My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1111

Vol 5 Chapter 1111: Shock The King

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"Qinglong Possession Wanzai Qingguang!"

When Lin Chen uses the system, he urges the bloodline and possesses the Holy Dragon!

Lin Chen's whole body was covered with a sacred blue dragon scale, and the whole body was filled with nebula-like clear blue light, beautiful and beautiful.

The green light transmits an indestructible brilliance, blessing the Yu Tiangeng Jin Qi, the golden and the green, solid as a golden soup.

Now Lin Chen can resist the sage who opened the two holy caves! Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon is known for its defense!

But this is not enough! The destructive power of that blood dragon is enough to crush the current Holy Dragon to the scum!

[Consumption of 33450 high-level rune energy, launch 6 levels of slow runes.

Sigh~! Bang~! A grey and white rung that suppresses all things in heaven and earth blooms the power of peerless runes, and it explodes near the **** white dragon. The sky is vast, and it is frozen into a solid state!

Lin Chen delayed the attack of this blow for a moment! It also weakened the power of this trick by about 20%!

This is the strongest slow rune Lin Chen has played so far. His rune energy is not even one point!

He is facing the Holy King! An epic legendary character, retention means death!

In the blink of an eye, a piece of gold armor and shoulder armor was suddenly worn by Lin Chen!


The spirit of deterring ghosts and spirits surged from Lin Chen's body, and the brilliance of the gods, the golden light, like the invincible God of War recovering from a deep sleep, the absolute power to explode the heavens and the world was rolling on Lin Chen's right arm!

Even with the possession of the Green Dragon, Lin Chen was still shocked with anger and blood, vomiting blood!

But he couldn't control so much, the **** blue dragon had torn the stagnant space of the slow rune and rushed towards him!

"What a **** king, eat a punch!"

Lin Chen burst into anger, waved his fist into the sky, and waved the golden light of the sky, peerless divine condensed on this fist!

Sigh~! Bang~! !

The blood dragon shattered and the blood mand burst.

A crack in the space that broke through the sky leads to the sky like an abyss. The golden fist wind shakes the sky, as if the world and earth are overturned by this fist!

Nine days and ten places, only a ray of divine presence!

Enough to bury the saints four-strike blow, Lin Chen punched him!

Tear ~! A touch of blood and energy left through the void, shattering Lin Chen's "Ten Years of Blue Light" and Yu Tiangeng's gas!


Lin Chen fell to the ground and hit a pit of dozens of feet!

Although he punched the sky, Lin Chen himself was shocked by the power of one thousandth of the power contained in this blood dragon, and his unoptimistic physical condition shattered instantly!

Lin Chen's internal organs and organs, and even the Nine Death Wheel, shattered completely!

Nearly 80% of the body's bones were broken, and the meridians were broken, and the flesh was broken!

Coupled with the use of the "Goddess Armor" set, Lin Chen has basically stepped into the ghost gate this time!

"It's a bit bad... I really played with Dafa this time..."

Lin Chen's mouth was bitter, and the ultimate armor of his right arm shivered, returning to the system space.

Luo Yaoer rushed to him anxiously and lifted him up.

Luo Yaoer's beautiful eyes raised a mist of water, "I... I was saved by you again... You are already desperate, I am still hesitating..."

Lin Chen smiled bitterly: "Grandma... Why don't you leave..."

The Haotian Saint King stood on the ancient array, his pupils were trembling, and he was particularly horrified by the series of means that Lin Chen exploded!

"It's amazing... The pure power of this punch is 30 billion dragon power? No, not only, I am afraid it must be more than 50 billion. This power can only be regarded as a strong ants for the king's heyday, but it can be a battle. For the emperor, this is simply strength beyond countless boundaries!"

"There is no such thing as a holy world that has increased the warlord's power to such a heavenly strength! There is absolutely a big secret in this son! This horrible secret may be a level that the king has never touched! Seize him and never let him Ran!"

Hao Tian Sheng Wangs experience is so perverted that it is not an exaggeration to call it a giant in the Holy Realm. He feels that the opportunity on Lin Chens body can be described by the word "terror", which shows the strength of the armament of the God of War!

In the electric light and fire stone, Haotian Saint King came back to God, and his fingertips were a little farther away, and another large array of monstrous anger appeared like a demon like a deep, like a moon and a menstrual sky, breaking a demon-like fingerprint and facing the two. Crush it hard!

Seeing another round of offensive rushing over, Lin Chen owed even the strength to stand up.

"Unexpectedly, you were by my side before I finally died..." Lin Chen shook his head and smiled bitterly, looking at Luo Yao'er. "You should run away, don't you have a great cause to do, it's a pity to die here with me..."

Suddenly, Luo Yao'er's eyes recovered as indifferent and indifferent as before.

"I won't let you die."

After she finished, she clutched Lin Chens palm and clenched her fingers tightly, and the magic mark glowed!

Boom ~ boom ~ boom ~!

The magic energy as vast as the galaxy surged from the magic seal.

No matter it was the magic eye of the sky tower, the magical energy collected when swallowing the sky mirror, or the magical energy absorbed on the tombstone of the Holy King, all the magical energy in the magic seal at this moment was injected into Luo Yaoer's body!


Lin Chen was stunned, he found that the magic energy in his palm disappeared quickly!

Luo Yao'er's charm was faintly restored to what Lin Chen had when she first contacted her!

Indifferent, ruthless, and even a bit cruel.

If she said that there was a trace of the heavenly immortals falling into the world, then now the witch is born, ignoring all living beings!

Brush ~!

After Luo Yaoer absorbed the magic energy in Lin Chen's Magic Seal, he got up and waved his hand, and the huge magic fingers of dozens of acres exploded!

At this moment, Haotian Saint King's face finally returned to calm, and under the calm expression, some were just anger lingering like a quiet fire.

"So you... are you so strong..." Lin Chen said difficultly, his mouth slightly pumping, and blood stains overflowed.

He was almost not mad at Luo Yaoer!

You are so strong, why don't you absorb the magic energy early! I'm almost dead now!

Lin Chen is a saint-level pharmacist. He knows his condition very well. His current physical condition may not exceed a quarter of a breath.

He was really given the pit by this woman!

Luo Yaoer stared at Lin Chen. There was still a sense of reason and self-blame in the indifference.

For Luo Yaoer, absorbing the magic energy of the magic seal, although it will restore part of its strength, it also means that she will lose the opportunity to own Lin Chen...

The stronger the magic energy stored in the magic seal, the greater the chance that she can perfectly control Lin Chen.

She has absorbed the magical energy of the magic seal and lost Lin Chens only chance to own, everything is too late...

In the end it was the teenager who messed up the emperor's Fanghua and melted a little bit of the frozen heart.

"It turns out that it's no wonder that the ancient array of the Ben Wang will be broken by this kid. It turned out that it was because of you. The Ben is the first time to look away. Your Excellency is also a devastated body. I am afraid that he will not be inferior to the Ben in the heyday."

Haotian Saint King's skin smiled and flirted, and with one hand waved, all four ancient arrays were aimed at Luo Yaoer.

She hugged Lin Chen, who was about to faint, and her beautiful cheeks were extremely indifferent-"Your blood demon burial holy array is just a lower magic array that the emperor disdains to touch."

The holy king's face is shocking!


She claimed to be an emperor...bluff?

No, maybe not!