My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1112

Vol 5 Chapter 1112: Break The Sky

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"A big tone, let me Haotian Shengwang come to teach your strength!"

Haotian Saint King is not Xiaoxiao, and he is not bluffed. He mobilizes the power of the four ancient formations in his mind, not only mixed with the energy of the saint's flesh and blood, but also two distinctly different energies of divine power and magic energy!

Luo Yao'er flicked his fingers, and the magic energy in the ancient array exploded!

Haotian Saint King lost half before he went to war!

"It is too arrogant to mobilize the power of the Demon Race in front of the Emperor. Your ancient formations are maintaining your life. Are you sure you want to continue the battle."

Luo Yaoer said indifferently.

In fact, her strength is not enough to completely crush the current Haotian Saint King, even if he is a disabled body.

But she is not afraid of Holy King Haotian. If the power he controls is the cultivation of Holy Power, then everything is unknown.

The Haotian Saint King uses the devil's method! Whether it is the four ancient formations or the tomb building, most of them are used by the devil!

Under the world, apart from the desolate demon gods, no one knows the devil tricks better than her!

The means to control the demons in front of her? Don't be self-restrained!

"Will this king let you leave safely and die for me!"

The Blood Demon Burial Array starts again, and the battle between the two sides is triggered at once!

One side is the leader of the demon clan, and the other is the holy king of the human clan. Both are not in the heyday, and even the situation of each other is not optimistic, but they are still fighting!


Outside the sacred mountain range, when the Haotian Saint King Su merged into the ancient formation, he alarmed all the saints!

The group of saints stepped on the sacred light and approached the outer circle of the mountain to investigate.

boom! boom! boom!

The entire sacred mountain range is shaking, and the internal space has shattered into a paste, causing the fear of many saints!

"What a terrifying force, what happened inside this mountain..."

"The space of the Funeral Mountain Range is shaking, something is wrong..."

"The situation has changed! Our genius is in danger!"

When the saints of all forces want to rush in to find out, the melasma at the top of the mountain is full of light, and some old saints look horrified!

"The ancient formations of the mountains were all mobilized, wrong!"

"Is the Holy King Haotian awakened personally? The people who entered this time did not have a Holy Realm to cultivate!"

"There are signs of the birth of magic energy, is it that woman..."

The saints were horrified and horrified. The group of saints who had chased and chased Luo Yaoer had waited, ready to fight!

If the witch regained power, the situation would be very grim!

Well, they have a lot of casualties today!

No one dared to act rashly, and saw the fighting in the Holy Mountains become more and more shocking.

call out! call out! call out!

Dozens of figures rushed out from different directions in the mountains first!

When two monster-level geniuses rushed back to their sect sage, the first sentence was: "Quick... run!"

Then, the last two hundred geniuses used life-saving skills and all ran out!

"What happened inside?"

"Master, are you okay?"

"Young Sect Master, what's the situation?"

Unexpectedly, those geniuses who ran out were like ghosts, anxious, grabbing the arms of their saints, their faces pale and scared, and hurriedly said.

"Hurry, run! Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club forced Haotian Saint King out!"

"Lin Chen's king and **** jumped on the tomb of the holy king, the holy king of Haotian woke up and was coming out!"

"Lin Chen saw that the holy king's heritage was a conspiracy. The holy king and the demon had an affair. He wanted to control all of us to become his puppets. Now the holy king is about to be born! Elder, if you don't run, there is no chance!"

The unanimous wording of the genius made hundreds or even thousands of saints instantly blow their scalp!


Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club? Forced the body of Haotian Saint King out?

What a heart-wrenching thing did a war emperor do to force the Holy King to be born against him!

Haotian Saint King and Demon Race have an affair? Holy King Heritage or a conspiracy?

The amount of information is too great! The saints' brains didn't turn around all of a sudden!

A saint asked subconsciously: "Master, what is a bungee..."

"Damn, is it time to ask this!"

"I don't understand anything about Biandi. Anyway, the madmen in the Black Horse Club sang and danced at the head of the Holy King's grave. Even the pressure of the Holy King was useless to him."

Back to his master, Yan Wuxie whistled and smiled, "Hahaha, anyway, I am convinced. Lin Chen's boy was so angry that the holy king's coffin board flew! The holy king personally appeared to deal with him. We were still broken by him before we were able to escape!"

Hearing the conversation and cry of the geniuses of all parties, Ning Qingxuan and other women were in a hurry. Why didn't the people in the dark horse club come out yet? Could it be an unexpected encounter?

Lord Fu Shengguo and others were trembling!

So angry that the Holy King lifted all the coffin plates?

Obedient, thats the legendary Holy King! How ridiculous is the dark horse club in the presence of the highest apex of the Holy Realm!

This could have broken the sky!

If this is another top saint, I am afraid that it can't be done to this extent?

Xiao Jing frowned slightly with his hands on his chest. As a demon, he hated his peers who were more impressive than himself.

"Have all the Holy Kings come to life? Oh, my son will see if Lin Chen has grown three heads and six arms or a land fairy!"

When there was chaos outside the mountain range, the tremendous momentum of the Funeral Mountain Range came to an abrupt halt, and everything was lamentable!

All the sages were horrified by time, and an instinctive alert rose from the bottom of their hearts, with their own geniuses retreating hundreds of miles!

The same is true of Lord Fu Sheng Kingdom and others. They took them back to a very far distance regardless of the struggle of the women!

The saints tore the space and were ready to escape.

If it is true that his own genius said that Haotian Saint King and Demon Clan have an affair, even if the Saint King is born, even if he is on the verge of death, if he intends to kill, the holy land that can survive on the spot, I am afraid that it will not exceed five fingers. !

No one dared to stay outside the mountains except Xiaoqu, the group saints who encircled and suppressed Luo Yaoer, and the elders of the sacred realm of some high artists.

Under the eyes of everyone, the almost suffocating sense of oppression permeated the void.

The black robe is simple and unconventional, and the slender and beautiful black robe Qianying holds the blood-stained teenager, slowly stepping into the sky, appearing in the sky, and appearing in the sight of everyone!

The group stunned!

Not Haotian Saint King?

"It's her... Sure enough, her strength is restored!"

"No, it hasn't fully recovered yet. Only some strength has been restored, and her injuries are still there!"

The twelve saints surrounding Luo Yao'er looked different, and one eye exchanged, one after another!

This battle cannot be avoided!

Luo Yaoer hugged Lin Chen, who was on the verge of death, and a tear of tears crossed his eyes, but his expression was indifferent.

"Go away. If he dies, I will let the entire holy world's human race bury him!"

Although her voice was soft and pleasant, it was as cold as the magic sound under the Nine Nether Hells. She rolled up an inferno-like magic power that enveloped the heavens, stunned and shaken!

The group retreats and their face changes slightly!