My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1090

Vol 5 Chapter 1090: 1. The Biggest Massacre In China In History?

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Chapter 1090, The Largest Massacre in China?

The first severely wounded holy beast is the Archaic Mysterious Python. Its flexibility is not as good as the fierce beasts such as the Golden Eagle and the defense is not as good as the holy beasts such as the prehistoric giant crocodile. It is the most seriously injured!

But Archaic Xuanmo Python is one of the strongest grades of lethality. Even though the mental intelligence is not high, dozens of people have been seriously injured, killing more than a dozen old antiques and a super genius who was caught off guard!

"Work harder! It's dying!"

Several geniuses who encircled and suppressed the Archaic Profound Demon Python burst into excitement, a flash of excitement flashed in their eyes, killing this big guy, they are also considered to have slaughtered the Holy Beast!

This will have an inexplicable accumulation and benefits for their spiritual sharpening of the Holy Land in the future!

The war emperor slaughtered! Even if it is a group battle to encircle the Holy Beast, it is also a historic feat!

Faced with the sacred holy power of the saints, the war spirit of the war emperor will always be that small. In the history of the holy world, the war emperor can slaughter the saints.

Other geniuses also have similar ideas. Although the eighth-order fierce beast core is precious, they value the experience of encircling and suppressing the holy beast this time, because this will be the spiritual foundation of their future impact on the holy realm!


The Archaic Xuanmo Python suddenly erupted with a sizzle, and the murderous surge surged, such as the violent enthusiasm swept by the hurricane from the Xuanmo Python's more than two hundred feet long beast!

In this anger, the smell of a bit of evil spirits is mixed with it, which makes all the geniuses look shocked!

"No, this big guy is going to fight back desperately!"

"Don't fight it head-on, retreat!"

The super geniuses took their own siblings and sisters and flew back, as expected, the archaic mysterious python was a radical and radical body as fast as an arrow off the string!

All geniuses dare not attack their fronts, the holy beasts are dying back, and even the saints dare not look down upon, let alone these five robbery warlords!

Brush ~! Brush ~! Bang ~!

The Archaic Xuanmo Python has gone through, destroyed everything, and struck in a certain direction. Everyone withdrew, but there was no danger of flashing, and no one was injured?

When everyone found the target locked by Swire Xuan Mo Python, his face became very exciting!

It turned out to be fighting towards Lin Chen?

"Hey! The madman in this dark horse club is going to suffer!"

"The holy beast's counterattack is quite different, if you can kill him, I can hear that he has luck sacs on him, and be prepared for battle. As soon as he dies, we will immediately give him his luck sacs. Robbed!"

The geniuses are happy and happy, many people are still staring at Lin Chen eagerly, ready to launch raids at any time!

Someone in Lin looked sad and angry, shouting loudly!

"It seems that God is jealous of my handsomeness! No matter, I fight!"

Bang ~!

Lin Chen urged the edge of "Yu Tian" with all his strength, holding the second-grade Holy Gun ``You Huang'' to stab a Gengjin Changhong!

Bang~! The air wave exploded, and the strong wind that overturned everything was rolled up, and the pulse burst into a python-like crack, cracking one after another!

All geniuses are ready to go! Always be ready to shoot!

When the wolf smoke rose and slowly dissipated, the geniuses were preparing for action, and their eyes were covered by the fighting spirit. When they peeped into the smoke, they opened their mouths slightly and stayed in the same place!

That archaic mysterious demon python, actually died?

died! Or the weakness of the head hit Lin Chen's gun sharpest point!

Archaic Xuanmo Python died in Lin Chen's hands and rolled out a large number of qi and blood attribute light balls!

The number and quality of the attribute light spheres occasionally dropped by a holy beast and the attribute light spheres dropped after death.

And this holy beast died in the hands of others and in the hands of Lin Chen, the attribute light ball dropped is also very different!

This is equivalent to, Lin Chen slaughtered this big guy himself!

This is the real war emperor's sacred saint, there are no restrictions, the attribute light ball is super!

However, when more than a hundred super geniuses and dozens of old antiques were dumbfounded, it was not over!


Two sacred beasts on the verge of death struck Lin Chen. The situation was exactly the same as that of the Archaic Profound Demon Python. The rushing weather that erupted before dying was so shocked that no one stopped them and let them directly rush to Lin Chen!

