My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1102

Vol 5 Chapter 1102: The Strongest War Emperor Showdown

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At this moment, a brand-new change has emerged in the position of "Nine Disaster Wheel" in Lin Chen's body!

Jian Qingcheng held the blood-red hilt behind him, and every inch he pulled out, an inch of dazzling red light appeared, turning the world into a red sky!

"Lin Chen, take the sword!"

The gleaming red light sword rainbow abruptly crossed from the blood sword, slashing Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's eyes were momentarily distracted, and in a short time he came back to his mind, the sword flashed, and he stood with a knife.

Lin Chen, who holds the Azure Blue Moon, laughs in heaven!

"Come on well! You also took me a knife!"

Brush ~!

An extremely dazzling moonlight gleaming out of Lin Chen's hands, this knife, as bright as a mirror, as bright as the moon, is approaching its extreme!

The only difference from the past is that this knife is a fusion of Lin Chen's nine kinds of Heavenly Tribulation Warfare, no longer one or two warfare!

One sword at a time, a crash!

boom! boom!

The entire Dragon Terrace is like a hurricane, and the world is overturned! There was a shocking rift giant slit from beginning to end!

Both sides retreated!

Lin Chen retreated eight steps, Jian Qingcheng retreated six steps!

However, the trace of the latter's pace is even heavier!

All geniuses are dumbfounded!

This time, Lin Chen did not use the trick of one in five!

However, he took the sword from Jian Qingcheng!

Jian Qingcheng suddenly looked at Lin Chen, shocked, surprised, and more, it was a surprise!

The blown and delicate cheeks showed a mysterious flush, and Jian Qingcheng, who had always been indifferent to the extreme, was like an intoxicated dream.

"Ah... this is this, this is this! This is what I am after!"

The genius of all the players off the court is awkward. What is the situation?

Bang ~~!

Lin Chen's head suddenly rolled up an orange-red tornado vortex, like a hurricane, like a storm, getting bigger and bigger!

In the storm that covered the sky and sun, an illusory back was turned into reality. After the hands of the'man' were lost, the hair was light and the shawl of long hair was not real, but it seemed to exude the belief that he would rule the world and the world. Even Haotian Saint King's idea lurking in the miasma was moved!

"What kind of mindwork is this? Ben Wang has never seen this orange-order mindwork?"

The geniuses swallowed hard and shuddered.

"This...this is a vision of practicing the Orange Rank Mind!"

"I have personally witnessed the moment when Brother Brother successfully practiced the Orange Rank Mindset. Lin Chens vision is more than ten times more terrifying than my Brother! What the **** is the Orange Rank Mindset!"

"Wait a minute! Did Lin Chen use the mind below the orange rank to fight before? He is so strong, hasn't he used the orange rank before?"

"No, the mental method he used before may not be the orange level, but he already has the power of the orange level. The orange level mental method he successfully cultivated this time is stronger than his previous mental methods by countless grades!"

Even monster-level geniuses are shocked!

Lin Chen gave them a sense of oppression, more and more equal to Jian Qingcheng!

Lin Chens pupils slowly changed into oranges and reds, and the nine-robber fighting spirit in his body was refreshed. Not only did he return to the heyday, he also reached an unprecedented height!

The system light screen pops up.

[The host practiced "Creative Nine Tribulation" advanced mental method "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" successfully, the training progress: 60%.

[The host has practiced advanced mentality, "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" automatically inherits +15 "Genesis Nine Tribulation" enhanced base level increase.

[Advanced fire energy: 12500 points 510% = 63750 points.

[Advanced soil energy: 33560 points510%=171156 points.

[Advanced wood energy...]

[Advanced optical system energy: 70050 points510%=357255 points.

[Advanced Dark System Energy: 28680 points510%=146268 points.

[Advanced Elemental Energy: 63750 points in the fire system, 171156 points in the soil system, 52020 points in the wood system, 51662 points in the gold system, 52658 points in the water system, 50550 points in the thunder system, 52410 points in the wind system, 357255 points in the light system, and 146268 points in the dark system.

All the attribute values of Lin Chen's elements have been quadrupled!

Lin Chens creation of the Nine Tribulation did not become stronger, only because the previous enhancement level increase was transformed into the mental foundation of Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju.

Strictly speaking, the value of the advanced element attribute value obtained by Lin Chen is 5.1 times. [+15 Mind Strengthening is an additional boost of 410%, and 100% is the foundation of itself.

However, if these attribute values become the basis of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue", the power of the mind will be raised to a terrifying level!

This can be even scarier than quadrupling the element attribute value!

Amazingly, at this time, Lin Chen, there was a gray and misty space in the center of the Nine Kill Wheel.

Only Lin Chen can see this space, and no strong man can find it by scanning his body.

In the gray and misty space, there is a huge Nine Kill Wheel!

["Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue", the origin of the Hongmeng universe period, the beginning of heaven and earth, the birth of time and space. Take the five spirits of the chaos and enlighten the nine robbers of the universe. Reverse the cycle of life and death, open the eternity of Taiyi. Undying and immortal, Futian forever...Practice this mentality, you can get Futian will, overriding heaven and earth, overriding gods...]

After reading the tips of the mind method in an instant, Lin Chens heart was extremely clear, but still shocked!

This "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" mentality is to use "Creating Nine Tribulation" to develop "Tai Yi Time and Space" from his own Nine Tribulation Life Wheel or Nine Tribulation Holy Spirit!

This Taiyi Time and Space is an existence above the gods and the heavens and the earth!

If the development of "Taiyi Space Time" succeeds, all the power held by the host can be created!

In short: The strength Lin Chen possesses will also be possessed by Taiyi Space-Time.

This is for example: if Lin Chen is the saint who opened the five holy caves, then after he cultivated Tai Yi space-time in his body, there will be five more holy caves in Tai Yi space-time!

This is equivalent to Lin Chens double "Holy Cave" more than the usual Holy Land!

Even Lin Chen was shocked and dizzy!

This "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju" is unmatched!

By the same token, Lin Chen now has two "nine robbery wheels" and his nine robbery roots are two regiments!

Lin Chen had just consumed the origin of the Nine Tribulation. The Life of the Nine Tribulation was exhausted, but now he is reborn.

Because he is using the nine robbery wheels in "Taiyi Space-Time", the two are reversed, and Lin Chen's power has returned to its heyday!

Lin Chen's strength has more than quadrupled!

Just now, even instantaneous light splitting was useless, Lin Chen took over the sword of Jian Qingcheng!

Without self-cultivation into "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue", Jian Qingcheng can beat him with one hand!

Choke~! Bang ~!

Lin Chen couldn't help but close his eyes, intoxicated.

Goodbye! The difference between the strength and the previous self is a real difference!

What a marvellous sense of rapid advancement but incomparably firm control of power.

"The ultimate moment talent is no longer applicable to the orange-order mind, although it is a pity, but this feeling is so wonderful..."

Even in the face of genuine saints, Lin Chen dared to fight completely!

The opposite Jian Qingcheng saw Lin Chen's momentum rising, he couldn't help but caress his blood sword, and clamped the jade legs like a fanaticism, cherry lips lightly opened, revealing the snowy white jade teeth, intoxicated and crazy.

"Lin Chen, I'm so happy... You make me so happy! Use your knife quickly, and then continue to force me! Fast! I want you, I want you to show more strength!"

"Want me? I'm very lasting." Lin Chen smirked.