My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1099

Vol 5 Chapter 1099: The Most Powerful Showdown

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Chapter 1099

On this day and two nights, the top talents of the Holy Realm died again! It is equivalent to dying hundreds of saints in the future!

But the ones who survived, whether it is the heritage or combat experience, talent, are all strong hands in genius, hard characters!

"Well, a lot of genius has emerged in this round of competition, and finally reached the third round. In view of the fact that the third round did not reach 900 people, there will be less than 500 places if fully played, so there will be some by-pass places. Those who arrive in the by-pass can directly clear the second pass, get rewards and advance to the third pass. If two 00s are drawn later, they will get the by-pass quota!"

Haotian Shengwang's voice made everyone's blood boil, even there was a by-pass list!

As long as you get the bye quota, you don't have to go through a life and death battle!

Brush ~!

A stream of light poured into everyone's jade card, everyone looked at it, some people were happy and some were worried!

"I got a bye quota! Hahaha!"

A super genius in the top 5000 shouted excitedly!

Surprisingly, Lin Chen's Zhende show and Zhende handsome avatar all got the bye quota! Go straight through the second level!

There were also Yan Wuxie, the ghost-faced grey robe who assassinated Lin Chen, and the indifferent man who had just entered the mountain range and noticed the use of the "congenital shadow trick".

In the end, it is a minority to obtain the bye quota, and Lin Chens Zijin pupil can clearly see the jade number of most people after a little activation.

Most of those who have won the quotas are people with great potential. Even if the ranking of the genius list is not the top level, it is also the youngest.

As for those old antiques, no one has ever obtained the bye quota!

"It seems that this Haotian Saint King is not stupid, he is planning to focus on screening his target, then I should also get... eh?"

Lin Chen's jade card is not 00! It's 01!

His is the third round of the life and death round, the first to play!

"This Haotian Saint King is not going to target me? Or is it something else?"

Lin Chen thought of different thoughts in his mind, and then withdrew his emotions: "Well, no matter who the opponent is, you have to fight!"

Lin Chen jumped into the dragon platform.

Everyone was curious when he saw that he was the number one.

Who is Lin Chens opponent?

The bright red robe floated across the void, and the fierce sword momentum shocked the swords of all the swordsmen present. They wanted to break out of the sheath and worship in a certain direction!

The pupils of the monster geniuses who were ranked in the top 2,000 were trembling!

Even Lin Chen showed an unprecedented dignity, like an enemy.

The woman standing in front of him is Jian Qingcheng!

Sword Realm is the strongest genius in the contemporary era, invincible hand under the swordmaster, claiming that the sword can be drawn against the heaven to kill the holy, stand sanctified, peerless evil!

Everyone was stunned!

Lin Chen and Jian Qingcheng, is actually the third round of the initial battle, which is the battle of life and death?

"My mother, Lin Chen and Jian Qingcheng meet!"

"This woman is not an ordinary strong. She has not played dozens of rounds with the saints, but a handful of warlords who can really compete with the saints throughout the ages!"

"Lin Chen must lose nothing! This woman is invincible in her contemporary sword domain, and the sword is all over the sky!"

"In the second round just now, Liu Wanlei, who ranked 4740, did not even follow her finger! This woman is not a five-robber warlord at all, and is infinitely close to the existence of the saint!"

Some geniuses called monsters swallowed saliva. This battle cant be distracted!

Jian Qingcheng's talent is high, and the ancient saints have already commented on it. This woman has the resources of the contemporary demon list, and she can be calm in the face of the temptation of sanctification, just for the ultimate pursuit of kendo.

Almost no one will be optimistic about Lin Chen. Everyone's concern is only whether Lin Chen can force Jian Qingcheng to pull out that supreme sword!

"I can't think of it. I will fight you in the end, but as long as you are not sanctified, my probability will never be zero."

Lin Chen smiled easily and freely.

Killing Fei Anxing and Zhao Tiankun, Lin Chens elemental attribute value skyrocketed by tens of thousands of points, and the power of Jiujiaoxing has risen, and may not be an opponent of Jian Qing City!

Jian Qingcheng said indifferently: "I am looking for many areas, which are not available for the enemy who draws the sword. If you can let me draw the sword, I will be very happy. I know that your level is far more than the surface. Take out you Come true!"

Bang ~~!

Jian Qingcheng's whole body is shining brightly and colorfully, like a fairy outside the heavens, his eyebrows are picturesque, but he is brewing an earth-shaking sharp edge!

Click~ Click~ Click~!

Longtai, enough to withstand the heavy attack of the saints, was shocked by the sharp edge of Jian Qingcheng!

"Unlike the last time when Yan Wuxie besieged me, she started to use her mind! This sense of oppression is not the orange-order mindset that other geniuses have only practiced part of. !"

Lin Chen gritted his teeth, the strongest light robbery combat body hard to support this pressure, the whole body flowed with the spirit of Yutiangengjin, +15 half orange rank defensive combat blessing, Lin Chen's face was slightly better!

"Lin Chen, don't let me down."

The lady lifted her slim fingers and flicked her hands.

Tear ~!

Broken brocade-like sound of air tears, thin hair-like scar marks across the void, Lin Chen's eightfold changes and the ultimate moment instantly cover the whole body, fighting spirit erupts, stepping on the dragon and flashing to the side!

Brush ~! Just avoiding the sword light, the Yu Tiangeng Jin Qi flowing through Lin Chens body surface cracked like paper, almost cutting his kidney!

Lin Chen's scalp felt numb: "What an outrageous sword spirit, concentrating the fighting spirit to the extreme, and cutting it to the extreme speed. There is no bells and whistles, only the extreme sharpness!"

Lin Chen took out the Azure Royal Thunder Bow and shot the bow at a rapid speed.

The orbit of its arrows is unpredictable, either as straight as a meteor shoots, or as a meandering dragon snake, with hidden edges and vigorous energy!

There are some arrows, which are divided into five when lasing out. The momentum is fast, which makes many geniuses look dignified!

However, when all the arrows of light approached the sword allure, they were shrouded and shattered by an invisible sword gas!

Lin Chen's face changed slightly, can't "Jiguang Pianyu" with full firepower even near her?

The ten-foot range near her seems to have a layer of invisible sword gas barrier, any attack close to it will be directly shredded!

In the battle of Fei Anxing, Jian Qingcheng couldn't see through Lin Chen's many tricks, but she read'understand'!

Some of Lin Chens special secrets must be hit by the enemy before they can be used. For example, the confusing techniques and the quirky skills that can tear defense are all necessary to focus on the other party before they can be launched!

Then she sword defends the city to defend by attacking directly!

All the attacks shattered decisively before approaching, and blocked Lin Chen's "Talent" to death, there is absolutely no way to do it!