My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1107

Vol 5 Chapter 1107: And The Saint King For Tat

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Dealing with Mozu?

Lin Chen Zhen Nai's words are not shockingly endless, throwing a bombshell!

"What?" Haotian Shengwang, like a fox stepped on his tail, his voice became particularly sharp.

"You had several transactions with the Demon Race that year, you coveted the Devil's bloodline talents, tried to hold the Devil's ability, studied the Devil's genius a few times, and even assassinated the Devil's genius, to transplant their bloodline, Transferred to your body, although you succeeded in the end, you were also seriously injured."

"After your situation was known by the Demon Race, the Demon Race sent the strongest to fight with you all the way. Finally, a terrifying battle broke out at the junction of the three domains. Although you repelled the Devil Race, you were also rejected by two bloodlines. Cause your body to die gradually and not be able to move."

Lin Chen's tone was very plain.

"But you do control some of the magic of the Demon Race. The evidence is that the holy beasts you cultivated are all accompanied by deep-rooted devil qi. The demon with devil qi is not impossible to exist, but it is impossible for every head They are all contaminated with ferocious beast cores. Obviously, those holy beasts were cultivated by you."

"The ancient array of restrained saints in the mountain malaria is also one of them. The ancient array you have painstakingly built can absorb the flesh and saints of the saints to nourish your wounds, so you planned one saint after another. After the war, only the name of this sacred mountain range was finally obtained."

Lin Dashuai even sat in front of the tombstone, leaning on Erlang's legs and the bronze ancient coffin of King Haotian, crossed his arms across his chest and smiled.

"In the name of your holy king, it's not an exaggeration to choose successors on the list of evildoers. How can you choose the list of geniuses? Your goal is to train us to be your puppets, as well as to pick out the suitable for you to practice Demon Peer Learning The avatar of the human race, the sanctification of the human race, the sage will naturally reject the demonic qi, which is not conducive to your cultivation of the demon genius, only after the demon becomes sanctified, can you achieve your perfect avatar. Fellow initiates, do you want to be the overlord of the two ways?"


The strange silence ushered in the altar!

After listening to Lin Chens remarks, all geniuses thought about it!

If this is the case, the inheritance of the Holy King buried in the Holy Mountains is a complete conspiracy!

"Lin Chen, don't confuse you with that demon's words! Lord Haotian Saint King beheaded countless demons and have many merits. How can you not be insulted by your juniors!"

A genius still does not believe it, and suddenly blamed Lin Chen!

Someone Lin laughed without saying a word, snapped his fingers, Zhende Shuai availed himself of the genius's vigilance, and in the state of being suppressed at this time, he easily wiped off his spiritual imprint, making him pale. Spit back the blood.

Zhende Shuai took out a holy pill in his Nahuan, which was the loot that was obtained when he passed the first level.

Zhende Shuai threw Shengdan into the air.

"I heard that the energy of the Demon Race and the light system is the most similar..." Lin Chen smiled, running the light robbery, with a flare, and a white light shot at the Holy Pill.

Sigh~! Bang~!

Shengdan exploded and suddenly exploded the monstrous energy storm!


In the center of the storm, there was a fiery whine of sharp screams, and the genius scared their teeth to tremble!

"The magic energy is hidden inside Shengdan. According to the experience of someone in Lin, I am afraid that the fourth-grade Saint-level pharmacist can't do it. This Shengdan is taken from your precepts. You should know that this is The reward given to you by the Lord Saint King in your mouth..."

Lin Chen smiled slightly, and the genius of the audience instantly recovered! Cold sweat DC!

The geniuses quivered and crawled in the direction of the bronze ancient coffin. "Hao...Master Haotian Saint King, don't..."

Haotian Saint King ignored these ants, after a dozen breaths...

"Boy, who sent you from that place?" Holy King Haotian's voice was dull and indifferent.

"No, I'm not that place." Lin Chen shook his head and raised a playful smile-"The director sent me."

Lin Chen will naturally not know such a long-term thing. Everything about the Holy King Haotian was informed by Luo Yaoer through the Magic Seal!

The powerful of the devil once mentioned the genius that the human race coveted their race, and entered the territory of the human race and the holy king of the human race had a war.

According to Luo Yaoer's understanding, it was most likely that the war was caused by this holy king.

Even, Luo Yaoer even taught Lin Chen how to destroy the ancient array of the Sacred Mountains!

However, with Lin Chen's strength, even if he knew the position of the array and the cracking method, he could not shake the array.

There is only one way to break the line, is to force the body of Haotian Saint King out!

In short: Lin Chen will force the Holy King out of the coffin. When he takes over the ancient formation, the flaws in the formation will appear!

Luo Yao'er told Lin Chen that his life was held by the ancient sacred "Holy Source" of saint's flesh and blood, and he definitely could not deal with Lin Chen personally.

Unless he intends to die together with Lin Chen and risk his life, he wants to attack Lin Chen, only to suppress Lin Chen with the Holy King's coercion, or personally control the ancient array.

Now, his coercion has no effect on Lin Chen, and his choice may be the latter!

By then, Lin Chen had the opportunity to break through!

Secondly, Lin Chen also wanted to force the Holy King out of the ancient bronze coffin!

Little Shadow has a natural spatial perception ability. It clearly tells Lin Chen that there is a sacrificial burial saint in the coffin! As long as the coffin is open, the little shadow will have a chance to fish in muddy water.

How can mortals figure out the details of the Holy King?

But whenever someone in Lin steals one or two pieces, it's hard not to get rich!

All the geniuses have cold backs. Although the Holy King Haotian did not directly admit it, everyone with a clear eye can see that he can't take off the relationship!

"Well, your origin will be known by the king himself. I didnt expect the kings plan to be disrupted by you. However, the choice of surrogate and the sword allure, since the kings coercion cant suppress you, you can only kill it. is you!"

Bang ~!

The earth shook the mountain, and four giants appeared again on the edge of the mountain!

"Tianman Elephant, Giant Sky Python? And Tai Chi Mo Qilin!"

The faces of the geniuses have changed, and the strength of these holy beasts is directly chasing the double of the holy realm!

"These holy beasts are personally controlled by the king, Lin Chen, this is not a series you can control."

Haotian Saint King's shock shook the sky, and his Saint King's coercion increased by one point, and he didn't want to disintegrate Lin Chen's fighting intentions all the time.


Lin Chen raised his eyebrows and smiled, "Is the holy beast hanging? I am not worthy of the thirty-seven holy beasts. I'm afraid of your four heads?"

As soon as the words fell, Lin Chen raised his hand and snapped his fingers!


Bang ~! The ice mist was filled, and the yin was like a tide.

[Launched two blue-level advanced nirvanas: the sky ice storm, has locked 4 targets.

"What?" The holy king was shocked, and this hand is still hiding this hand?

Click! Click! Click!

The terrible cold is as cold as Xuanbing, and the cold comes to the earth, freezing and freezing the four holy beasts nearby!

The Holy King wanted to send out ideas to let the four headed beasts rush over to attack Lin Chen, but they were attacked by Yinsha, and they couldn't do anything they wanted.

Lin Chen sneered sneerly-"In this way, I am also embarrassed to be called the Holy King. I went to the next door to order a chicken and spread rice on the ground. The chickens played better than you."

Geniuses are trembling!

Lin Chen was tit-for-tat against a generation of kings by himself!