My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1104

Vol 5 Chapter 1104: The Will Of God

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Lin Chen returned to Xiaoying Ying and Luo Yaoer, who asked seriously: "What is your origin?"

Lin Chen was stunned, and showed his hand to Luo Yao'er: "I don't know. My skill depends on picking it up. No matter what its origin is, I'll talk about it after practice."

Luo Yaoer: "..."


In the violent malaria of the sky, the twisted figure couldn't help but laugh in the sky!

"Hahaha, it seems that this time the harvest is not small, one is the peerless demon from the sword realm of the sword territory, and the other is the cultivation of the mind that this king can't see through. Well, no matter which one, it is suitable to be the king. Its a pity that these two people died. Its up to the king to use their talents!"

In the laughter, a bit of conspicuous brewing!

The battle in the tomb was still going on, and after a day, the final tragic battle was finally over.

Lin Chen and the two avatars passed safely, and finally gathered 500 super geniuses!

Among these people, there are 91 in the genius list, 309 within 5,000, and 100 other than 5,000.

"Well, very good. Next, as long as you pass the third level of this king, you will be awarded with the reward of the second level. At that time, you will have everything you want for an alien crystal, orange-level exercises, alchemy handprints, mental methods! You can rest assured. There will not be any worries about life in the third pass, but it depends on how long you persist, the longer you persist, the richer the rewards!"

The voice of Holy King Haotian made the geniuses look excited!

The third pass is not life-threatening? Prove that Haotian Saint King has valued their lives, should they be valued?

Lin Chen was vigilant. This eight-layer layout design of the old king, I am afraid that the following situation is not so simple.

"The next test, those who want to watch the drama can leave. The king previously gave you a lot of freedom to watch the reincarnation of life and death, but now it is not so simple for you to watch it again, without listening to the advisor, the consequences are at your own risk."

Haotian Shengwang's voice declared.

Some old antiques and geniuses who watched the battle heard, but regretted and sighed, and left.

Lin Chen put the small shadow into the Taoyuan capsule, and then looked at Luo Yaoer.

Luo Yaoer said indifferently: "It's okay, don't worry about me. I'll be fine here if I stay here."

She is the safest because she stays with Lin Chen.

This security is one of psychology and the other of substance.

As Lin Chen guessed, Luo Yao'er has the ability to control him, otherwise, if he takes away the energy of the magic seal...

After someone left, 500 beams of light fell in the sky and entered the person who passed the reincarnation.

call out! call out! call out!

The beam of light merged into their bodies, and everyone's will seemed to be a little bit more.

Brush ~!

As the battle goes round, a tens of feet tall stone rises from the mountain range and breaks out.

The stele envelops a layer of energy enchantment, such as ripple wandering, and the illusory characters are extremely mysterious.

However, the horror is that when everyone looked at it, they found that they could not clearly see the stone inscription on the altar!

No, to be precise, it should be impossible to look directly!

On the stele, there is a strong coercion!

Seeing the stone tablet, Luo Yao'er's body shook and she moved for the first time after entering the tomb for so long!

Luo Yaoer's heart is not good, "He even has this thing, bad..."

What Lin Chen saw made him ecstatic!

Above that stone monument, there is a dazzling golden light flowing!

A golden treasure chest is suspended in the center of the stele!

The treasure chest is faintly golden, simple and unpretentious, filled with an invincible hegemony that dominates the heavens and the world, as if a **** of war was sealed!

Lin Chen was excited.

The treasure chest of the God of War suit!

Haotian Shengwang's voice rang again.

"This is the monument of God, which was obtained by the king in the Holy World at that time. It contains the will of the gods. Ha ha, for you mortals, you may never understand how great the existence of the gods is. Only a ray of will. , Enough to sink into countless mortal planes!"

The voice of Haotian Saint King makes all the geniuses smell!

Is it actually a stele containing the will of God?

"The third hurdle, you have to stay in front of the monument for long enough to get rewards. Those who kneel towards the monument will be free from the suppression of Shenwei, but they will end in failure. Those who insist on a quarter of an hour under Shenwei, may Won the inferior crystal bonus. Those who insist on two quarters of the clock can get one seed of Qiyunling, and those who insist on three quarters of the clock can get one of the orange-level exercises."

"The person who persists for the longest time will get the inheritance of this king!"

This kind of reward instantly made most of the geniuses glow!


Before everyone can react, the energy enchantment of the stele is suddenly lifted!

Bang ~!

"Give your life to God!"

A voice reverberated in everyone's ears, and a will to dominate Jiu Xiao seemed to recover from a deep sleep. He opened his eyes from everyone's heart and released the coercion to suppress the sentient beings!

boom! boom! boom!

With just one breath, more than a dozen geniuses were blasted out and hurriedly prostrate on their knees, sweating like rain!

All geniuses' faces are pale blue, pale, or terrified, or trembling, like a world of stars suppressing their bodies and even their spirits.

They couldn't even raise their heads, let alone look directly at the stone stele!

"This is... the will of the gods!"

"What a great shore, I... I'm about to explode, I can't hold on!"

Geniuses continue to kneel down again!

"How about the true God, Ben Shao fought all the way to fight, how many geniuses and strong men were killed, even the saints were attacked and injured by Ben Shao, the will of a god, see me broke you..."

There are a few geniuses ranked below 2000 who want to rebel against the mighty.

However, the moment he looked up, the endless darkness rushed towards him, he was as if plunged into the vast world, and a pair of galaxy-like eyes popped out of his mind, looking directly at him!

It was a pair of eyes with invincible spirit. He was frightened and almost knelt down!

At that moment, he realized his smallness! In front of God, he is more than ants, it is just the dust under the sand!

What a great and vast existence! How can mortals question and blasphemy!

With a thump, the genius who was called monster level in the 36th domain knelt down!

"I... I actually want to rebel against the great God, I damn... I sin!"

He was so terrified that he rolled his eyes, rolled his eyes, and twitched all over his body, actually urinating pants on the spot!

Among the top 2,000 geniuses in the genius list, which is not the experience of life and death, wit, bathing in blood and great opportunities and being born.

The tenacity of the mind is even more refined!

As the apex of the war emperor, even the saints dare to show a sharp battle, even if they are not enemies, but the heart is the most outstanding existence of all war emperors!

Known as a monster-like apex, who wanted to resist the gods, he knelt down easily and became unconscious!

The face of the genius who ranks close to him changed slightly, this is the end of the attempt to rebel against God!

If it was not a will, but the true God, they would have died hundreds of millions of times!

At this moment, no one dares to attempt to blaspheme against God...

Haotian Shengwang observed the scene in the miasma in the void.

the other side;

Lin Chen's spiritual sense of infinite strength is squeezing and suppressing him!

His flesh and blood are from the inside out, and there seem to be countless swords pierced from inside his body!

In the more terrifying pressure, it seems to arouse the fear of the instinct of life, magnify infinitely, magnify infinitely, like a hand tampering with his heart, the heart will be pinched at any time!

"What about God's will, and I want Lao Tzu to kneel? Am I going to you!"

Lin Chen raised his head and looked directly at the stone stele of the gods, showing the fierce light!

A strong and violent fighting spirit grew from Lin Chen's heart!

Life and death bearish, God is a hair!