My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1095

Vol 5 Chapter 1095: Peak Showdown Lin Chen Vs. Fei Anxing

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Chapter 1095, Pinnacle Showdown, Lin Chen vs. Fei Anxing!

"This elder, dare to ask what is inside?"

Lord Fu Sheng asked the two old antique warlords in the distance very politely, and the other two saw the Lord Fu Sheng's attitude, and said casually.

"The Saint King's heritage is born, but the assessment of the first level is extremely terrifying. To kill the Holy Beast, I will ask myself if there is no such strength to continue.

Another said: "It is still because of the dark horse club that the three men named Lin Chen and Zhen De Shuai and Zhen De Xiu killed a lot of holy beasts..."

The two old antiques simply explained the situation inside, and everyone's expression suddenly changed!

Not only the leader of the Fu Sheng Kingdom, but also the leaders of the forces gathered here, everyone's face is very wonderful!

"Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club, flying all the saints' remains alone?"

"Did the people in the dark horse club confront the monster geniuses such as Yan Wuxie and Fei Anxing?"

"Are you sure you read it right? The men in the Black Horse Club beheaded 37 holy beasts? Didn't these boys fight for the emperor?"

"War Emperor Tu Sheng? Ridiculous! This is simply absurd!"

Many saints were shocked and dizzy, their faces were incredible, and their mouths were so open that they could put eggs.

Are the young men at the Black Horse Club going to be overwhelming?

What happened in the funeral sacred mountains is ridiculous!

The Emperor Zhan Tu Sheng is out? Or kill thirty-seven holy beasts in a row!

The most important thing for the saints in Nanyu is that everyones answers are the same,

Yue Qingli and the other three girls are happy and worried. This dark horse club is too crazy...

Wherever I went, everything I experienced was so shocking and weeping!

Ning Qingxuan's elegant and elegant beauty raised a bitter smile-"You are always so beyond everyone's expectations, I will not be able to catch up with you again this time..."

Burial of the Holy Mountains, tomb interior.

"This Yudan method is really wonderful. Senior Yunyun Dansheng can create this kind of stunt. At least he was also a fourth-grade Saint-level pharmacist, or even higher!"

Lin Chen opened his eyes suddenly, wondering, the blood flame holy dragon pill has been completely integrated by him, to raise the pill, and when the pill is completed, it will be a day of sanctification!

Lin Chen looked around, and after the first round of screening, after two days and nights of life and death, there were more than 1,500 people left! It can be called a tragic situation!

The deceaseds items and the ring will be deprived by the winner. The winners gains are also not small. Whats more, some old antiques encounter top super geniuses. There are also many people who both directly end up in the end when they fight together!

The two avatars, Zhendexiu and Zhendeshuai, met an old antique and super genius, respectively. Fortunately, their strength and physical skills suppressed, and Enran passed the first round.

Then, Lin Chen's jade card was on, and it was his turn!

He jumped up and fell into the stage, attracting the attention of many people.

"It's finally the boy's turn. He has so many killers. I don't know who his opponent is."

"The one who can cure him is estimated to be only the top 3000 guys..."

The eyes of the geniuses are dignified, and most people can't wait for Lin Chen to die quickly!

In the first level, this kid treated everyone as a gun, and no one would accept him.

As if responding to everyone's expectations, a black wing slammed with flashes of black lightning and swept above the dragon platform.

Everyone took a closer look and their expression changed slightly.

"Actually Fei Anxing in the South Region?"

"Hahahaha! That kid is dead!"


Fei Anxing's black robe was like night, patted the shoulder dust, and laughed casually: "The people in the black horse club have long wanted to meet you. You are really making a mess on Rainbow Island in my southern region."

Lin Chen raised a brow: "Can you still be so calm in this battle of life and death?"

Fei Anxing was indifferent and confident, "because the person who survives will be me."

Tear ~!

Responding to him is Lin Chen's "Unparalleled Shadows"!

The three-handed flying knives flowed like snow flakes, covering the three directions of Fei Anxing. People outside the dragon platform didn't even react!

Dark claws passed by, Fei Anxing wore black bone claws, and five fingers caught Lin Chen's flying knife across the sky, shattering the knife light on the spot!

The faces of the geniuses changed slightly. Lin Chens shadow flying knife was on the verge. Even these top geniuses in the top 5000 felt fatal pressure. Fei Anxing shattered his claws?

Crushing the shadowless flying knife, Fei Anxing said with a smile: "The flying knife technique is acceptable, it is useless to me! The dark shadow covers the palm!"

Fei Anxing took a black iris in the palm of his hand, and the whole body was dark, pushing head towards Lin Chen!

The black iris releases terrible pressure, like the suppression of thousands of mountains, Lin Chen's body is involuntarily suppressed by the black iris, unable to move!

"It is one of the three fabulous masterpieces of Fei Anxing, covering the sky!"

"A face-to-face is a killing opportunity, and Fei Anxing is going to fight him with all his strength!"

The geniuses have a dignified expression, this palm is enough to instantaneously kill the Five Tribulation Warlords, and under the saint, few people can directly take it forward!

Bang ~! A gray and white grate bursts across the sky, the pressure of the black aperture suddenly becomes smaller, and the space stagnate!

"Oh?" Fei Anxing was surprised.

Lin Chen's pressure suddenly diminished, the holy phoenix wings flapped, the dragon flashed like a tide, and flashed behind Fei Anxing.

Buzz~! The instant light splitting is launched, the Yutian lance is divided into five, and the golden light envelopes the ring!

Fei Anxing's dark wings flicked back, and the blade of Hei Ru Ning Yuan flew out!

The black blade exploded, and Jin Hui shattered.

The fuchsia and black wings flapped at the same time, and both sides were close. Lin Chen held the Youhuang gun and hit the neck and neck directly.

Fei Anxing's holy claws turned, swept his anger, grabbed the gunpoint backhand and pierced Lin Chen's face, Lin Chen did not go back, and the fists of the flashing Jin Jie Xuan Gang burst into seven kinds of strength, such as being born and dead. Punched away with a punch!

boom! The fists and claws intersect, the dragon platform shakes, and the blasting air flows like a turbulent hurricane.

Fei Anxing looked at Lin Chen with a surprised look, could this kid actually take his claws with fists in front of him with pure power and unguarded? The flesh is so strong that it looks like an ancient barbarian!

Fei Anxing took another claw in his head and tried to tear Lin Chen into pieces. His ghost phoenix gun parryed across the sky. When he blocked this claw, his right leg was lashed out with a horizontal leg. Swept and repulsed Fei Anxing.

Fei Anxing was repelled, his stamina exploded, and his claws ripped out a dragon-snake-like dark awn.

Sigh~! The air of Yu Tiangeng gold flowing through Lin Chen was smashed a lot, Lin Chen was shocked, and the corner of his mouth was bleeding!

Fei Anxing randomly wiped the blood stains in his nose and sneered: "With the war gun of the second-grade sacristy, I want to see how long you can hold on with your momentum!"

"Oh? The people in my dark horse club have no advantages, but they are more durable. I like to specialize in people. It seems that you want to taste it today."

Lin Chen smiled coquettishly, and Yun Dan was breezy. Both of them had enough confidence in themselves!

The two sides stand and hold their breath!

Can't move your eyes! This is a life-and-death duel of the top 2,000 monster-level geniuses. The two are rivals!