My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1103

Vol 5 Chapter 1103: And Finally Ended

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With a knife in hand, Lin Chen's domineering hurricane, and the silver robe without wind automatically!

Jian Qingcheng, like the idiot who found a beautiful boy, was intoxicated and confused.

Lin Chen held the knife in an instant, and cut it diagonally, the moonlight shone to the sky!

Sigh~! boom!

The sword and light swords of the two men covered the entire dragon stage, fast and strange! It's almost extreme!

Innumerable afterimage sword winds, shining brightly like the moon's divine light, collided with the layers of red glowing sword-like swordsmanship!

A real blow! The geniuses were dazzled and could not see where they were!

[Trigger passive talent: tear...]

[Trigger Passive Talent: Super Chaos...]

When Lin Chen was running the "Yu Tian Geng Jin Qi" body protection again, the sharp sword qi that diffused within ten feet of the side of Jian Qing City could no longer easily break through his defense!

The aftermath of Jianfeng Daogang is like a continuous explosion. The two fight from the sky to the dragon platform, and from the dragon platform to the edge of the enchantment. The space enchantment is shattered to pieces again and again!

"This... this is the speed and destructive power of the Five Tribulation Warlords?"

"Fart! Do you call these two five-robber warlords? This **** is a saint's battle!"

"Even the saint who opened a holy cave may not be able to single out any one of these two. It's too scary. Are these guys really the same age as us..."

"Fighting of the future evil! Undoubtedly, what we are witnessing is the battle between the evils of the future evil ranking!"

Those monster geniuses can't help but be amazed.

After the close combat, Lin Chen's "super chaos" state continued to trigger, forcing Jian Qingcheng to activate her "blood power".

Bang ~~! Jian Qingcheng's bright red long hair became rooty, and a **** mark was drawn at the heart of Xue'e's eyebrows. Her pupils turned crimson, charming and beautiful.

Seeing the appearance of Jian Qingcheng's activated blood, Yan Wuxie's complexion changed dramatically!

"It turns turned out to be so, she wasn't a gift of the Five Ranks of Saint Veins, but...from that place!"

The only person who noticed this detail was Yan Wuxie.

After the bloodline was activated, Jian Qingcheng's strength skyrocketed. Even though Lin Chen's'super chaos' was superimposed nearly ten times, the impact on Jian Qingcheng was still weak, so that she could still play more than 90% of her strength.

A large part of this depends on Jian Qingcheng's will and skill. As she said, as long as she has a hint of thought, she can exert most of her strength.

In terms of hard power, Lin Chen and Jian Qingcheng are still slightly worse. This is due to the gap between experience and blood talent.

But after the mind-blowing surge, Lin Chen's overall strength skyrocketed, as did his body-building speed, making him an advantage in speed, even if he couldn't beat Jian Qing, he could stand undefeated!

Tear ~! Bang~!

After a thousand rounds of fighting, the two collided again, and the two retreated and each settled down.

Jian Qingcheng's cheeks glowed with intoxication, intoxicated way; "Really strong! Lin Chen, you make my sword way more complete, I really like you more and more!"

Lin Chen shrugged and smiled casually. "Yeah, maybe you will prefer it when I draw a gun."

Lin Chen knew that this woman's appearance of'estrus' was entirely due to what she pursued, not herself.

Suddenly, Lin Chen's back froze inexplicably, and the sight in a certain direction seemed to kill him.

"This sword, you must take it, otherwise it will disappoint me."

Jian Qingcheng's cheeks were crimson and charming, and a trace of fanaticism appeared, her bright red long hair fluttering up, she was flying in the sky, the sword intentions were all sent out, the blood sword glowed sharply, and the sword light pointed to Lin Chen!

Sigh~! A large amount of fighting spirit was transported into the special crystal at the position of the chest, and the sword of Jian Qingcheng ignited a **** flame, condensing into a red Changhong with a length of tens of feet.

The sharpness in the blood sword was so shocking that the geniuses could not help but retreat a dozen miles!

Lin Chen changed his sword and changed his bow. He held the bow in his left hand and pulled the Azure Royal Thunder Bow in his right hand. The majestic fighting spirit was injected into the right arm of the light crystal!

"This sword of hers is orange-level swordsmanship, and it fits perfectly with the mind. It should be a swordsmanship that is in line with the mind. The power bonus is very high, plus the power of the alien crystal. I cannot hide the destructive power of the saints in the two holy caves."

Between the electro-optical flint, Lin Chen launched two attacking runes, pulling the string with all his strength, running the meridian route of "Jiguang Film Feather", the battle was vigorously emerged, Lin Chen suddenly released the string, and a spiral rotating Lingyu arrow light shot into the sky!

Wherever I went, I crossed the spiral blaze storm!

Buzz~! The arrow trembles, and it is divided into five!

"Qinghong Afterglow!"

The blood sword was cut, brushed, and the place where Jianhong passed, rolled up the tornado-like diffused afterglow, like a sword from the heavens, like a fairyland like a beautiful sword!

When Jianhong cuts the spiral arrow light storm, all of a sudden bursts of time!


In an instant, the sky collapsed and the torrents collapsed. The vast Longtai was shattered on the spot by a red and white aurora!

Only the space boundary is still strong, not only broken and constantly repaired, the red afterglow and the white blaze continue to spread, like two giant beasts fighting.

Lin Chen and Jian Qingcheng were affected differently, and both failed to escape the area outside the boundary of the Longtai space, and they were rebounded by this powerful attack.

After dozens of breaths, one storm and one white storm slowly disappeared.

The two stood in the void, Lin Chen gasping for breath, bleeding at the corners of his mouth, Jian Qingcheng robe ruptured, showing a large white snow, the breath was weaker than before.

Bang ~!

Sudden change of the situation, Jian Qingcheng's sword holding power changed again, Lin Chen changed his gun from the holy bow, and his whole body of war was rising!

The geniuses watching the war swallowed...

The Dragon Platform, which is enough to withstand the attack of the early saints, has begun to be shattered by these two "warlords"

"What will happen to the end, who will survive these two people..."

"It's terrible. This is the most terrifying battle emperor I have ever seen in my lifetime..."

The ghost-faced gray robe filled with shady murderousness, "It is worthy that the master told the person to deal with it in the first time, and it really is extraordinary. If this son is sanctified, it will be a great threat!"

Everyone had a hunch that when the end of the jade and the burning of stones seemed inevitable, a voice in the void slowly sounded.

"The two contestants of the No. 1 Dragon Platform, the king announced that both of you have passed the life and death rebirth. Previously on the No. 64 Dragon Platform, the two contestants have already died, and both of you can get the quota, no need to Fight for life and death."

The voice of the Holy King Haotian came, and the geniuses were moved by it!

Even the Holy King cherishes the talents and talents of the two of them.

Lin Chen was stunned, and then turned to Jian Qingcheng, his mouth slightly picking up: "Oh, I also think it's good to close this, isn't it."

"Humph!" Jian Qingcheng snorted coldly: "I know you still have a hole card. The kind of unavoidable attack you haven't used yet."

"Don't you still have some tricks, why bother with this, I don't want to fight this kind of meaningless battle." Lin Chen shrugged.

"What kind of battle is meaningful to you." Jian Qingcheng asked, seemingly very interested in Lin Chen.

Someone Lin was stunned, hey smirked: "I have to tell you this before I get to bed."

After talking, Lin Chen jumped and took a dozen attribute light **** dropped by Jian Qingcheng.

"Bed?" Jian Qingcheng stunned for a few breaths before taking a sip.

"Humph! Stinky man."