My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1110

Vol 5 Chapter 1110: Qinglong Breakthrough

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Bang ~! The center of the four ancient formations brewed a **** blue dragon, composed of sage's flesh and blood energy, powerful enough to suppress any living creatures on the scene!

The Haotian Saint King, who was in the center of the large array, opened his eyes suddenly, his pupils were flowing with blood and blood, and he smiled with a smile-"Lin Chen, die for this King! Dare to desecrate this King Shengwei, and later this King will cramp you. !"

"Go to your mother! It's you who died, Lao Yinbi! Master, I'm waiting for this moment!"

Lin Chen laughed loudly, and the purple mark of the palm of his hand turned into a shocking electric shock, flashed suddenly, shot into the sky, and entered the iron chain position on the left side of the Haotian Saint King in the center of the large array!

"Which..." The holy king looked shocked!

Sigh~! Bang~!

There was an explosion in the ancient array, the **** blue dragon exploded, and a trembling shock spread throughout the mountains and beyond.

The spatial stack of the tomb began to ripple and fluctuate, and fell into a disordered state until the enchantment dissipated.

Haotian Saint King's throat is sweet, and the corner of his mouth overflows with holy blood. His body has added another injury?

He was hurt by a warlord kid! What a shame!

"You... How did you see through the blood demon burial sacred array of this king, this is impossible..." Haotian sage king questioned angrily, his voice shaking a little more.

Lin Chen ignored the noisy guy, his mouth slightly open, his expression ecstatic!

When the large array was broken, after the Haotian Saint King was injured, he actually dropped five attribute light balls!

The attribute value of the Holy King?

Really, this is a peerless treasure! grab!

Lin Chen didn't say anything, took the holy phoenix wings and urged "Dragon Flash" at full speed, and rushed towards the direction of the holy king!

Luo Yaoer was shocked, what did he want to do?

Lin Chen grabbed five attribute light **** of orange, dark purple, blue and white, light cyan, and blue and gold!

[The host gains 300,000 intermediate sky value, 990,000 advanced mental powers, 300,000 advanced exercises, 40 million strengthening points, and 50,000 set essences.

[Add new attribute valueEssence of set, can be used for the attribute value when using incomplete set parts, and can also be used for the consumption of creating the ultimate set.

Bang ~! The spiritual attribute valued into a large amount of spiritual power poured into the spiritual consciousness, Lin Chen quickly recovered the avatar into the Taoyuan capsule, sharing the horror spiritual power.

The amount of these five attribute values made Lin Chen's heart tremble a few times!

so horrible!

Someone in Lin Lin has fought all the way to this point, at most it is about 20,000 points of intermediate-level heaven value, and 30,000 points less than advanced skills.

Once this Saint King fell, it was hundreds of thousands of starts! Not to mention the mental power, it exceeds dozens of times the total value of Lin Chen's previous attributes!

"The big formation is broken, he can't maintain his space boundary, we should go."

Luo Yaoer heard Lin Chen, he recovered, his body flashed, he picked up Luo Yaoer and launched the "super-dimensional transmission"!

Before leaving, he shook the geniuses!

"If you don't want to be a puppet, just leave here!"

Brush ~! Lin Chen turned into a space beam, he and Luo Yaoer were flashed by the beam and disappeared!

Hearing the words, Jian Qingcheng and Yan Wuxie and others immediately returned to the gods, each showing their magical powers, and flashed out of the tomb!

Although the inheritance of the Holy King is good, it must be fate!

Haotian Saint King obviously set them. For these geniuses with great background, there is a great future in the future, there is no need to be a puppet for Saint King!

Some geniuses choose to leave, and some geniuses choose to stay. For example, the mysterious young man who found Lin Chen at the beginning, stood quietly and indifferently in the tomb, without any intention...

"He took away the woman from the demon clan... Could it be that she was the one who caused this to break the king's battle?"

Holy King Haotian was angry and suspicious, and then he smiled angrily, "No matter what your origin is today, the person who this king wants to kill will definitely die!"

Haotian Shengwang reached out his hand and explored. In the four ancient arrays in the void, he passed a blood streamer and was held by him.

The **** brilliance is actually a **** horrifying heart! There is a strong vitality gestating in the heart, and Holy King Haotian looks at a flesh of pain.

"The heart of the two-turned saints, which was finally extracted, was unexpectedly used on a war emperor. The secret of this son is not small. Use his secret to fill this loss!"

The Holy King opened his mouth and stuffed his heart into the mouth...

Burial holy mountain inner circle.

"Can you use the secret technique of shuttle to the sky from inside?" Luo Yaoer looked at Lin Chen in surprise.

Lin Chen raised a brow: "Otherwise, how dare I go in and test the tomb of the Holy King without this trick."

Luo Yaoer asked: "When the space enchantment is not lifted, can you shuttle through the void?"

Lin Chen shrugged: "Of course I can, so I'm a little dumbfounded. Why did you want me to break that big formation? But because of you, I still made a profit."

Luo Yaoer: "..."

Bang ~!

Suddenly, the brutal and violent power came out of Lin Chen's body, and endless dragon qi wandered in the Dantian, if there was a Holy Dragon King coming to the world!

Lin Chen was stunned first, and then when a lot of memories came into his body, his face was quite wonderful!

"Wan Zai Xuan Qinglong Saint-level bloodline supernatural power, Wan Zai blue light, Holy Dragon light protector, can bless dragon defense."

"Tianyu YinglongShen class bloodline supernatural power, Tianyu Shenhai..."

"Hong Yan True Phoenix Holy Blood Power, Hong Yan Prison..."

Lin Chen was ecstatic!

"My green dragon has broken into a saint dragon! I can now use the power of the blue dragon to play 100 million dragon power! I have also awakened three new supernatural powers!"

boom! boom! boom! At this time, the space crystal wall cracked, and a series of python-like space crystal wall cracks filled the sky!

Burying in the holy mountain range, the glare covering the sky and the sun began to spread out a dark red blood light, covering the stars and covering the moon.

The four ancient formations in the void actually exceeded Luo Yao'er's expectations and quickly repaired!

Luo Yao'er suddenly said, "It's not right, he exceeded my expectations! He is absorbing the energy of other saints in the ancient formation, and is now mobilizing the ancient formation to target you!"

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly: "The Holy King is an undead old monster! Hold me tight!"

"Blue Dragon Possession!"

Lin Chen was full of vitality, his power was tremendous, and the blue light flashed, his power soared to more than 100 million dragon power!

Poof~! The magenta phoenix wings with a length of seven feet flowed with magenta fireworks, beautiful Ruoxia Hong!

Lin Chen hugged Luo Yaoer, and a large amount of fighting spirit was injected into the'Wangguang Amorphous Crystal'.

This time, after the power exceeded 100 million dragon powers, Lin Chen used the Holy Phoenix wings to superimpose the power of the alien crystal and then performed the ``Dragon Flash''.

"Lin Chen, you can't run away, die."

The voice of Holy King Haotian is like the judgment of fate, the ancient array bursts out the **** dragon in the sky, and the body of the blood dragon hundreds of feet goes to Linchen to fight!

This attack of the ancient array contained the supreme power of burying the saint, and even the fourfold of the saint may have to end with hatred!

Luo Yaoer's heart trembled, and his beautiful cheeks appeared with determination, as if to make up his mind.

However, Lin Chen's reaction was faster than her, and a softness broke out in her palm, pushing her away!

"Come on, let me block him!"

Luo Yao'er suffocated in the air...

block? You, a war emperor, how to block this blow!