My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1105

Vol 5 Chapter 1105: A Man Who Challenges Shenwei

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"Well, there are still a few good seedlings... For my plan, if the will can not resist the will of God a little, it is useless waste, and sanctification is just a stronger ant. It is impossible to enter that. Regional..."

Suddenly, the stone monument of God appeared unexpectedly even the Holy King!

"Uh~! Ah~!"

A scream broke the silence, and it was Luo Yaoer who burst into screams!

Memories of murder and hatred erupted from Luo Yaoer's mind, and the voices of the ancestors echoed in her mind.

"Kill, kill! Kill all human races!"

"It is the gods of the human race that created the demon race. They regard us as playthings, all of them are crazy people, kill these guys!"

It is not the will of God that makes Luo Yaoer suffer, but the memory of the massive ancestors that popped up in his mind!

Many ancestors of the demon clan fell into the hands of the gods of the holy world, and they can be described as extremely resentful to the true **** of the clan. A ray of god's will inspired the hatred engraved in the memory!

Suddenly, the stone stele of God seemed to be aware of it, and there was a burst of suction, trying to attract Luo Yaoer to the past.

There seemed to be an invisible force dragging her to the ground, constantly being pulled over by the stele of the gods.

Her cloak was torn, the blue silk was scattered, her peerless face was revealed, but no one cared about appreciation. Everyone was struggling under the will of the stele of the god.

Luo Yaoer's face covered his head in pain, trying to reach Lin Chen's hand. The trembling jade hand had just been lifted into midair, but he put down his teeth and gritted it.

A force of attraction pulled her all the way, snapped, and finally posted alive on the stone stele!

Boom~! Dozens of geniuses were lifted to the ground, or kneeled and prostrate, or vomited blood and fainted!

The coercion of the stone stele of God has doubled!

This situation, even Haotian Saint King was unexpected!

"Huh? This king actually looked away, this woman was actually a demon clan..."

Holy Heaven King Hao was startled, and then said loudly: "Hahaha, the **** will of the stele of the gods seems to have found something that he hates, the **** power has doubled, so I will reduce your time requirement by half, and hold on. Unexpectedly, it was mixed with a demon clan, interesting..."

As soon as this remark came out, all the geniuses' faces were purple and blue!

Divine power has doubled? Who can stand this!

The doubled divine power can't be counteracted in half the time, exceeding the limit of many people's tolerance!

"Devil Clan? Is that the woman?"

"Damn things! Do you want to bring misfortune to our human race here!"

"Great God, put away your dignity, I can't bear the wrath of mortals..."

"His mother's leg, the demon race is really the most **** race, and it can even affect us here!"

"Scum! A race like rubbish, will be suppressed by Shenwei to death, don't hurt anymore!"

Many geniuses could not raise their heads under the dignity, and roared with their heads down.

The memories of the ancestors shocked my mind again and again, surrounded by lingering insults, the pressure of God like countless ropes strangling his neck, Luo Yaoer's face attached to the stone stele became paler!

"Maybe, one day when I died, that's it..."

Luo Yao'er was relieved.

"Thank you, Lin Chen, let me have a nice dream, the feeling of being carried on the back...not bad..."

As if taken for granted, the beautiful eyes trembled and closed their eyes.

Bang~! !

The earth's veins shattered and was stepped out of a tens of feet. When it collapsed, it became the last straw that overwhelmed many geniuses, and was instantly suppressed by Shenwei to kneel!

"Noisy noisy? Noisy one by one like crazy dogs! Shut up!"

The teenager's furious cold drink calmed the audience!

"This is... that Lin Chen's voice..."

Although everyone could not turn their heads, they heard the master of the voice.

Only a few monster-level days can raise their heads. When they turn and look away, their pupils tremble!

Some geniuses standing near Lin Chen were stunned and their mouths slightly opened!

boom! boom! boom!

The earth shook, Lin Chen stepped towards the stone stele step by step?

He walked under the repression of Shenwei?

Where Lin Chen passed, he rolled up a hurricane of air waves, set off a violent wind, and his coat flew!

Luo Yao'er's beautiful eyes on the stone of the gods tremble, and she walks toward the teenager step by step with her own eyes...

Even if he was pointed by a thousand people, he didn't change his face. Even in the face of Shenwei, he still held his head high.

As if that figure, even the heavens and the earth could not crush him!

Creak~! Creak~! Click! Click!

When Lin Chen walked in front of the Stone Tablet of the God, the bones of the whole body burst out with the sound of bones squeezing!

Within ten feet of the stone tablet of the gods, the divine will is the strongest!

"Humble mortal, you can know the greatness of God, you mortals, but God's playthings, leave!"

The word "retreat" bursts out with a stronger magical power, and it seems that the whole world is twisted and squeezed Lin Chen!

Poof~! Lin Chen's skin at all joints was cracked open, and blood poured out. He bit his tooth root and **** blood, and he once again held back Shenwei!

"God's greatness is about my farts! Want me to kneel? Everyone will, you count as a hair!"

Lin Chen burst into shock, shaking Yunxiao, and Haotian Saint King was moved by it!

All the geniuses have scalp numbness, this kid has war intentions against Shenwei?

A war emperor, has a war intention to God?

However, the nine-robber fighting spirit in Lin Chen's body turned into an automatic operation at this moment!

["Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue", seizes the five spirits of Chaos, and enlightens the Nine Tribulation. Reverse the cycle of life and death, open the eternity of Taiyi. Undying and immortal, Futian eternally survives. To practice this mentality, you must have the will against the sky and the gods before you can inherit the will of Futian, and override the heavens and the earth, and the gods.

[Congratulations to the host! The host's will has perfectly matched the requirements of the current mental cultivation.

When the system light screen popped up, Lin Chen seemed to have taken control of Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue, and his fighting spirit seemed to be "sublimated" as if his arms were waving!

Divine prestige is extremely strong, but the nine robbers in Lin Chen's body are all mobilized, madly running according to the meridian route of "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue", his eyes are red and orange!

"This, this is..." Lin Chen moved, as long as he worked his mind, the oppression brought by Shenwei began to weaken at this time!

Shenwei is indeed powerful, but Lin Chens will has never been subdued. His terrifyingly strong fighting spirit is perfectly combined with Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju!

Practise Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju, you can get the "Fu Tian Will", above the world, above the gods!

Starting from this moment, Lin Chen can't be overwhelmed by the momentum and divine authority alone!

boom! boom! boom!

He walked step by step to the front of the stele of the god, which is the most intense place of god's coercion!

A few geniuses stared at Lin Chen's back, his mouth slightly open.

What does he want...

Lin Chen squeezed his ten fingers with a click, click sound, and a hint of madness smiled from the corner of his mouth.

"I Lin Chen kneels on the ground without kneeling, let alone kneel to God! Get me off!"

Under the eyes of all eyes, Lin Chen threw a fist and smashed it, even violently beating on the stone tablet of God?

Bang~! Bang ~!

The stele burst and broke!

All the geniuses present were suddenly under pressure!

When they looked closely, they all had scalp numbness!


Broken stone stele?

In this world, there are mortals who dare to rebel against the true God!