My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1092

Vol 5 Chapter 1092: The Second Hurdle.

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Chapter 1092, The second hurdle.

Lin Chen seemed arrogant, but actually meditation in his heart: Don't come to some more reckless men, grandma's, and rush out of a group, I will only have two blue-level advanced nirvana!

Throughout the audience, Lin Chen's strength is undoubted, but no matter how strong the strength can't withstand everyone's siege! Lin Chen must shock them with the strongest means!

Lin Chen preempted himself, and really shocked thousands of people!

But his eyes were still fixed on Yan Wuxie and other geniuses.

The top 5,000 super geniuses have the life-saving means of parrying the holy land attack, but have not yet reached the level of leapfrog challenge saints.

What Lin Chen really wants to guard against is the monster-level genius ranked 2000 in the genius list such as Yan Wuxie and Fei Anxing!

This group of geniuses is the real monster! Known to be comparable to the end of the evil demon list ten million years ago, the strength is terrible, and it can truly fight the existence of the saint.

In Lin Chens perception alone, there should be nearly a hundred monsters geniuses on the spot. It is not ruled out that there are still hidden ones. Once besieged by them, Lin Chen will surely make the trump card!

The handsome and handsome Yan Wuxie whistle, "Hey, this kid is playing all of us."

Fei Anxing glanced at him: "Why, are you going to be him?"

Yan Wuxie smiled: "I'm not interested. The key depends on whether Miss Qingcheng is interested. She is the strongest person on the scene."

Fei Anxing frowned, seemed to mind the strongest, and he turned his gaze to the indifferent Jian Qingcheng.

Jian Qingcheng has a slender figure, a slender waist, a bright red robe, a three-foot green front, a beautiful face, and a pale face.

"This person is indeed quite a set. However, if it were not for him, those holy beasts were dying, and we have to die a few more talents. Overall, he saved some weak people who should not enter the tomb. Life."

After talking, Jian Qingcheng swept the people in a certain area, and the people who had been swept by her eyes all had a fear from the bottom of his heart that the sword front was on his neck!

A pretty and lovely sister next to Yan Wuxie asked curiously: "Brother, is this Jian Qingcheng really as powerful as you said? She won't even enter the top 5,000 in the round ranking."

Yan Wuxie wondered: "It's not only terrible, it's just a pervert. She is an invincible monster of her peers in the sword field. When she pulled the sword last time, the sun and moon emperor in the genius list 1310 took her second sword. If she doesnt come down, she loses. If that battle is a life-and-death battle, her ranking will have changed."

"Ah! So powerful!" Little Sister surprised.

Yan Wuxie's eyes flickered a little bit of light, "The world is so unreasonable. The same is the five-tribulation war emperor. The genius in the top 40,000 geniuses can easily crush the ordinary war emperor of the same level. Ten thousand geniuses are so frighteningly strong, so Rao, and no one can cross that line."

"It wasn't until the top 2,000 in the genius list that the ancient wizards who could fight the saints appeared, and the top 1,000 in the genius list were all sanctified. But Brother tells you that even these characters may not be able to suppress the sword in the city. ..."

After talking, his handsome face was scared after a few minutes, and said one by one: "As far as I know, this sword is all over the city, it will be able to stand on the ground for a long time! Her accumulation has already been able to advance to the Holy Land! But she After accumulating the final soul grinding, I want to chase the sword sword to the extreme, perfect sanctification!

"So terrible?" Xiaoshimei was horrified.

When mortals are sanctified, the opportunities are so great that they cannot be met.

Can this sword allure choose its own time of sanctification?

Geniuses as strong as the top 10,000 geniuses in the genius list have accumulated vigorousness, but they are not saying that sanctification can be sanctified.

Those who can hit the holy realm at any time and have a greater chance, only the top 2,000 geniuses in the genius list, but they are still sharpening their souls and pursuing the excellent state of promotion to the holy realm!

Sigh~! Seven more super geniuses fell under the nirvana, and Zhendexiu collected their attribute light **** and Najie.

Because when fighting the holy beasts, they also consumed a lot to save their lives. After being bombarded by Lin Chen's nirvana, they finally couldn't withstand and fell on the spot!

Seeing this scene, the genius twitched slightly, and no one dared to shout again.

At this time, a solemn and solemn voice rang again.

"Little guys, you have done a good job. It seems that this time there was a bit of an accident, hahaha, but there is no harm. The king likes accidents. The more of you can expect the king, the happier the king, After accepting the reward, go to the second level!"

The words of Haotian Saint King have just fallen, and a stream of light falling from the sky!

The overwhelming raindrops of streamer looks beautiful and shining purple and red.

The geniuses took a closer look, and these raindrops were all the size of longan and litchi.

Lin Chen gasped slightly!

He looted the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge by himself, and he obtained no more than fifty finished Shengdan before and after. There are more than a few thousand here. It is simply over ten thousand Shengdan!

The lowest-grade first-class healing holy pill, starting from the sale of tens of thousands of silver holy yuan coins. Because the difficulty of refining and the required materials are too difficult and too high.

Even ordinary saints can't afford Shengdan, this shot is over ten thousand?

This is so astronomical!

The heritage of the Holy King is simply against the sky! The mortal can't imagine it, it's terrible!

"Customers, one for each person, and two for those who perform well. Well, these are all allocated. You should not try to **** someone else's Holy Pill, otherwise this king will personally wipe out the offenders."

Haotian Saint King said indifferently.

The crowd shouted long live the Holy King!

And Lin Chen actually got 6 first-grade Shengdan and 1 second-grade Shengdan!

Shengdan is divided into nine grades and second grade Shengdan. Its value is several times higher than that of first grade Shengdan.

Even with Lin Chen's current level of refining medicine, and the body plus a piece of cooperation, the probability of refining the second grade Shengdan will not exceed 20%!

The moment Lin Chen got Sheng Dan, he suddenly looked stunned.

"These Shengdan, there are problems! The core of Shengdan, there is a hint of magic energy will?"

Luo Yaoer suddenly said: "It seems that his ambitions are not dead. Inside these holy pill, the power of his faith was planted by means of the demon. After taking it, it may not be immediately displayed, but as long as he has an idea , The person taking the pill will immediately become his believer, even if he is going to die, he will not blink."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed-"No wonder he is so willing, hey, this holy king is playing a big game."

At this time, Haotian Shengwang's voice rang again.

"The next is the second level assessment, you can choose to leave or you can choose to move forward. Next is the life-and-death reincarnation competition, holding the life-and-death reincarnation competition. Decide."

As soon as this statement came out, the faces of many geniuses changed slightly!

The second hurdle is to decide life and death? Only five hundred places?

However, Lin Chen's face is more ugly than all geniuses!

A chill and a horror rose from Lin Chen's heart!

He thought of a very terrifying possibility!