My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1106

Vol 5 Chapter 1106: The First Emperor

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The stone tablet of the gods is broken, and the geniuses are freed from the torment of the oppression of the gods.

Jian Qingcheng stared staringly at Lin Chen's back and exclaimed from the heart.

"In this world, there are mortals who dare to challenge God... He is just a warlord..."

At this moment, the young boy's back is like Yuanzhu Yuezhi, like the mountains she can't cross in her life.

Jian Qingcheng asked herself, facing the will of God, she could not bear the heart of resistance!

Before God, she is too small! Not to mention walking under Shenwei like Lin Chen, and even challenging the will of God!

In the field of Warlords, Jian Qingcheng has absolute confidence that she can become the first person, but she is convinced today!

"Dare to challenge God, he is really the first emperor of the ages and no match!" Jian Qingcheng murmured softly.

For her evaluation, the monster geniuses behind her are difficult to refute even if they are proud and proud!

They asked themselves, even though they were less than one percent of Lin Chen!

He deserves this achievement!


The Luo Yaoer adsorbed on the stone tablet of the god, all the pressure suddenly disappeared, and slowly dropped, Lin Chen reached out and hugged.

Luo Yao'er was in a trance in Lin Chen's arms, losing the divinity's opposition, the memories of the devil's ancestors slowly disappeared, and she dreamed: "You...saved me..."

Lin Chen was bathed in blood and squeezed a smile: "Hey, save yourself."

Luo Yaoer asked: "Aren't you afraid that I control you?"

"Why don't you want to control me, you may not succeed." Lin Chen smiled, with a very strong fighting spirit in his smile, "I have only believed in people, things are artificial, I firmly believe that my own life will only be held by me In your own hands, although you look beautiful, but I only want to enter the information of the holy prison, other things, I am not interested."

Luo Yao'er Hao teeth nibbled and pursed her lips: "Are you afraid of God?"

Lin Chen shrugged: "I haven't seen the true God again, how do I know, it's just that so-called divine power, and that's it."

Luo Yaoer's body shivered.

The so-called supernatural power is just like that?

He dared to use Warlord Xiu as the intention to kill the Holy King!

He dare to shake the divine power with the strength of the warlord!

Between heaven and earth, there can be a second such bold man...

Luo Yao'er smiled at Lin Chen, who was as charming as a witch and holy as a fairy. The world was so disappointed that Lin Chen was dumbfounded.

"Fool, God is not that simple..."

After the stone tablet of the **** was broken, a golden treasure chest was suspended.

Lin Chen grabbed it.

[Open the treasure chest of the set and get: one of the Golden God of War suits, arm armor connection part right shoulder armor. Set type: absolute strength, extreme attack, ultimate destruction.

The golden light condensed into a golden shoulder armor. The shoulder armor is as cold as a moon, with delicate red gold stripes engraved, and the arm armor part connected to the wrist.

"This time it turned out to be the right shoulder armor! The right arm part of the Ares suit has been collected!"

Lin Chen's heart trembles, and the strength of a wrist brace can be called apocalyptic. What about the shoulder armor?


At this time...


Haotian Shengwang's voice has an undisguised excitement!

"Perfect, too perfect! Ben Wang never thought that there will be such a young man who is against the sky, you are the person who inherits the inheritance of Ben Wang's mantle perfectly, young boy, what is your name."

Lin Chen was neither humble nor overbearing, embracing the outstanding people, and smiled indifferently: "Return to the Holy King, I will not change my name and sit or change my surname, Lin Chen. You will be impressed by this name."

"Lin Chen, good, very good! Even the king can be insulted, and the clouds are light and windy. It is a malleable talent. After so many years, I finally waited for someone who inherited the king! Well, you are a little restless, Your reward will be given by the king at his discretion..."

The Holy King calmed himself down, Lin Chen sneered in his heart, it seems that this guy can't wait anymore...

"I have a way to break through his big formation, but it requires you to attract his body, he will shoot us..."

At this time, Luo Yaoer, who was seriously injured, suddenly whispered to Lin Chen.

Bang ~~! The mountains moved, the crust changed, and an altar slowly rose.

At the center of the altar is a holy stele, which is inscribed with the words of Holy King Haotian, and is the tombstone of the Holy King.

The magic mark on Lin Chen's palm was slightly throbbing! Feel the reaction of magic energy from the tombstone!

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows; did the Holy King's tombstone respond with magic energy?

"It seems that this old guy is completely a calf. What is the battle between the guardian and the demon, everything around him is related to the demon, I am afraid that things were not that simple..."

Lin Chen was disdainful, and he was extremely cruel to this Haotian Saint King!


The malaria in the sky fell down a huge bronze coffin of ten feet, and fell straight onto the altar of the tomb!

Lin Chen suddenly found that the bronze coffin was flowing with a strong attribute light!

"What a strong attribute ray, this is the ray of talent, at least the orange rank talent or fragments are hidden inside!"

Lin Chen was agitated in his heart, and his face was quiet.

"Every tribe, please go to the tombstone and get your reward. Well, let's start with Lin Chen."

Haotian Saint King can't wait.

Lin Chen strode to the tombstone several meters high, striding at the pace that the six relatives did not recognize, and reached out his hand against the stone monument. His thoughts moved, and urged the palm of the "magic seal".

"Huh?" Haotian Shengwang's voice showed a trace of doubt, and the next moment was aghast!

"Boy, what are you doing..."

"I'm your grandma bear, old man! Want to force the coach to yell at me? See who is yin and who is today!" Lin Chen laughed.

The geniuses are shocking, horrified and suspicious?

Is Lin Chen crazy again? Why is it that Haotian Saint King is coming!

"Lin Chen, do you dare to insult Lord Haotian Saint King?"

"Sovereign King is the great sage of my human race, you are so daring!"

Some geniuses who slap the horse immediately recovered and quickly buckled Lin Chen with a lot of top hats.

Lin Chen ignored these noisy guys, and the seal of the palm suddenly burst into violent suction!

Bang ~! A cloud of black smoke exploded, everyone's scalp was numb, and the cold went straight from the soles of the feet to the sky!

"This is, devil qi?"

"How can there be magic energy on the tombstone of Lord Saint King?"

"It's too...too ridiculous! Wouldn't the strong man's tombstone retain the last ray of will. How could such a proud existence like Lord Saint King allow the invasion of magic energy?"

The geniuses receded in horror, and the holy stele had no such prestige as the holy king, and some were just evil spirits like **** and hell, cruel, violent, and full of sky!

"Damn little bastard, how do you have the demon means!"

Haotian Saint King roared angrily, and the terrible Saint King's coercion suddenly broke out, trying to suppress Lin Chen on the spot!

puff! puff! puff!

Most of the geniuses in the field were suppressed by the power of the Holy King and knelt down. Only a few people could barely keep standing.

Lin Chen started to work his mind, his eyes were red and orange, and he was not affected by coercion at all, even with a smile on his face.

The magical qi that is rolling like a mad dragon is absorbed into Lin Chen's palm magic seal, and finally, the magical qi in the tombstone is completely absorbed!

"Damn, this son can be immune to the will of the king!"

Haotian Saint King was badly corrupted, and his voice was full of anger and murderous intention. There was no longer any other kind of vulgarity that taught the world.

Lin Chen's mentality is not afraid of God's will, or is he afraid of a holy king?

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhshs's Hawk, if you were still alive, I would definitely give you an award for the best film emperor, and the acting was good! You are quite involved in the drama. Fighting, Niubi blows loudly."

Lin Chen laughed, and then spoke amazingly, making all the genius creepy!

"Do you think no one knows about your trouble with the Mozu?"