Lin Chen and Zhende Shuai have one shot and one sword. The imperial envoys Sword Fury Sky and Royal Sky are energized, penetrating runes, and instant light splitting talents.

boom! boom! boom!

The two holy beasts again hit the spearpoint and the blade edge, or the weakness was broken, or the major wound was cracked! Fall on the spot!

Sacred again!

[Junlin's talents have accumulated energy value: 300 million points, 400 million points...]

"His~~! What happened?"

Many geniuses are air-conditioning, the antiques are standing upside down with cold hair, and their scalp is numb!

Weird! It's so weird! They have never seen such a weird scene!

The avatar Zhen Dexiu was familiar with the light car, and sprinted to the fierce beast nuclear position of each holy beast skillfully.

In his hand, the Flying Shadow Knife slammed and smashed out. Without half a breath, he broke the flesh and blood of the Holy Beast and took out the inner fierce beast core!

A wave after another wave!

It seems that as long as there is a dark horse club, everything in the world will become extremely unreasonable!

Everyone present witnessed the unforgettable scene of immortality!

Rumble~! Rumble~~!

Earth shaking, space shaking! The airflow collapsed and disintegrated, and bursts of sound exploded!

Three heads, five heads, seven heads, ten heads!

In the end, it was countless, everyone was covered by the beast of the behemoth, and their eyes were completely covered. All the countless holy beasts rushed to Lin Chen!

These holy beasts are all on the verge of death!

Brush ~! Brush ~!

The slashing orange light sword rainbow bursts again and again, and Geng Jin's glory is like a golden streamer in the night, flashing over and over again!

boom! boom! boom!

The earth shook, and all the holy beasts who were seriously injured began to fall to the ground and died, crushing the ground, shattering the foundation, and the corpses of the holy beasts piled up like mountains!

Lin Chen's Dragon Emperor is like a prosperous one, flying alone, constantly collecting a large amount of energy blood **** and a large number of orange crystal treasure chests!

That's right, it's really "mass"!

This is the first time Lin Chen has seen the sky full of blood-red spheres of light, like a blood-red sea, all of which are composed of advanced qi-blood spheres of light!

All geniuses were stunned!

When all the holy beasts were seriously injured, they went to Lin Chen's reverse and let him slaughter!

Anyone who dares to block will endure the wrath of the holy beast, who will die, and will be beaten and crippled without dying!

Lin Chen and Zhende Shuai are like **** executioners, killing these sacred beasts over and over again!

Looking at the corpses of holy beasts that were piled up like mountains and collapsed, all the geniuses trembled at the bottom of their hearts, and all of them were forced!

These holy beasts are committing suicide completely!

It's just like death in the hands of the Black Horse Club. Others who dare to block, were injured and even killed by the holy beast in minutes!

This scene is too weird! It's weird to be speechless!

The Emperor of the Black Horse Club, killing the Holy Beast like a special chicken!

Everyone hasn't fully reacted yet. The flying knife in Zhendexiu's hands fluttered violently, such as a precise and graceful butterfly, flicked across, flesh and blood burst, and the fierce beast core dropped and sucked away!

Geniuses are dumbfounded!


So skilled!

This Zhendexiu's method of harvesting the fierce beast core, like a flower thief over the wall, looks like a duck king. Too **** skilled!

Why are you so skilled! Obviously we came first!

Finally, thirty-seven holy beasts fell in the pool of blood, Lin Chen exhaled deeply, standing on the "Holy Beast Mountain", deeply blamed.

"You said that you have lived with the holy beast for so many years, how come you still touch porcelain? I don't know if someone in Lin is most afraid of touching porcelain? If you have an afterlife, remember to be a good beast and don't touch porcelain! Im very annoyed. Im killing you and your gang, and my hands are numb. Im really tired! I dont want to find me for such boring things in the future!"


Weird silence...

Who would have thought that one day they would meet a young warlord, and in front of them came a sentence: killing the Holy Beast and killing the soft hand?

After a moment, I dont know which dear friend squeezed a word from the teeth.

"This is still human language?"


Lin Chen: "You don't have to learn how to deal with such things as porcelain~"