My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1091

Vol 5 Chapter 1091: Jingjinglin

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Chapter 1091

Dragon Emperor's dragon flew through the void, and what he passed was a magnet effect, which sucked all the attribute light balls!

[Obtained 130,000 advanced qi and blood, 100,000 advanced qi and blood, 190,000 advanced qi and blood, 90,000 advanced qi and blood, 110,000 advanced qi and blood, 150,000 advanced qi and blood,]

[Open 31 orange crystal treasure chests, gain: 3500 intermediate talent points, 1000 intermediate talent value, 2 million enhancement points, 1500 advanced mental power, 2850 advanced rune energy.

In the past, Lin Chen obtained at most thousands of high-level light spheres, and the most were the thousands of sages that fell during the ancient battlefield.

However, the fall of Qun Sheng was not caused by Lin Chen after all, and the attributed light spheres were also limited.

But this time, all the real holy beasts died in the hands of Lin Chen, and the initial estimated light sphere has exceeded 100,000!

The attribute value limit is soaring, and its soaring speed is so fast that the three avatars that are merging mind and practice memory must take into account the absorption of a large amount of energy.

And Lin Chen's Dragon Emperor is refining the blood like the raging sea of anger, the energy of the blood is like a burning dragon, and it shuttles through its dragon veins again and again, impacting the 10 millionth dragon vein!

That dragon vein kept sending out rumbling and tumbling noises, like a landslide, and the momentum of the disintegration of the veins was shaking and shaking violently! Continuously glowing blue and golden light!

Brush ~!

A vortex emerged, and the efficiency of Longhuang Refinery was improved by dozens of times! The agitation of the 10 millionth dragon vein has become more intense!

Without this omnipresent psychic power, the Dragon Emperor might really have to'explode' this time!

Lin Chen felt at ease to accept thirty-seven eighth-order beast cores. Although these beast cores were contaminated with magic energy, they were generally unusable. However, Lin Chens magic seal could easily absorb the magic energy inside. Bring it back to nature.

This time, there are thirty-seven eighth-order beast cores with this massive amount of high-level blood, not to mention whether his Lin Chen can impact the holy realm of physical refining. At least his dragon emperor is promoted to the holy dragon, which is already a nail The fact of nailing!

The geniuses are not idle people, and in a moment someone has recovered!

They recalled that during the previous battle, the people in the Black Horse Club broke into the war circle, and tried their best to get close to the Holy Beast and seal it with them. Do they say...?

First of all, the holy beast will never commit suicide no matter how stupid it is? If you commit suicide, why did you choose Lin Chen? Why did the people in the dark horse club spend their time trying to get close to the holy beast but only seal and not fight?

More and more geniuses are beginning to realize that there must be a problem, and there is a problem with the cliff!

Zhao Tiankun, who was beaten into a pig's head, felt more and more wrong, and there was still a smell of urine under his crotch. Finally, he jumped like thunder, and he roared with anger!

"Grass! What the **** did you say, you kid suddenly turned, and helped me to attract me to the two holy beasts, the feeling is that your kid is making fun! I'm holding you Lin Chen !"

Zhao Tiankun awakened all geniuses!

Many geniuses looked at someone with a harmless human and animal face and a sunny smile.

No wonder he just helped Zhao Tiankun just now, the feeling is to make him die faster!

Xijing, absolutely Xijing!

He looked so special just now!

This guy is a good person? What a fart! This kid is an old Yin Yin!

"Insidious, too insidious!"

"Ben Shao was completely deceived by him!"

"Grass! We were fooled, this kid used us as a gun!"

"This kid is only in his early twenties? This Nima is not a 200,000-year-old monster? What a shame!"

Angry! More than five thousand geniuses, and more than two thousand old antiques, everyone is angry!

If it is a normal holy beast, the strength of its carcass body, even if the pestle is hitting the black horse club, it has to be beaten for a long time before it can be killed? Why did he wait until he was on the verge of death before he suddenly rushed to Lin Chen?

Obviously, this Lin Chen completely treats everyone present as a gun!

Everyone was fooled by him! Downright, he became his "wage earner"!

In the eyes of everyone, Lin sullenly said with a serious face.

"You guys, you can't really blame me, right, you all see that these holy beasts are posing to touch me, my people are only self-defense, this really can't blame me!"

Put your **** shit!

The "Zhen Dexiu" around you, the skill of harvesting the eighth-order beast core, is proficient, like a million-year-old prostitute who sneaks into the beautiful boudoir when she sneaks into the beautiful boudoir!

Do you call this self-defense?

Hearing Lin Chen's words, everyone was so angry that their teeth were almost broken!

Luo Yaoer on the side suddenly said: "I'm really puzzled, how did you live to this day without being beaten to death?"

Lin Chen: "...Maybe it's because he is handsome."

Bang ~! !

Nine of the top 5,000 super geniuses suddenly broke out and turned to attack Chen Chen.


Lin Chen's eyes were fast and he snapped his fingers first.

[The host launches a blue-level intermediate nirvana, Thousand Flame Storm, Sky Meteor Sandstorm, Jin Huiyu, applicable target of each nirvana: 3 pieces. Start targeting and bombard.

Sigh~! Boom~!

The strong fire cloud tornado, the golden glow cloud, the dust cloud and the yellow cloud suddenly burst from the heads of the nine people, and the head rolls down a hurricane of flame. People suddenly shrouded!

"What is this?"

"Something wrong, these things can't escape, defend quickly!"

The gun shot the head bird, nine geniuses hurriedly used life-saving means to defend, the momentum of the nirvana spread out once, shocked everyone, and retreated to the side!

The blue-level intermediate nirvana is suitable for saints who open 1 to 3 holy caves, powerful enough to force these super geniuses to do all they can to defend!

"What a strong energy attack, I can't evade... This, what is this unique learning?"

"I think of it. It is said that this Lin Chen was chased and killed by a dozen holy realms, and he can escape smoothly. It is said that he used an extremely strange attack that cannot be avoided!"

"Yes, isn't this a rumor! Is it true?"

Many geniuses are thrilled. This attack is comparable to the Holy Land attack. Can't they dodge it? Isn't this a foul!

Lin Chen picked a corner of her mouth and joked: "Who else wants to come up, I have no merit in Lin, besides being handsome and a little special, he is particularly strong in self-defense."

"Less bluffing there, Lao Tzu doesn't believe you can hit this attack several times!"

There are also fierce and fierce geniuses who don't eat Lin Chen's set, and take a dozen old antiques, as if they surrounded Lin Chen from the side and swarmed!

Another 18 super geniuses and 17 war emperor old antiques, Lin Chen is also a snap finger, the remaining 8 kinds of blue rank intermediate nirvana, plus 6 kinds of blue rank advanced nirvana all released!

Bang ~!

Suddenly, the situation changes and energy is drained. Xuntiandi's nirvana will cover all those who rushed up!

When many geniuses saw the power of the blue-level advanced nirvana, their expressions were shocked!

He still has a stronger back? He even has the means to threaten the Holy Realm!

When the second wave of geniuses were bombarded with mortal skills, the screaming cry pulled everyone back from their anger to reason!

"Come on! Let me see which other warrior is not afraid of death!"

Lin Chen shouted loudly, with an extremely arrogant attitude.