My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1096

Vol 5 Chapter 1096: Optical System Vs Dark System Crystals

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Chapter 1096, Light Alien Crystal VS Dark Alien Crystal!

Brush ~! The two stepped away and turned into a stream of light, two streams of light, a collision and a fight, and they fought together in an instant!

The two battled from the sky to the edge of the ring, and every collision and confrontation was like a comet hitting the mainland, shaking the earth!

Rumble~! The earth-shattering momentum spread out from the dragon platform, and the space on the dragon platform was constantly filled with energy ripples.

This is the most fierce and terrifying place in the battle of many dragons!

Lin Chen's physical superiority happened to be partially restrained by the faint star's full-strength dark line of fighting, and Fei Darkstar's physical skill was also a must, so that he could not suppress Fei Darkstar with his physical superiority!

Lin Chen, who used the "Eightfold Change", Xiuwei is no less than these monster-level geniuses who have spent five hundred years in Wujiexiu.

Although Lin Chen has the "ultimate moment", Fei Anxing's talent is very different, and the natural "no phase dark star" is also the fifth-grade Holy Vessel, making his dark combat skills more powerful than ordinary people.

Many of Lin Chens combat skills have [enhancement] increase, and the flesh shell is so strong that he can hardly face the Holy Body for so long.

Tear ~! A brocade-like voice sounded, and Lin Chen's arm cracked with blood stains. As Fei Anxing said, he used the second-ranking holy gun ``You Huang'' with the five robbery war emperor.

Brush ~! Lin Chen still calmly calmed down, flashed his hands in two hands, replaced his bow with a gun, held the "Azure Royal Thunder Bow", stepped on his body, and distanced Fei Anxing.

Fei Anxing chased after the victory, and looked like a winning ticket, sneered-"What's wrong, isn't it said to be long-lasting? Are you going to withdraw after only 100 rounds."

Lin Chen smiled badly: "Don't worry, it will make you enjoy yourself."

Lin Chen raised his left hand, snapped his fingers, snap!

Fei Anxing suddenly became conscious, and the fighting spirit and blood in his body seemed to be controlled by an invisible power, and he suddenly became very disordered, boiling like boiling water!

"What is this? What did this kid do to me? Why am I unaware!"

Fei Anxing was shocked! Even his right leg and left arm have an illusion that he does not listen to his calls. Not only can he not be powerful, but his skin is flushed with blood and blood, and he must always burst!

[The target has triggered a total of 7 Super Chaos talents, all of which have been activated.

Lin Chen smiled, he and Fei Anxing struggled so long, just to trigger the "Super Chaos" state and send him a "Gift"!

Like a master of his series, triggering a "Super Chaos" cannot affect the battle situation. It happens that this passive talent is special. After triggering, the timing of the launch can be determined by Lin Chen!

"Right now, enjoy the feeling of being shot!"

Lin Chen laughed and raised his bow. The dragon-like light robbery and fighting spirit condensed on Lin Chen's fingertips, condensed into three light arrows, and suddenly burst out!

"Suppress me!" Fei Anxing Tianling Gai rolled up the dark line of fighting spirit to bathe his body, and the fighting broke out, suppressing many chaotic positions in his body!

However, the light of the feather feathers fluttering in front of the eyes!

"Dark Night Cloak!" Fei Anxing waved his palm, and the dark cloak rolled up to cover himself.

Bang ~! Arrow light shot over the cloak, set off an explosion but did not hurt the dark star, 30% penetration power made him tumultuous!

[Trigger a super chaotic talent, the host can use it at any time.

At the moment when the system light screen popped up, Fei Anxing stepped on the foot, and the dark lines of war centered on him burst out, forming a vortex, trying to attract Lin Chen!

Lin Chen laughed loudly, flapping the holy phoenix wings constantly retreating, his eyes swift and fast, his bow was shot at a rapid speed, and the arrows like the scattered flowers of the celestial girl shot towards the dark star behind without exception!

In an instant, Lin Chen suppressed Fei Anxing!

[Trigger Passive Talent: Assault, Super Chaos...]

The system's light screen flicks, Lin Chen is in a good mood!

"Haha! Cool! It's been a long time since I shot so cool!"

Seeing that Lin Chen's arrow light was shot repeatedly in the chrysanthemum area behind Fei Anxing, he even laughed so happy, many male geniuses fell cold!


Absolutely abnormal!

What the **** did the **** man shoot when he was fighting!

What a special smile you have, so blissful!

"Damn, I don't want to meet people in this dark horse club forever!"

"The enemies I have encountered are not as good as this one-tenth of ten thousand Lin Chen's perverts!"

There was a chill in the hearts of the male geniuses. During the battle, they met an opponent who stared at you with a bite. Is that what humans do?

Fei Anxing stared up a shadow storm, brewing a huge trick!

[Consume 300 Rune Energy, activate Slow Rune.

Brush ~! A grey and white rune descended from the sky, calming the dark gas storm, Lin Chen shot his bow and launched two big runes!

"Jiguang film feather!"

The arrow light that drifted through the rainbow feathers penetrated the world, divided into five, and the momentum was shocking, making all geniuses change their colors!

"Another orange-order combat skill?"

"What is the origin of the Dark Horse Club! From Zhende Shuai's swordsmanship, Zhendexiu's swordsmanship, gun skills, all of orange rank grade! Another orange rank bow?"

"There are four kinds of clubs in the Dark Horse Club... No, plus his swordsmanship to fly the remains of the saints, there are five kinds of orange-level exercises! Oh my god!"

"When will the orange order exercises become Chinese cabbage!"

The eyes of the super geniuses are about to fall. Judging from the combat skills used by the dark horse club, they have exceeded five orange-level exercises!

Brush ~! Bang~!

A halved rainbow arrow shattered the dark storm above his head, Fei Anxing's throat was sweet, and the corner of his mouth was bleeding!

"No, I'm going to be exhausted by the kid in this way! My body keeps appearing this strange and chaotic state. He also has this trick to condense space, which can weaken my attack power and can't be dragged on!"

Fei Anxing suddenly swallowed a few pills, and the fighting spirit surged, and all the fighting spirit was transported to the "dark alien crystal" in the heart!

Bang ~!

Fei Anxing broke through the state of "super chaos", a pair of dark wings spread his wings, and the whole body was like a tide, rising from the sky!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed.

"Have you started using the power of alien crystals... However, there are more than one person with alien crystals!"

Fei Anxing was continuously triggered by Lin Chen's'Super Chaos' state, and it never ended. He chose to fight hard with Lin Chen!

Launched by the power of'Alien Crystal', Fei Anxing not only broke through the'Super Chaos' state, the dark lines of fighting continued to rise, like endless darkness, and enveloped the entire Dragon Terrace!


Lin Chens right arm overflowed with a white circle of light, and the fighting spirit was continuously injected into the Wangguang Amorphous Crystal!

Fei Anxing sneered.

"Your crystal is a light system, and my crystal is a dark system. Since ancient times, light and darkness have been opposites. It seems that you and I must have someone to die. This is the destiny of God."