My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1109

Vol 5 Chapter 1109: The Strongest In Ancient And Modern Times Lin Chen Fights The Holy King

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Haotian Shengwang is crazy!

Holy King, one finger can crush many saints!

Zhanhuang Xiuwei is really like an ant to the existence of such series as Haotian Saint King! A breath can wipe out countless ants!

However, what is this ants doing now?

Tomb jumping?

Coffin sing and dance?

It's like a little ant crawling on top of a dragon's head, not only flying above his head, but also you handing him papers, and even you wiping his buttocks!

Not only is it too deceiving, but it is humiliating his generation of holy king!

If it is an ordinary saint, even Haotian Shengwang, who is on the verge of death and hangs his last breath, can have hundreds of ways to ravage the other!

This kid is just a freak!

The coercion of the Holy King is useless to him, and his holy beasts in captivity are also involved by him. At this moment, the Holy King Haotian would rather he be a holy realm!

Haotian Shengwang was so angry that he would vomit blood three liters!

"The ancient array created by this king is used to automatically lock and bombard the saints. Mo said that the Holy Realm is triple, even if the Holy Realm is four or five, it is a dead word! But what... This kid is a war emperor! I can ignore the wonderful work, suffocation, and humiliation of this king Shengwei! How can this king have been insulted!"

Haotian Saint King had never dreamed that one day he would be humiliated to such a degree by a war emperor!

If the Holy Realm dared to break in here, it had its own ancient blast. The Holy King doesn't even need to worry, the ancient formation can crush all the saints under the sixth level of the Holy Realm!

Under the premise that the sage cannot come out, his holy beast in captivity is enough to crush all war emperors. Coupled with the coercion of his holy king, killing a war emperor is simply an act!

Even if it was a genius, the Holy King Haotian didn't even consider the mortal existence of the Warlord!

From the beginning to the end, he did not prepare too many means to deal with the war emperor. Those holy beasts were nothing more than the products he used to test the demon's genius. Finally, he kept the tomb for him. His preparations were all to guard against the holy state.

But, he met Lin Chen!

This young man who couldn't even suppress God's power, like a nemesis in his life, repeatedly suppressed him!

"Your purpose is to force Ben Wang's body out, Lin Chen."

At this time, Haotian Shengwang's voice slowly reverberated inside the tomb.

He has crossed countless epochs in the Holy Realm. Lin Chen dare to take his people to risk his life and humiliate him here. The motive behind him must be to attract him to be born.

This motive could not be concealed from the existence of his elders!

"Well, today I am as you wish! A dust-like **** can be personally killed by my holy king, you are famous forever!"

Bang ~~! !

Zhende Shuai and Zhende Xiu were lifted off!

The ancient bronze coffin that has been silent for thousands of years suddenly opened a gap!

The moment when Zhendexiu was lifted off, it happened that when the ancient coffin was used to expose the coffin, it touched the source of the flickering light of the talent.

Brush ~! The source turned into a shiver of light and merged into the palm of Zhen Dexiu's doppelganger.

The attribute light inside reveals the real body, is a dazzling orange genius fragment of the word "tian" and a piece of orange gleaming with the word "extreme god" flashing!

The system light screen pops up.

[Obtain Orange Level One-time Active Talent: Sky Rebel Fragment (2/2), Ultimate Attack Talent, both instant kills for breaking defense, and instant killing of targets when causing substantial damage to the enemy. The automatic fusion has been completed, please check it in the talent column.

[Obtain permanent orange-level passive talents: Extreme Divine Possession Fragment (3/4), Extreme Divine Possession, can increase the power effect of Orange-level exercises.

It is actually a talent fragment of the sky-turner and the possession of the extreme god!

Lin Chen trembles, holding back ecstasy, and now is the beginning of the highlight, the Holy King has opened the coffin!

Seeing that the ancient bronze coffin pushed a gap, the genius scalp numb!

Haotian Saint King, should actually appear in person to deal with Lin Chen?

"Sir King, really make me wait!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the shimmering flash! A retreat with the avatars, far away from the ancient bronze coffin!

A fierce fighting spirit rushed to his chest, Lin Chen was full of blood, and even the cerebral cortex was heating up! All rune energy is brewing, ready to play the strongest slow rune!

This is the state where the potential of being near the life limit is stimulated!

Lin Chen now has to face a holy king personally, what is the Kyushu pseudo-god of the holy prisoner, what is the four-fold and five-fold holy realm, compared with the holy king is the difference between fireflies and Haoyue!

This is the supreme existence that surpasses the 9th and 9th Saints in the Holy Realm.

The position of Lin Chens heart next to the inch, shimmering dimly with six-pointed stars, was the location of the first holy cave!

In a state where the life potential was stimulated by the limit, Lin Chen could vaguely perceive the existence of the first holy cave!

