My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1101

Vol 5 Chapter 1101: The Moment Of Victory And Defeat

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Chapter 1101 The moment of victory and defeat!

"Slow rune!"

Lin Chen shouted in his heart, a dozen feet of gray and white grates descended from the sky, the town demon sealed the ghost, condensed the space, only in one breath 1

The space where Jian Qingcheng is located and her own fighting strength suddenly became sluggish.

This slow rune directly consumed 4000 Chen Lin Rune energy!

At this stage, Lin Chen only has a slow rune of more than 22,000 points, and he uses about one-fifth of his rune energy to a war emperor!

The two Xeon Nine Tribulations stars and the slow rune of 4,000 points of energy can be said to bet all on this instant!

Facing Lin Chen's series of trump cards, Jian Qingcheng smiled like a flower and dreamed.

"I finally met an opponent worth my seriousness..."

Sigh~! Boom~~!

Sword Qingcheng's fighting spirit was greatly consumed, and it was injected into the "Alien Crystal" in her Jade Mountain, under the blazing light, the "Alien Crystal Power" was launched!

His delicate body is like a thousand swords, and the sharp edge of the air pierces the Xiaohan, puncturing the shackles of the slow runes!

In an instant, Jian Qingcheng's hands made a grip shape, and an energy sword with a red-colored fighting spirit emerged from her palm.

She still didn't pull the sword behind her. She took the energy sword and cut it across the sky, breathing through the sky, Changhong through the sun, chopping stars and breaking the moon!

Tear ~! laugh! laugh! laugh! Bang ~!

The sword light exploded in madness, and ten pillars of destructive light beams spun up in the sky. The spilled destruction energy fluctuations and the sword gas smashed continuously ejected, reverberating on the surface of the space boundary, causing a ripple.

Then, the ten pillars of light merged into one, huge in size, like a nine-color divine light, which opened up the scope of the space boundary, and it was shocked that the space boundary cracked like a cobweb-like crack.

Actually, the space enchantment of Longtai has been cracked!

The geniuses were horrified, and they wanted to use their body methods to retreat!

However, the space boundary is quickly repaired and will not be devastated.

Even Lin Chen had to step on the dragon flash to retreat, step on the dragon flash to the edge of the dragon platform, and continue to take Long Qingguo, as well as the few glass bodhi, quickly heal the injury.

The ghost-faced gray robe outside the court had a dignified expression, and the expression of indifference and abruptness also showed a bit of horror!

The last time he attacked Lin Chen, if Lin Chen used this powerful trick, he would definitely die, and he would not even have scum!

This time the power is at least several times stronger than before and even close to ten times!

"My power runes and penetration runes have less and less bonus to the Nine Tribulation Stars. If one day the two major attack runes can no longer bless its power, it proves that it has reached an orange level. The category of combat skills! I created an orange-order combat skills, which is awesome."

Seeing this power, Lin Chen was excited.

"Nine Tribulation Stars" uses Lin Chen's Nine Tribulation Origin as the core energy. If it is compared to orange-level combat skills, it will be better than the same level of combat skills!

The nine-color beam of light lasted dozens of breaths before dissipating. Lin Chen took this time to use "Extreme Return" wildly, and his fighting spirit was restored to nearly 70%, but he was no longer able to use the Jiujiao Star.

[Trigger super chaotic talent.

At this time, when the system popped up the light screen, Lin Chen immediately chose to launch, holding the gun and preparing to kill it!

When the smoke and the aftermath of energy spread, a crackling sound burst!

Sigh~! Tear ~!

A sword of light and magic moves, plowing the ground, tearing the ground of the dragon platform like tearing paste, and attacking Lin Chen brazenly!

Lin Chen lifted the phoenix gun obliquely and chopped out the "Yutian" edge of the instant light split!

Gengjin Qimang is divided into five. Jianguang cuts off Gengjin Qimang. When Jianguang breaks, it will still turn into a violent wind and rain to Lin Chen!

This forced Lin Chen to rotate the gun body with one hand at a very fast speed, and danced a blast of wind. The air of Gengjin Yutian flowed all over the body, and the jade-like sword light shattered!

Lin Chen's arms were tingling, and the corners of his mouth were slightly twitching: "Well, the power is not reduced, will it be so scary..."

The wolf smoke slowly walked out of the slender and slender figure, and the lady slammed the red skirt with her sword, throwing her slender hands, and said indifferently: "Is this the technique that caused Fei Anxing to fall? Even my palms are a bit obedient, Sure enough, but as long as I have an idea, I will be able to exert most of my strength, or can you let my whole body and even my consciousness fall into chaos?"

Jian Qingcheng's robe was slightly broken, exposing sheep's fat-like slender white jade legs, hairpins fell, bright red long hair scattered around the waist, except for a slight reduction in breath, there was almost no substantial damage!

The geniuses who witnessed this moment, their expressions were extremely dignified, and there was even a creepy chill in their hearts!

This woman may be the most terrifying peer of their life!

Faced with ten nine-robbed stars, their geniuses were able to take over without dying, no more than five fingers!

Lin Chen is by no means weak, but Jian Qingcheng, too strong! Stronger than normal!

"Lin Chen fell...I don't think he can use the same tricks as before."

"This sword allure is completely equivalent to a saint. Lin Chen can force her to use the power of alien crystal to resist, which is already an extremely proud record!"

"Unfortunately, this is a life-and-death reincarnation battle. It is only possible if one side falls down..."

"Although Lin Chen is full of tricks, it is undeniable that Ben Shao has a bit of a pity for his talents. If he can be allowed to practice for another hundred years, there may be a little life."

The geniuses shook their heads, and almost no one liked Lin Chen!

The demon clan Luo Yaoer on the top of the mountain, the cool and charming beauty under the cloak appeared a little hesitation.

Even she did not think that Lin Chen could get past this level!

On the dragon platform, Lin Chen tampered with the gun body.

"A super-chaotic state, just let her right hand lose temporary control, and there is no substantial help, unless it is launched dozens of times of super-chaotic..."

By the side of Jian Qingcheng, the layers of the nimble and swimming sword curtain still exist. There are still countless sword qi wandering and cutting in the ten-foot space near her. It is not an ordinary attack that can be approached!

"Lin Chen, you are very strong, and it is worth my sword! I look forward to your strength being stronger than before!"


With a whisper of dragons, the geniuses watching the battle were shocking!

"Jian Qingcheng is about to draw a sword..."

Yan Wuxie's eyes stared sharply at the sword front behind Jian Qingcheng, "Are you finally coming, the strongest sword!"

"I only have the last four Blue Order advanced nirvana, it seems I can only gamble!"

When Lin Chen wanted to sacrifice his nirvana and Jian Qingcheng in a final battle, suddenly, a brand new and complete memory was transferred to his mind. Although it was the first contact, he was very familiar, as if engraved in the spiritual consciousness.

Lin Chen's eyes emerged in a moment of absent-mindedness, murmured dreamily.

"Seize the five spirits of Chaos and enlighten the Nine Tribulation of Emperor Qiankun. The reincarnation of life and death, the eternity of the first Tai..."