My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1098

Vol 5 Chapter 1098: The Final Round Of The Life And Death Round

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Chapter 1098

"Unfortunately, after refining the complete inferior crystal, the energy returns to the host, even killing the opponent will only break the crystal, unless I have the fourfold cultivation of the saint, and can absolutely crush Fei Tianxing, together Only by drawing out his blood, the source of war energy and the abnormal crystal, it is possible to maintain the complete abnormal crystal, otherwise there is no possibility of retention..."

It was a pity in Lin Chen's heart that after the inferior crystal was refined, the crystal and the origin of the fighting spirit were in one vein. Even if the host was killed, it would not be possible to obtain the crystal.

Fortunately, Lin Chen has a pick-up system. This time he harvested all high-quality high-level dark light balls!

Can't get a complete alien crystal, but somehow gained 20800 dark energy!

Lin Chen's advanced dark energy has reached 28680 points! Become the second only after the light robbery war body!

Lin Chen took away Fei Anxing's incomplete sacrificial device and Nahua, Lin Chen easily opened Nahua.

At the next moment, Lin Chen's expression appeared ecstatic!

"In Fei Anxing's ring, there is still a complete inferior dark crystal!"

What a profit!

This inferior dark anomaly may be Fei Anxing who wants to step into the holy realm and then refine it, and at the same time control two dark anomalies, it must be far stronger than the holy realm of the same level.

Unexpectedly, Chen Chen is cheap!

Lin Chen licked his tongue excitedly.

"Those geniuses with alien crystals can't get a complete alien crystal, but if they can kill super geniuses that refine the alien crystal, I can get a lot of attribute light balls. This battle is not lost!"

Lin Chen's eyes are on the top 5,000 super geniuses. Among these guys, the guys with higher rankings are not the only ones who have refined and refined products!

Those who have been swept by Lin Chen's eyes are all in a chill!

Very few 2,000 geniuses remember Lin Chen's tricks and cards.

If they meet Lin Chen in the next round, it is undoubtedly a dead fight for them.

Only Jian Qingcheng, from the beginning to the end, was in a state of unwavering surprise, and even a little frown, seemed to feel disappointed with Lin Chen's combat power!

Lin Chen is the number one at the bottom of the ranking. After killing Fei Darkstar, his ranking suddenly rose to 1910!

The genius list is ranked 1910, and the gods are under Lin Chen!

The life-and-death reincarnation continues. After the first round of battle, everyones jade card is lit and a new number is obtained, which does not let people rest. If there is rest time in the order of the first round, But the ranking is completely random.

Lin Chen's avatar Zhende Shuai was drawn to No. 76, the first batch to play, the opponent is a ruthless antique.

Zhendexiu won No. 66 and was also the first batch to play. The opponent was a genius ranked 5800, with a greater chance of winning.

Lin Chen himself was more dramatic, with the jade brand shown as number 13, which was actually the first batch to come to power.

Lin Chen, who jumped directly to the dragon platform according to the ranking, settled, and then looked at his opponent, Lin Chen almost laughed!

His opposite, turned out to be Zhao Tiankun, the grandson of Zhao, who ranked more than 4,000!

Zhao Tiankun was dumbfounded!

Why did this **** get this plague god!

"Ha ha ha ha! Grandpa Zhao, Grandpa Zhao, I didn't have time to cook you before, but I met in the reincarnation race."

Lin Chen laughed loudly and walked towards Zhao Tiankun with his sleeves rolled up. He said with a bad smile: "Relax, Master Zhao, you siege me before and attacked me. I'm definitely not an accountant. After all, I'm a good person, just this As soon as the reincarnation race comes to power, there will be life and death. I will let you die without pain."

Zhao Tiankun gritted his teeth: "Whoever kills the deer is not necessarily enough!"

Lin sighed with emotion.

Thanks to Gong Gongzi for sending the attribute value of the lower grade special crystal advanced soil system, Lin accepted it!


Outside the funeral sacred mountain range, when the parties obtained more information.

"What? You said that the woman of the Demon Race was protected by Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club!"

"How dare this child protect the witch?"

"He is not going to be hostile to the holy world's human race? Find death!"

The sages with the strongest breath in the void are furious!


Suddenly, the space vibrated, a ridiculous laughter echoed from the sky, the space was distorted, and the clouds shattered!

Some saints who were repaired to low levels were shocked by the eardrums. Some saints who were too late to protect their own five-robber warlord, dozens of old antiques that were repaired by the five-robbery were shattered on the spot with laughter!

The saints of all forces are frightened. What is sacred in the end, dare to release their breath to hurt them!

Ao Qingyan quickly released a light barrier, covering everyone, and everyone was not hurt.

"Interesting, a bit interesting. Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club, if you come out today, I will let you die very rhythmically."

Everyone looked down on the sound, and tens of thousands of feet above the sky, slowly walked out of a handsome and handsome young man.

His cold pupil is like a knife, his facial features are picturesque, his eyebrows are red, he is wearing a three-foot red sword, no sheath and no flowers. The roulette-like sword light spins like a new crescent moon.

The arrogance of ignoring the world and the living beings hangs between the young men and women!

The faces of those Xeon saints who had previously chased Luo Yaoer changed slightly!

"Devil's Demon List's Demon List! Xiaojing, known as the sword by the gods, Xiao Jing with a sword!"

Sword Saint Wizards of the Monster List of Peerless Gate!

"He actually came here..."

"Is it for Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club? Is there any holiday between them..."

"The situation is getting more and more chaotic, even the sword saints of the monster list are coming!"

The forces of all parties were shocked and horrified. The forces that had been lost before were dare to speak out!

Every terrifying talent on the list of evil spirits is extremely huge, and it is not that the forces present can easily provoke!

Not to mention the death of a few emperors, even if they died a few saints, no one dared to question the people of the demon list!

"Look! The ranking of the Genius List has started to change again!"

Some of the forces of all parties exclaimed!

The gold list flashed golden light, and a golden light flashed up!

The bleak name of the genius list can be called catastrophe. A super genius who has achieved a legend in the thirty-six domain has begun to fall in hundreds, and he can teach everyone to numb the scalp!

The heritage of the Holy King is really crazy!

Among those changing names, a golden light is particularly obvious, which has soared from thousands of names to thousands of names!

"Dark Horse Club; Heavenly God, Lin Chen, ranked 1910 in the genius list!"

Everyone's face is especially wonderful!


[Get 134 points of advanced soil energy, 99 points of intermediate talent, 225 points of advanced soil energy, 100 points of advanced rune energy, 90 points of spiritual power...]

[Open two orange crystal treasure chests and gain: 300 earth energy and 200 spiritual power.

Lin Chen killed Zhao Tiankun in less than half a quarter of an hour and exploded the soil crystals on him.

After that, Lin Chen gained a total of 22,700 points of advanced soil energy, and the attribute value rose again, and the advanced soil energy broke through the 33,000 point mark!

It was another day and two nights. The second round of life-and-death reincarnation was more fierce. There were only more than 700 people left in the remaining geniuses, and only 91 people left in the old antiques. All of them were ruthless characters!

cruel! Extremely cruel selection!