My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1088

Vol 5 Chapter 1088: I Want To Be A Good Person

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Chapter 1088 I want to be a good person!

The first level of assessment turned out to be to kill the holy beast? That is enough to match the existence of the saint!

Many of them are indeed legendary geniuses, and there is no lack of being able to confront the saint who opened a holy cave.

Confrontation and killing each other are two different things!

"Don't be too high. The Holy King is different. One shot is for us to kill a group of Holy Beasts."

Lin Chen blew a whistle, as if he was completely out of the matter, not panicking at all.

Luo Yao'er suddenly said: "These holy beasts are wrong, and the body is contaminated with strong devil qi, and they have lost their reason. They have become walking dead beasts only, without the spirituality of the eighth order beasts."

"These sacred beasts are the result of absorbing the devilish spirits of some ancient trolls in the tomb of the king to cause mutations. Although they become eighth-order beasts, they can be wisely equivalent to nothing, and they are fighting by virtue of instinct. But their The physical strength is also genuine, fight! If you can survive here, you will get indescribable benefits, and the reward of this king is enough to make you break the saint!

Haotian Shengwang's voice was so passionate that it ignited the fighting spirit of most people!

"Fuck it! I'm willing to stab myself and dare to dismount the emperor. It's not that the genius hasn't fought with the saint. I must seize the chance of the holy king!"

"Fight, at this time, it is useless to play any tricks. Sneak attacks on others will put yourself in a disadvantaged state. The more people who break the test, the greater the chance!"

More than 8,000 people, there are 3,000 old antiques, and more than 5,000 super geniuses are fighting in the sky. They went to war and flew in all directions to encircle the Holy Beast!

Bang ~! The quartet of the mountains rolled up the tears of the sky. These holy beasts had a brute force, without the spiritual wisdom of the holy beast, and a face-to-face confrontation. The geniuses temporarily gained an advantage here.

"Take him three, seven, twenty-one, I'll steal the attribute values of these holy beasts!"

Lin Chen vacated the body of the Dragon Emperor, and it became a white light dragon shadow flashing through the void.

Luo Yaoer suddenly said: "These sacred beasts invade the brain and enter the nucleus. I pass you a recipe and handprint. If you can remember, you can use the monk on your hand to control the devil qi in these sage beasts, thus Exercise some degree of control over them."

Lin Chen opened his mouth slightly: "Control them? Is this okay?"

Luo Yao'er's lips moved slightly, and a series of obscure formulas came into Lin Chen's mind. He only spent 4 points of vigorous skill to remember the formulas and handprints!

[Activate the stolen omens, consume 1104 intermediate talent points, steal attribute values: 4000 advanced qi blood, 6000 advanced qi blood, 150 ignition energy, 100 wind energy, 4500 advanced qi blood...]

Lin Chens avatar steals the attribute values of all holy beasts, and his body speed is among the best among all geniuses, and its easy to get close to holy beasts!

Lin Chen immediately aimed at an archaic mysterious python, leaving Luo Yaoer on the back of the dragon emperor, and the little shadow was protected by his body. His holy phoenix wings were stretched out, and he swiped towards the huge body of the mysterious python!

Seeing someone kill Lin, the faces of the geniuses who besieged it changed slightly!

"Why does he want to come again?"

"Be careful! This Lin Chen maniac hasn't done anything normal, don't let him get close to us easily!"

All geniuses regarded Lin Chen as another sacred beast, and he was alert to him!

Suddenly, Lin Chen shouted.

"Everyone flashed away. My dark horse club is adhering to the spirit of self-denial. This battle let me come. I used to have no choice for Lin Chen. Now, I just want to be a good person!"

More than one hundred geniuses and corners of old antiques slammed.

Good person?

Good man your brother-in-law! If you are a good person, the wicked people of the Holy World can award!

Choke~! Lin Chen drew his sword and the blue moon was in his hand. The geniuses were thrilled!

They now have an instinctive psychological fear of seeing Lin Chen draw a knife!

"Jingyue and God!"

Lin Chen came out with a knife, the moonlight glanced across the sky, and dozens of geniuses immediately retreated!

Dang ~! Bang ~!

Xuan Mo Python's scales were twisted by the moonlight and turned into light cracks and blood stains. He was slightly scratched, making it scream and scream, and immediately turned his target to Lin Chen.

Lin Chen's fighting spirit was quickly drained and consumed, and all of them were sent to the right arm of the "Wangguang Amorphous Crystal", and the light was blazing! The holy phoenix wing behind condenses the purple plume flame!

Hiss~! The mysterious python opened its big mouth in the blood basin, and the vortex-shaped black mist rolled and condensed, and suddenly sent out a horrible black mist storm, and the poisonous fog that was enough to corrode the holy gas rushed to Lin Chen!

call out! call out! call out!

The holy phoenix wings snapped, and the power of the Aurora Crystal suddenly launched! Hundreds and thousands of afterimages flickered around Lin Chen's figure, flashing one after another!

The dense remnants of the image make everyone genius scalp numb!

This speed may not even stop the saint!

Brush ~! Lin Chen's ghost image appeared on the head of the mysterious black python, and the seal was swiftly printed, and the words were read.

The power of the Aurora Crystals plus the "Ultimate Moment", this full-strength hand "Dragon Flash", is Lin Chen's highest speed at present, flashing the corrosion storm attack range of the Archaic Profound Demon Python, and even it did not react!

"Gather the demon into spirits, the magic capitals are sealed. Ning!"

Lin Chen pinched out his handprints like lightning, and took a slap in the palm of his hand with the palm of his hand.

Everyone is puzzled and there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you dont hit it, why do you seal it?

In an instant, Lin Chen had a mysterious feeling. As long as he urged the magic seal, he could simply control some actions of this holy beast.

Of course, it is impossible to fight like the dragon emperor who controls himself and to use the bloodline supernatural power. The control strength is not so strong.

But it is still possible to control which one it hits!

Hiss~! The eyes of the archaic mysterious python violently shook a few times, and then restored the previous brutality and brutality, and the whole body of the scales burst into the black poisonous mist!

Lin Chen had been anticipating that when he launched an attack, he could also feel its attack intention through the magic seal, and easily avoided it!

"Hahaha, good thing, if I can control all the holy beasts, their fierce beast core is mine! It can also destroy the **** who had previously besieged me!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic in his heart, and then quickly backed away, shouting: "You are handed over to you! This poison gas is too strong, I was seriously injured!"

All the geniuses twitched their mouths, you **** shameless...

Everyone is watching you run to the top of someone's head to print the seal. There is no fart, you are injured!

"Well, continue to encircle and suppress the Xuanmo Python, its defense has begun to be broken by us, break through it in one breath! As long as Lin Chen, the lunatic, does not interfere with us, thank God!"

I dont know which genius slammed it. Everyone recovered and continued to siege the black monster!

Brilliant fighting like fireworks, lore tricks, bombardment and bombardment to Xuan Mo Python!

As soon as it hurts, it rolls up the python body, sweeps the mountain, rolls up the hurricane, sweeps up the mountains!

But everyone guarded against each other, only seven or eight forces between the battles, and the retreat in advance as soon as the Xuan Mo Python's murderous intention leaked.

With the consumption of the wheel battle, only two people fell, and dozens of people were injured. In exchange for the great damage of the black magic monster!