My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1097

Vol 5 Chapter 1097: Was Shot

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1097 Chapter 1097

Fei Anxing's arms burst into a dark sky, condensed on the black claws of his armor, and his arm condition was not optimistic. The Warlord had to pay for controlling the holy weapon.

"Really, I think that light and darkness are the most suitable result. There is nothing inherently opposed in this world, just who is in charge."

Lin Chen held the knife this time, and the blade of Azure Blue Moon was infused with the spirit of Wangguang Amorphous Crystal and the water-like glory of water, bright as a mirror, as bright as a moon!

"Go to the end of **** to debate this issue, the abyss sobbed blood claws!" Fei Anxing stared at the sky with dark eyes, his fighting spirit condensed in his hand, and he came out with a claw!

At this moment, Lin Chen's eyes flashed, and his heart was moving: "Super chaos, start!"

Buzz~! The violent fighting spirit in Fei Anxing's body was suddenly chaotic, causing his meridians to crack a little, and his energy was not chaotic first, so that the power of his claw had not erupted, and he was 30% weaker!

"Damn, this strange state of chaos still exists in my body?" Fei Anxing scolded in his heart.

This strange scene was only noticed by monster-level geniuses ranked within two thousand!

Jian Qingcheng said indifferently: "It seems that Lin Chen still has a hand, and Fei Anxing may no longer be his opponent."

The blow came out. If he didn't fight it out, it would be Fei Anxing himself! Only come out hard!

The dark fighting spirit of the swift and violent dark dance flew from the dark claws of Fei Xingxing, and turned into a huge black claw.

Even though the power was reduced by 30%, this blow still exceeded the boundaries of the war emperor and reached a blow comparable to that of the sage!

Undoubtedly, this is Fei Anxing's Orange Order Exercise Method! The awesome knowledge at the bottom of the pressure box, combined with the power of the alien crystal, can be said to be far beyond the realm of the war emperor, and even the saint who opens a holy cave must face it seriously!

Where Thunderclaw passed, the thunder was tremendous, and the space was distorted, and he ran to his head!

Brush ~!

[Consume 500 high-level rune energy, launch 6 levels of slow runes.

A gray-white rung is broken in the moment of condensing the space, Lin Chen's slow rune can't stop Fei Anxing's attack!

However, it has weakened his "Abyssal Crying Blood Claw" once again, which is Lin Chen's intention!

"It's you who is dead! Jingyue is the god!"

Lin Chen laughed heartily, and continued to launch "Limited Return", his hands suddenly waved the knife diagonally, and the tip of the knife broke out the moonlight of the brilliant moon pole star, which turned into a swift chopping mang and opened the sky, only between the moonlights!

Buzz~! The moonlight trembled, and the moonlight was cut into five, and the overbearing cut was on the dark claw!

Tear ~! boom! boom! boom!

The dark claws exploded in the sky, overflowing with light water moonlight and dark fighting spirit, constantly bursting!

A light and dark energy storm enveloped the dragon platform, but two moonlights cut the energy storm but tore the energy storm, and flew to the direction of Fei Anxing with extra strength!


Fei Anxing was shocked, his body suddenly retreated, and the dark night cloak waved through the layers of darkness to block Lin Chen's two bets!

[Trigger torn talent, has torn the enemy's defense.

System light screen, a faint flash of moonlight split the curtain, suddenly hit Fei Anxing in the chest!

Sigh~! Click~

There was a crack in the soft armor on his chest, and his armor actually cracked! 30% of the penetration power penetrates the body, Fei Anxing spit out a large piece of dark red blood!

"It's not over yet,"

In Lin Chen's eyes, he was full of anger, pushing with one hand, but it was another slow rune to suppress it. This time with 800 full rune energy, the injured Fei Anxing was blocked and the movement was slow, and the action was temporarily slow. !

Lin Chen then changed the bow with a knife, and the bow shot flared up the sky and continued to slam into Fei Anxing's body!

Like the arrows of the storm and the time of the bombardment, Lin Chens pure power now has much more lethal power than before, and the blasted war arrows are far more powerful than before. In addition, the power of the light robbery and fighting power soared, and hundreds of arrows were shot in one breath. feather!

[Lets launch a deadly bloodthirsty talent...]

[Trigger passive talent: tear, attack.

[Trigger Passive Talent: Super Chaos...]

Bang~! Fei Anxing didn't even have time to scream, but was shot into pieces by Lin Chen alive, exploded all over, and set off the dark shadows of the sky!

The geniuses outside the field were dumbfounded.

"Lin Chen won?"

"Shoot... burst!"

"Fei Anxing was shot by Lin Chen!"

"It's too cruel, he actually used several kinds of attacking holy weapons and orange-level combat skills in turn, but there was no defensive holy weapon!"

The fabulous genius of the Southern Territory, Fei Anxing, who is enough to confront the saints and comparable to the end of the demon list ten million years ago, ended with such a bleak ending!

Originally, Fei Anxing was able to last longer.

He holds a variety of life-saving holy tools, even if the first move is invincible, he can regroup.

Without the strength of the sage, it is impossible to take away the lives of such talents as Fei Anxing!

After Lin Chens many passive talents were triggered in turns, Fei Anxing was blocked again, trapped in a state of chaos, and urged the Alien Crystal Force, which caused a serious loss of fighting spirit.

The superposition of multiple factors led to a great loss of his combat power. He was attacked like Lin Chen. The armor he wore was also triggered by Lin Chen's "tearing talent" and fragmented. There was no chance to resist!

Lin Chen's style of play was completely towards his weaknesses, taking advantage of his illness and chasing after victory! Play the strongest offensive when he is the weakest!

Throughout the audience, Fei Anxing's strength is enough to rank in the top 50. If he does not meet Lin Chen or some geniuses who are also in the top 2,000, he will definitely pass this level!

"This guy is really hard to deal with. If I hadn't got a new quasi-orange talent, I really had to spend more tricks to clean up him. Slow runes can kill him..."

Lin Chen exhaled, and his slow rune effect had to be used during the sneak attack to reap the best results.

On the premise that the opponent anticipates and takes precautions, the slow rune does not have much effect on the Holy Land or the strong men comparable to the Holy Land.

Whether it was the saint who repulsed outside the Bingxin Palace or the quadruple chase in the holy realm of the Hongtian Temple, the slow runes used by Lin Chen were only able to work wonders under the premise that the other party was unexpected.

When the enemy is alert, the effect of the slow rune will be greatly weakened, and the strength ready to burst can break through the constraints.

In this case, if you want to block the opponent for a longer time, you must consume a higher value of rune energy.

"I don't know how my super chaotic talent will affect the sage..." Lin Chen thought back, thinking.

As soon as Fei Tianxing died, the dark crystals in his body exploded completely as the flesh exploded, and scattered the attribute light balls!

Lin Chen took all the orders and collected all the hundreds of attribute light **** and the three orange crystal treasure chests that were dropped.

[Gain 400 Dark Energy, 1999 Advanced Blood, 381 Dark Energy, 100 Talent Points, 95 Rune Energy, 10,000 Strengthening Points...]

[Open three orange crystal treasure chests, get: 800,000 strengthening points, 800 points of advanced skills.