My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1100

Vol 5 Chapter 1100: Lin Chen Vs Jian Qing Cheng

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Chapter 1100: Lin Chen VS Sword Allure

"The response is good."

Jian Qingcheng said faintly, the fibrous fingers swam like ripples, and the countless thin traces of the hair were like light, swimming in the void.

Lin Chen suddenly lifted her spiritual touch to the highest level, Zijin Tong opened, madly flapping the Holy Phoenix wings, pedaling the dragon flash, and avoiding her sword spirit one after another!


After the seemingly unsurprised sword marks were flashed by Lin Chen, when they crashed into the space boundary of Longtai, they seemed to be shaken like a falling meteor, shocking!

When he couldn't avoid it, Lin Chen could only shoot with a bow. When the arrow light and the sword gas collided, the air flow shattered into pieces, and the air flow was as sharp as a blade.

Lin Chen was suppressed in one interview!

Just dodge and resist the attack of Jian Qingcheng, Lin Chen did his best!

"It's a matter of being suppressed..."

"It seems that even the scheming Lin Chen is helpless, this is an absolute power difference suppression!"

"If I switch to me, I'm afraid I can't even hold it for ten rounds. This Lin Chen is still alive and well, so strong..."

"His body style is indeed very strong, but in this way, I am afraid that he will be killed. Such a strong body style will definitely consume a lot."

"Now it depends on whether Lin Chen can make the kind of attack that cannot be evaded before. Only the kind of attack that threatens the saint and cannot be avoided can involve the existence of the series of Jian Qingcheng."

The geniuses held their breath, and the little teacher and sister beside Yan Wuxie barely concealed their hands, and the shocking eyes were blurred!

"This is what Brother said is the strongest, it really is against the sky!"

Lin Chen seized the opportunity, flashed behind Jian Qingcheng, and immediately offered a bright blue moon. Raising his hand was a mirror of the moon and a flash of light!

Unexpectedly, Jian Qingcheng reversed his five fingers and grabbed it, exuding the spirit of the ghost and goddess's destruction, and actually caught Lin Chen's five moonlight beheads!

The faint sword energy after rhyme, like a saw, penetrated Jingyue and sacred the gods, and dared to destroy Lin Chen!

Dang ~!

Lin Chen held the knife and cut it vertically, but his arms were numb by Jian Qi Yu Yun's shock, and the war knife almost came out of his hands. He couldn't help but feel shocked!

His pure power is not what he used to be. He took over the sword of the city, and he almost couldn't hold the knife!

"I don't believe you can hold all the flaws! My body is above you, there are always breakthroughs!"

Lin Chen's body method retreated abruptly again, put away the clear blue moon, and converted into the "Sky Sword".

Lin Chen exploded towards the direction of the Heavenly Spirit Cover of Jian Qing City, and a annihilation broke out. The spiritual impact was divided into five, destroying everything!

Brush ~! Lin Chen flashed to Jian Qingcheng's side, annihilation was just a guise, his intention was the next move!

Lin Chen raised his sword with anger, and it was another sword'Sword Fury Sky'. She held a sword across her attacking dead corner. She was so angry that she blessed the light-robbing fighting spirit. The orange bright white sword rainbow came out horizontally. Divided into five!

Tear ~! Bang~!

With his hands swaying, a tornado-like sword gas storm swallowed Lin Chen's attack, and the spirit storm and orange light sword rainbow shattered at the same time!

Lin Chen was caught off guard and was caught up in the air by the storm. Sword gas crushed all his defenses. Spit blood!

The sword wind swept away, Lin Chen split the storm, and the white light dragon shadow flashed back to the edge of the dragon platform, panting and sweating like rain.

"When man is aiming at the weaknesses and flaws of the enemy, his intention of action will become single, and he will only think about attack flaws, but he will lack flexibility and tactics."

Jian Qingcheng's slim body leaned like a willow, her bright red hair was bundled up, her red robe was curled up, she suddenly smiled, Qing Guo Qingcheng, her smile was like a flower: "Lin Chen, how many flaws do you think I have."

This fairy-like smile stunned many geniuses!

This is powerful and extremely beautiful, admiring and admiring, but it stops, and the heart is desperate!

The flaws that Lin Chen can see will become her intention to induce Lin Chen to attack and become her attack point.

Her beautiful smile is not asking Lin Chen, but telling him a fact.

She swords all over the city, no flaws!

"What a horrible woman, is completely different from the soft-foot shrimp genius I have fought in the past. The mentality, skills, talents, abilities, experience, mood, are far beyond the so-called monster-level genius, this is the real monster! It is the first emperor under the real saint! Today, Lin Chen wants to walk down the dragon platform alive, I am afraid it is not so simple!"

If he cant attack Jian Qing City, he cant trigger the Super Chaos state. He must break this situation!

Dang ~! Lin Chen put Optimus Sword upside down on the ground, took a deep breath, and spread his palms.

All the fighting spirit of Lin Chen began to go to the "Wangguang Alien Crystal". At the same time, his origin of the Nine Tribulation was also rapidly reduced to a minimum limit he could bear!

Around this, Lin Chen's face was still pale!

Brush ~! Buzz~! Buzz~!

Lin Chens palms turned the nine-color starlight, rotating like a roulette, under the gorgeous, beautiful, shining, and dazzling beauty of the galaxy, the devastating fluctuations that overflowed made everyone on the scene change color!

Finally, Jian Qingcheng's complexion appeared a little serious, and he smiled.

"Are you finally willing to show your full strength."

Lin Chen's face was pale and he smiled wildly: "I have never tried this trick, enough to be worthy of you!"

Lin Chen, two "Nine Tribulations" must be used at once!

This is the strongest trick he can use for the first time after he can use Jiujiao stars twice a day!

This is the ultimate ace he can play at this stage!

Just maintaining the energy that condenses the origin of the Nine Tribulation is already the limit!

If this trick is not enough, he can only use the nirvana or accumulate for a long time!


On top of the strong malaria, within the four ancient arrays, a twisted shadow turned into a human form, with a grinning smile.

"Very well, the qualifications of these two young people are very high. As a perfect stand-in for me, only one is enough. The other followers only need to penetrate into the sect, and the collision between geniuses will be born. For more top-notch demon, let Ben King see who can be the perfect substitute for Ben King and become the only king of this man-devil! Hahaha!"

The laughter of the human-shaped shadow was extremely cold, it knows nothing, a pair of magic eyes are quietly opening from directly above him, staring at his every move.


In the eyes of everyone, Lin Chen threw the nine-color stars in the palm of his hands to Jian Qingcheng!

This time, the two waves of the Nine Tribulation Stars are also integrated into the power of the'Ring of Light'!

[Consume 201 points of advanced rune energy, launch 6 levels of recharge, rune run, increase power limit: 80%, can play penetration characteristics 5%.

[Spend 298 intermediate talent points, activate the instant light splitting talent.

Buzz~! When the two beams of Jiujiao stars fell, they shuddered and turned into ten Jiujiao stars!

The front end of the starlight is shining with the white aurora, exuding faint runner ripples.

All the geniuses were trembling in their mouths, breathing heavily, and almost scared to pee!

Such a terrible attack, can he be reduced to ten?

Is this still human?