As long as he uses his mental power to mobilize his fighting strength to impact this six-pointed star, Lin Chen is very likely to be sanctified in place!

However, this will also mean that Lin Chen will be locked in the "Sacred Ancient Formation" of the Sacred Mountain Range, which is the most unavailable choice at the moment!

Lin Chen must confront him with Xiuhuang's cultivation practice!

The geniuses tremble with trembling heart, trembling all over, this guy is the real monster! In the face of the holy king's birth, he can still produce war intentions. What does his brain do? This is not a reckless overview!

The ancient bronze coffin was pushed away slowly from top to bottom, and a ray of white light rose like the rising sun, shining on the entire tomb.

Boom~! The coffin board lifted slightly, a figure of holy light like jade suspended in the void.

In the shroud of holy light, the man's face was like a crown jade, his eyes were like a sword, his eyes were dusty, and his outline outlined the flawless features of his facial features.

Judging from the face, it was just like a young man of twenty-five-six!

The geniuses looked dumbfounded!

Who would have thought that such a handsome scholar who seems to be free from the power of a chicken is actually the immortal legend that dominates the Holy Realm, Haotian Saint King!

At this time, Haotian Saint King's eyes were closed, and if he looked closely, he would see that his breath of Holy Light only appeared on the surface.

The fluctuation of the Holy Qi in the body is extremely weak, the surface of the Holy Light is blazing, and the interior is dim.

Only Lin Chen and the individual in the field can perceive that there is a vortex-like abyss demon in the body of Haotian Saint King! Demon Qi and Holy Qi coexist?

In addition, the body of Haotian Saint King is wrapped with countless heavy chains, which directly lead to the tomb!

In Lin Chen's eyes, the fierce glory of time was revealed, the fighting spirit gathered, and the nine-color starlight turned between his palms!

"Damn, the Holy King is right in front of you. I'm not going to blow up your star of the Nine Tribulation. I'm afraid I'm going to lose 100 million yuan from his mother!"

When Lin Chen was planning to bet on his full blow, Luo Yaoer immediately passed on to Lin Chen.

"Can't shoot! His body is connected to the ancient array guard, you can't break his defense, but will arouse a large array to target you!"

Lin Chen was shocked!

Bang ~! As soon as the Holy King body appeared, the Holy King's coercion increased by one point. Many geniuses were lifted off. Only more than one hundred geniuses remained on the field!

"Can't you touch him..." Lin Chen turned his mind, and his heart was like a rock, unaffected, and his eyes narrowed: "What a pity..."

Hearing Lin Chen's regret, many geniuses twitched their mouths, and they were shocked!

Really, the group of people in the Dark Horse Club are really scared!

If you let the world know about Lin Chen's thoughts, I'm afraid the courage will be frightened...

It is too late for a war emperor to see the holy king in his lifetime, but he may be too late to bow down and worship.

Haotian Saint Kings body was dragged into the sky by a heavy chain, passed through the layers of malaria, and merged into the center of the four ancient arrays!

"It's now! Little one, it's yours!"

Lin Chen released a small shadow, this time the small shadow turned into a streamer and shot into the ancient bronze coffin.

The little shadow seemed to use some kind of bloodline supernatural power, the breath disappeared extremely faintly, and it could only last for a moment, even the Haotian Saint King was not noticed!

Almost instantly, the ancient bronze coffin was covered with a coffin plate and sealed tightly!

And the small shadow in a thousandth of breath, instantly returned from the ancient coffin to Lin Chen's Taoyuan sac.

Lin Chen didn't have time to see what the small shadow had stolen, staring at Haotian Saint King in the void.

To be precise, the body of Haotian Saint King is already half-footed into the state of the ghost gate, and now it relies on the ancient array in the sky to hang the last vitality.

If the ontology is in person, even the top saint must be killed by him! Lin Chen must die!

However, he will certainly fall, this is a way of life for life.

Luo Yaoer heard Lin Chen. "According to the seal that I just passed to you, using the magic seal, when he was included in the large formation, you can see the formation for a moment, that is your only chance."

As soon as the words fell, the buzz of the Holy King disappeared!

The pressure of all the geniuses in the audience suddenly decreased, and the faint began to regain consciousness.

But, replaced by a more terrifying momentum!

The four ancient formations tumbling from the malaria gas layer and turned towards the direction of the tomb!

Lin Chen's pupils shuddered, and he saw clearly that the four ancient arrays actually listed densely packed runes, such as dragon snakes walking, or magical energy rising, or Sheng Huixia Wei, and candlelight forever, these four arrays contained two A completely different force, or a united existence?

An extremely obscure light flashed from the center of the four ancient arrays!

"Yes, there are the eyes of the ancient array!"

In the electro-optical flint, Lin Chen's hands quickly seal, and the magic mark of the palm condenses into a purple awn in the palm of both hands!