My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1093

Vol 5 Chapter 1093: Luo Yaoer's Position

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Chapter 1093

"Those who want to participate in the life-and-death reincarnation race will send the fighting spirit into the jade card. Those who want to withdraw from this can go directly to the space vortex of the tomb."

Haotian Saint King talks and laughs in the wind and wind, a silver-white space vortex rises in the tomb, and a space gap of dozens of feet extends out of the space channel.

At the same time, the sky dropped dense blue jade cards, and the choice was in the hands of everyone.

"The chance of the Holy King, this is the only time in my life, and I dare not fight even my life, then I don't have to mix it up!"

"I Ye Auru came out of the endless flood, the beheaded beasts are innumerable, how could there be a lack of this time, the Holy King inheritance, I deserve a copy!"

Many arrogant super geniuses chose the life-and-death reincarnation race, sending a ray of fighting spirit into the jade card, and the light was great!

There are also some old antiques, choose to leave Enron.

This time they entered the burial holy mountain range, some grabbed the body of the holy skeleton, some grabbed part of the holy possession, this time also won the holy pill, or were not confident in their own combat power, but their harvest was enough !

There are also a few super geniuses who choose to leave. When playing against holy beasts, everyone has used a lot of life-saving methods, and then playing will only become a stepping stone for others.

Some old monsters, who also did not intend to let go of the Holy King, decided to join the battle!

For a time, there were only more than 3,000 people left in the tomb, and more than 300 people did not make a decision!


When everyone made a choice, Lin Chen suddenly turned his head and looked directly at Luo Yaoer,

He asked word for word: "If you want to do it, can you control me."

Luo Yao'er's face was hidden in the cloak, Lin Chen could not see her expression.

Lin Chen can control the holy beasts contaminated with magic energy with the help of the magic seal and tricks left by Luo Yaoer.

What about Lin Chen who holds the magic seal? This magic seal was given to him by Luo Yaoer, he actually has no absolute control!

What if Luo Yaoer controlled himself like he controlled the Holy Beast?

In the magic eyes of Kyushu, the swallowing mirror of Rainbow Island, and the magic marks that absorbed so much magic energy, can you really suppress it?

Lin Chen took a deep breath: "Are you thinking of taking me away so far?"

Luo Yaoer said indifferently: "My goal is very simple, if I can't take it away, I will destroy it. I will pull out any seeds that may threaten my demon clan."

As soon as the words changed, Luo Yaoer's tone suddenly became softer, "There is another option, you take the initiative to follow me. Since you don't care about the grudges in this world, why not follow me, if you can come to the Demon Race, I will give You have enough status and opportunities to make you my left and right arm. Whether it is the Ninefold Holy Realm, the Nine-turned Saint, or the Holy King, you will have the opportunity to set foot."

Lin Chen laughed suddenly: "Then you come and unplug me now, I won't follow anyone."

Luo Yaoer was silent, and the two had no conversation for a while.

But Lin Chen and his avatar Zhende Shuai, Zhende Xiu, also chose to join the battle!

A total of 3,700 people chose to participate in the war!

Three thousand of them are geniuses in the Genius List!

Everyone's heart is either anxious, uneasy, or excited!

This life-and-death reincarnation race will surely be a big event that makes a sensation in the genius list and will leave a strong stroke in the history of the Holy Realm!

These 3,000 geniuses are all super geniuses in the genius list of 1001 to 10000, and each of the lowest is also from the fifth grade sect!

In the near future, these geniuses will eventually only have 500 people left, and more than 2,000 people have fallen!

In the records of ancient books in the thirty-six domains, only a few major incidents have experienced similar situations.

There is no doubt that this Saint King's heritage will become a turning point in history!

Some bold people chose to stay and witness history, neither leaving nor participating.

Rarely, the Holy King Haotian seems to turn a blind eye to these people.

"Very good, it is the elite who stays, let's start next! The last 500 people, the rewards will be extremely rich!"

Haotian Shengwang's voice laughed loudly.

Brush ~! Bang ~!

At this time, the devastated mountain range burst from the ground, and the gigantic island-like dragon platforms rose into the sky.

Three hundred seats in Longtai, magnificent. With its own space enclave, the range is extremely wide, even if it is a battle for the saints, it is more than enough.

"Your jade cards have randomly appeared new numbers and come to power according to the numbers. If there is a singular number, a bye quota will be randomly generated, and those who get the bye will automatically advance to the next round. This battle of life and death depends on your ability, everything you have All means can be used, as long as you can survive, no matter what means. The king looks forward to more accidents among you, ha ha ha!"

When the laughter of Haotian Saint King fell, Lin Chen and the jade card at the hands of the avatar appeared a ray of light.

His number is: No. 1459. Zhende Shuai is: No. 1299. Zhende show is: 1088.

The geniuses or veteran powerhouses who received the numbers, the fighting broke out and began to take the stage!

"It seems that I and the avatars were the last or the penultimate batch, and I can prepare another wave of time."

Lin Chen found a mountain top and sat cross-legged.

At this time, Luo Yaoer on the other side had begun to enter the cultivation state, her injury recovered about 30%, her strength barely recovered a little, and she was able to move freely.

Lin Chen turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Five Tribulation Warlords (Peak of Five Tribulation)-Advanced Essence: 34.55 million points

Ultimate Strength: 99.99 million Dragon Power (Half Body Transfiguration)-Advanced Qi and Blood: 98.16 million points

Advanced spiritual attribute value: 19455 points (half step into the holy)

Advanced skill essence: 8977 points-advanced rune energy: 26851 points.

Intermediate Tiandao value: 19660 points-Intermediate talent point: 31889 points.

Blank attribute: 6.9 million points-enhanced points: 18.74 million points.

Advanced elemental energy: 12004 points in the fire system, 11150 points in the soil system, 10200 points in the wood system, 10366 points in the gold system, 10488 points in the water system, 10100 points in the thunder system, 10410 points in the wind system, 69666 points in the light system, 7880 points in the dark system

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Passive talent bar: (Blue Tier) Double Cultivation Acacia, (Purple Tier) Strike, (Purple Tier) torn, (quasi-orange Tier) super chaos, (Orange Tier) Extreme God Possession Fragment (2/4)

Active talent bar: (Purple Order) Omen of Thief, (Purple Order) Fatal Bloodthirst, (Purple Order) Super Dimensional Transmission, (Purple Order) Ultimate Moment, (Purple Order) Extreme Return, (Purple Order) King's Landing, (Quasi-orange level) fatal life and death, (orange level) instant light split, (orange level one-time) sky reversal (1/2) fragments.

Nirvana bar (whether open)-characteristic rune bar (whether open)

Talent combination skills (whether to open)

Lin Chen's cultivation base is not far behind most of the super geniuses!

When he first refined the "Wangguang Amorphous Crystal", his strength was probably 4000 in the genius list, and his geniuses could be ranked in the top 5,000.

Now all the element attribute values and cultivation methods have been improved. Lin Chen tries to break the wrist with the 3000 ranking super genius!

But the more important thing is Lin Chen's flesh and body, his senior blood, because of the mass killing of holy beasts, skyrocketed 90 million points!

More than ten times the original!

This attribute value has caused an amazing change in his body!