My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1089

Vol 5 Chapter 1089: Young Master Zhao's Fool

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Chapter 1089: Young Master Zhao's Fart!

If it is a true holy beast, the damage caused must not be so simple, but unfortunately the spiritual wisdom of these holy beasts is eroded by devil qi, and the wisdom is not high, even his own bloodline supernatural power will not be exerted.

This is equivalent to a holy beast that only has a fourth-order beast by virtue of instinct!

On the other side; Lin Chen quickly made up for the fighting spirit, cut across the battlefield across the sky, close to the head of the holy beast, and imprinted on them, to establish a control relationship from their fierce beast core.

The efficiency of the head-to-head action with Lin Chen and the avatar was completed in only two quarters of an hour!

The thirty-seven holy beasts have all been sealed, and as long as Lin Chen has an idea, they can drive them to attack a certain target and move to a certain direction.

Lin Chen smiled and looked around the audience, looking for someone's figure, "This time, I don't believe that the pit will not die you! Zhao Tiankun, right!"

Lin Chen immediately found Zhao Tiankun, who was participating in a war to siege the Taikoo Golden Eagle.

"Taiwan golden eagle, wind blade eagle, go! Pan him!"

Lin Chen urged the magic seal and gave orders to the two behemoths!

Sigh~! The two holy beasts were shocked, as if there was a current flashing through the body, a handsome face of handsome evil spirit appeared in the instinctive fighting consciousness, it was Zhao Tiankun, Zhao Gongzi!

Roar ~!

Ba Ying Chang Xiao, turned the blue wind blade all over the body, rushed out of the siege circle, and went straight to Zhao Tiankun!

The eyes of the archaic golden eagle carved with fierce grief, a feather shot, and the indestructible golden light stirred up the pieces of gold, driving the whole body of blood and blood to condense, like a touch of golden sword wind, and the sound of the brush attacked Zhao Tiankun!

These two forces are powerful and domineering. Part of the geniuses of the two major battle circles have mastered the body, and the cards are showing up, and they quickly withdraw!

Some geniuses had sharp eyes and immediately caught the flaws and weaknesses of the two holy beasts. One stroke of fist, sword, arrow and many lore skills were shot!

boom! boom! boom!

The fighting exploded, most of the attacks hit the weaknesses and wounds of the two holy beasts, but they still didn't stop advancing, and the murderousness made the geniuses stunned!

Why have these holy beasts gone crazy suddenly?

Zhao Tiankun in the battle circle, Zhao Gongzi's face changed a lot!

"Why the **** are you coming to me!!"

Locked by the killing of the two holy beasts, that taste and sourness taught Zhao Gongzi to be cold all over, and his heart was hairy!

He wore a yellow robe and cloak, containing the emperor's spirit, making him embody the virtual image of the emperor, with the overbearing scene of the yellow dragon pulling the plow above his head.

Huang Shamantian, Zhao Tiankun retreat again and again!

Bang ~! I don't know, the two holy beasts surrounded him from left to right!

His "Robe of the Yellow Emperor" can bless his body and defense, even if he has life-saving power in the face of the saint, he has the opportunity to run,

But these two holy beasts are Taikoo Golden Eagle and Windblade Eagle, which is the leader in speed in the field of holy beasts! Chase it to death!

"What's the situation!"

Zhao Tiankun wandered through dozens of yellow-sand dragons with great fighting strength, and his speed soared again and again. Obviously, he used some special exercises to increase his body!

He was so embarrassed that he drank quickly!

"You guys still look at hairs, beat them!"

The geniuses regained their spirits, regrouped, and launched a second offensive! The two sacred beasts locked Zhao Tiankun's sake, and their attacks could be more turbulent!

But let them fight, the two holy beasts chase Zhao Tiankun!

Suddenly, Taikoo Golden Eagle is about to catch up with Zhao Tiankun! His pupils were trembling and his heart was ruthless, and he was planning to play more life-saving cards!


A rainbow-like arrow of light fell like a meteor and exploded on the head of the Taikoo Golden Eagle, delaying it for a while, and let Zhao Tiankun avoid dangerously and dangerously!

"Thank you...uh!" Zhao Tiankun wanted to thank the person who shot, but found out that Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club shot it?

Lin Chen immediately drank, "Mr. Zhao, run to the **** dog! Quickly draw the two holy beasts, crash into the **** dog, and let them kill each other, you have a chance to get out!"

Lin Chen awakened Zhao Tiankun with a word, he clapped and shouted: "Yes! Why didn't I think of it!"

Zhao Tiankun glanced at Lin Chen with a slightly grateful look, and the latter gave him a thumbs up sign of encouragement, which made Mr. Zhao quite emotional.

Nice guy! This son of Lin Chen is such a great man!

I didnt think that Mr. Lin Chen in the Dark Horse Club had such a measure. I actually wanted to kill him before. I was ashamed! Ashamed!

The "shame hard" Zhao Gongzi stepped on the battlefield and the yellow dragon burst into the battlefield on the other side. The two **** dogs seemed to have taken the expired aphrodisiac.

The Hellhound's offensive turned and raised the dark red giant claws as he yelled towards Zhao Gongzi. The breath of purgatory erupted like a torrent of floods, pouring all the attacks on Zhao Tiankun who had just arrived!

Swire Golden Eagle and Windblade Eagle followed, attacking and aiming at him!

Zhao Tiankun was scared to pee! In the true sense of "fart rolling", the crotch is wet!

Four-headed beast?

The four-headed sacred beast launched a siege on him. Is it that Zhao Tiankun will fall here today?

Zhao Tiankun can be described as doing everything he can, madly urging the power of the "Alien Crystal", the use of the collected secrets of the practice techniques in turn, the pill and the healing sacred products are poured into the mouth like a bean, and flee desperately!

All the geniuses were shocked for a moment, this cruel holy beast that had no intelligence just now, how did this suddenly join forces to do Zhao Tiankun?

Someone Lin put down the Tianqing Royal Thunder Palace and applauded and sighed again: "In ancient times, there were three heroes and Lv Bu, and today there is the **** Kun, who lives alone, admire, admire! My dark horse club, I would like to call you the most hung!"

Then, with thirty-seven holy beasts, Lin Chen continued to mobilize nineteen holy beasts, and all the geniuses who had besieged him began to be attacked by holy beasts!

But having a clear attack target means that other geniuses no longer need to worry about dodge these holy beast attacks. Geniuses will not miss this opportunity!

The wounds accumulated by their huge bodies are gradually expanded by the crazy offensive. The injuries are like snowballs. The more and more tragic, the last 15 beasts begin to enter the state of near-death!

The 19 super geniuses who besieged Lin Chen had fallen into a total of 9 people.

The origins of these super geniuses are extremely extraordinary, or the ancient life-defying life-saving panacea, rare combat skills, or the excellent defense of the holy weapon, life-saving means endlessly.

The holy beasts could not kill them completely for a while!

Unless the holy beasts are not under siege, they have the opportunity to destroy them completely.

Lin Chen led two avatars and a small number of attributed light **** and narrations that had fallen from the deceased nine, all in one shot!

With Lin Chens current strength, plus two avatars, it is equivalent to the geniuses in the three genius lists ranked 4000 in team action, and cooperate seamlessly!

Even if there are more than a dozen super geniuses who want to take a piece of soup to take away the falling genius, it is not the opponent of Lin Chen and the avatars!

Facing the holy beast that is about to fall, Lin Shuai is not the kind of person who wastes resources!

Next, all geniuses witnessed the most outrageous scene in their lives...