantle, you can also have some adventures! Senior Saint King is really a great pioneer of my human race!

"Oh, the wealth of this king, you are unimaginable to these unsainted little guys, just take out one piece, which is enough to create a saint. Those so-called precious luck seeds, inferior crystals, orange in your eyes Order exercises, even Orange order mind, high-level holy tools, alchemy handprints, everything, hahaha, let's go through the experiment of this king! Let this king look at the skills and courage of today's holy world human race! "

Haotian Saint King's laughter ignited a fire in everyone's heart!


The gate of the tomb was wide open, and a breath of vicissitudes of ancient times, like the remains of the ancients, came across the face, ancient, long, quiet, but suffocating!

"The chance of the Holy King, the son has no reason to refuse!"

"Hahaha! Get on the list of evildoers, just around the corner, the inheritance of Lord Saint King, I have to decide!"

A crowd of geniuses and courageous dry clouds flooded in, turning into meteor-like afterimages into the gate.

Even with those old antiques, no one is resisting, this is the true holy fate!

No matter how good the holy saints of the outside world are, they are not as good as one ten thousandth of the treasure of the holy king!

Lin Chen drove the Dragon Emperor to fly into the Tomb Mansion. The moment he stepped into the Tomb Mansion, his palm flashed a faint purple and black brilliance.

"This is... there are signs of magic energy in this tomb house! And the number is not low!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the light flashed.

Luo Yao'er's complexion under his cloak also became particularly strange.

The Tomb Mansion is extremely wide, forming a space of its own, opening up a new world. There is a space stack here, there are several space planes, it is a generous one that belongs to the Holy King alone!

Lin Chen determined the first time; "No problem, my super-dimensional transmission can still be used, even if you enter it, you can retreat."

Half a quarter of an hour into the tomb, more than 8,000 people arrived at the first space plane.

Surrounded by mountains here, the space plane is a large mountain formed by a primitive flood.

Haotian Shengwang's voice echoed again, this time, a little more control over the smell of the wind and cloud.

"This is the first hurdle. The test of the king is about to begin. You can only leave it safely after passing the test. Each time you pass the hurdle, the king will issue a corresponding reward. This first hurdle, all you have to do is to destroy them. "

boom! boom! boom!

As soon as the words fell, dozens of giant beast-like breaths recovered from the mountains, shaking the world and sweeping the wild!

On the east side, a hellhound with seven heads and scales appears. Each barb has a length of tens of meters. The vigorous limbs are as huge as a giant column, and the breath of **** is burning!

On the south side, a group of jocks dances wildly, one of them is a rare barbarian in the outside world.

The ancient Tian Tian Jiao covered with all-purple gold scales, the ancient Xuan Mo Python with three heads, the ancient Tian Chiao with four limbs transformed into the claws of the true dragon, and the ancient gold armor with scales indestructible!

In the West, there are ancient apes with huge bodies leaning on the sky, there are prehistoric giant crocodiles with four claws on the ground, sky tigers with trunks like peaks, and light-hearted monster foxes!

To the north, the momentum is the most magnificent. A golden eagle, a giant falcon, an eagle, and an angry flying sky dome seem to tear this sky!

Holy Beast, Holy Beast! All holy beasts!

Many old antiques and geniuses have their faces changed!

The four directions of the entire mountain range; there are thirty-seven holy beasts?