My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1108

Vol 5 Chapter 1108: The Most Samurai Emperor In History.

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"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is your skill? Spicy chicken! Really a spicy chicken, Haotian Saint King, are you embarrassing?"

Lin Chen chuckled, and the horizontal space stepped on the tombstone of the Holy King. "You see what you are like. Besides shrinking on the paper, what else can you do? Use pressure to scare people? You? Would you like to lift it or not? If you dont lift it, you will come out of the green coffin, and my dark horse will have all one hundred ways to rejuvenate you."

"Yeah? This doesn't come out. You don't want a hundred ways? Don't you, Great Saint, look at the handsome face of the coach, I'll give a fracture, no matter how much you can do, you can't do it 30% off. I will help you with a full set of discounts?"

"Grass! Shame your face, right, some kind of come out and singled out with me! The coach is so hard to fight for you, and I dare not move for you, waiting for me to be holy, I'm afraid I can slap you with a slap! So If Mr. Lu said it well, if he persuaded him, he would not be worthy of someone in Lin!"

The geniuses heard Lin Chen's words, his scalp tingled, and his heart fluttered!

crazy! This kid is really crazy!

The Holy King, the strongest king under the true God, each is a legend of the Holy Realm, even a person who must worship the peak of the Saint!

A war emperor in other areas, dare to despise the Holy King?

"A mortal man! Dregs, waste! You are aphids-like garbage in this king's eyes, dare to despise this king!"

Bang ~~!

When the horror of the Holy King came, a colossal coercion of the Holy King broke out in the bronze ancient coffin!

Shengwei was mixed with the anger to suppress the Eight Wastelands, shaking the world and shaking the space, as if the entire tomb was to collapse!

Even the four holy beasts in the "Sky and Ice Erosion" have been implicated!

The pressure of the Holy King, even ordinary saints are difficult to parry!

A genius was fainted by the holy king's pressure and spitting foam!

Only more than two hundred geniuses are still persevering!


Nothing to Lin Chen or fart!

Do not!

Accurately speaking, it should be useless for the farts of the whole "Black Horse Club"!

Next, a more outrageous scene appeared!

The true virtue, true virtue, true virtue, true virtue, true virtue, and true virtue of the dark horse club are all dispatched!

Zhen Dexiu and Zhen Deshuai jumped up and stood on the bronze ancient coffin. The two held the piano in one hand and the drum in one hand.

The geniuses opened their mouths slightly...

The geniuses who remained conscious at the scene witnessed an unforgettable scene of immortality!

Boom! Boom! Zheng ~!

Zhende show picks strings, Zhende handsome knocks on the drum! The joyful drum sounds like a special wedding banquet, reverberating every day!

Then, Lin Chen and the three avatars stepped forward with one arrow step. In front of the tombstone of the Saint King, a chest was lifted, and the collar was chopped with both hands, and the top was untied directly to reveal the strong streamlined chest muscles!

Someone Lin laughed and said: "Since the Holy King does not want to come out, then my dark horse club will come with a small jumping dice to give you a courage ~"

Haotian Saint King's will was stunned

The geniuses looked dazed.

What the **** is this?

Lin Chen and the three major avatars followed by a horse step, which was extremely stable.

Zhende Shuai's roaring singing spread all around.

"I want to fly to the sky, go and swell ~ give my beloved shadow ~ eat a few marshmallows."

"I want to stand on the sea, grab a big moon, and hang it on the crotch. It's bright~~"

With the joy of singing, the four great sorrows faced the tombstone of the Holy King and collectively reached out to explore the crotch and came to the four crotches!


Many geniuses almost blinded their eyes!

Zhende Shuai blinked and hummed with a wooden drum.

"I want to be capricious, I am capricious ~ I want to sing and jump, I can also sing and jump ~ see who can treat me ~"

"I don't want to hesitate, I don't want to hesitate. I don't want to be confused. I don't want to be confused. What could be more inflating than this~"

"I'm going to stand on the top of the mountain ~ listen to the singing of the wind ~ wait for the first light of Yunkai sunrise to shine on my handsome face. I want to go wandering alone, the waves go far away, the waves don't move, and I don't panic at all ."

Lin Chen and the three avatars raised their shoulders and raised their hands. Their bodies were tilted forty-five degrees, so that the geniuses could open an egg with their mouths wide open.

All the members of the "Black Horse Club" actually sing and dance in front of Haotian Shengwang's tomb?

No, he calls this...Buddy?

"This... these guys are crazy!"

"He... he's so disgusting."

"My eyes are blind!"

"I split!"

Dozens of monster-level geniuses such as Jian Qingcheng and Yan Wuxie twitched their lips together...

This... this goddam is the first emperor?

From a certain point of view, he really did "Eternal First"...

Who dares to sing and dance in front of the tombstone of the Holy King!

And also lead the team?

If it is Vanguard first, then what title should he be assigned?

Everlasting first show?

Or is it the tomb of the emperor?

Luo Yaoer beside him fluttered and smiled, "Let you attract the body, not let you be angry..."

The tomb was shaking, the space was trembling violently, and the madness of the Haotian Saint King was shaking!

"Lin Chen, you **** looking for death! Wow! The prince is mad, die! You should die in death, the prince will put you in eternal purgatory, let you die better than life, blasphemy the king, all Dying!"

The angry Megatron caused geniuses to have scalp numbness, dizziness, and twitching all over their bodies, and some geniuses even began to foam at the mouth.

But, all the members of the dark horse club jumped even more happily! Backhand gave another crotch to the tomb of Saint King!

Geniuses are going crazy like crazy!

God! Let him stop!

Don't let him go down again!

Everyone has to be stunned by the holy king's holy prestige!

"Heaven, the earth! What evil did I make in my last life, why should I meet this group of wonderful flowers, I did his ancestors!"

"I was wrong. I was really wrong. I shouldnt have entered the Sacred Mountain Range from the beginning. If I didnt enter the Sacred Mountain Range, my sister and sister wouldnt die. If my sister doesnt die, Im still at the same time as my sister. Houshan learned Yinyin Avenue, wow!"

"Is there a savior to stop this group of bastards! Don't complain, I can't stand it!"

"Ah! It hurts! My waist, my unicorn arm, my kidney! My cock!"

"The holy prestige of the Holy King is terrifying, I will not be able to persevere!"

"Is Ben Shao's last life a dog, why should I meet this group of demons! My damsel should go to the kiln to read the book by massage and come here to get a Mao Shengwang inheritance! Wow, kill with a sword Me!"

"My **** **** is about to come out!"

"Brother save me!"


Some geniuses collapsed, some regretted, and some even wept and cried under the wrath of the Holy King!

Someone Lin raised his bangs, his mouth slightly raised.

"Give up, on Sao, you are no match for someone in Lin."

The most embarrassing warlord in history?