My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1113

Vol 5 Chapter 1113: The Magic Sword Cuts The World The World Is In Chaos.

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Many saints hundreds of miles away smelled like bone scraping and creeping!

"Where is this woman sacred..."

"Is that the Devilish woman?"

The saints, hundreds of miles away, run the holy spirit, covering the double pupils, and clearly seeing the situation outside the mountains.

Although it is not the Holy King of Haotian, it may be a more threatening existence than the Holy King of Haotian!

Staring at Lin Chen, Xiao Jing embraced his chest with both hands, and raised a disdainful arc in the corner of his mouth: "Dead? Really disappointed. I still want to kill him well. Didn't I think I ran in vain..."

Suddenly, the second round of the'sun' rose between heaven and earth!

"The demon and ghosts of the demon clan are less bluffing. No matter what your origin is today, you have to die here!"

In the center of the sun, he slowly walked out of a majestic man wearing the sun's golden armor. His tiger's eyebrows, rough outline and fortitude, his attitude was not arrogant, and the whole person was full of overbearing momentum.

He carried a golden spear, the tip of the spear pointed at the sky, and turned into a glimmer of heaven and earth.

Behind him is a round of holy sun shining in the sun! The strength of Shengwei suddenly became the strongest presence in the audience!

"It's the burning sun of the Yan domain!"

The morale of the twelve Holy Lands soared, shouting the name of the Golden Armor man!

Luo Yao'er still didn't change his face, "I just want to stop the footsteps of the Emperor because of your unclimate things."

The group suffocates...

Did she claim herself as an emperor?

How is this possible... Is it true that she is?

Before Qunsheng guessed Luo Yaoer's identity, a candle of divine light shines on the Han!

Luo Yao'er was shocked. This nine-color brilliance rushed out of Lin Chen's body?

Lin Chen only felt that the consciousness was faint, and everything around him seemed to be still, falling into endless darkness.

Lin Chen has been close to the feeling of'death' many times, and he is very clear that he is afraid that he will really die this time.

"Am I going to die...what is the woman thinking about, and finally took away the magical energy of the magic seal, so I don't have to die if I do it earlier, it's too worthless to die!"

"Damn, I came to this world, the beauty has seen so many, and she has died before opening it, which is too **** bad! If I can come back, I will be out of touch!"

When Lin Chen's consciousness was'annoyed', an orange glow came in the darkness he was in!

Eight orange characters show Lin Chen's mind!

The power of the ancient gods will stand up!

"This... this is what I got in the orange-level secret realm in the sky pagoda of the mainland of Kyushu... By the way, it is said that the dean was sanctified by the orange-level secret realm of the sky pagoda! Meet me and say that the two of us are destined!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic!

Bang ~~!

Lin Chen's consciousness was pulled back by this new power of recovery!

He opened his eyes again!

His whole body has produced a substantial energy brilliance, wrapped in a two-meter wide and three-meter long nine-color energy cocoon!

Luo Yao'er stared at him outside the light cocoon. Although his beautiful cheeks were as indifferent as ever, a flash of excitement flashed in his beautiful eyes!

Lin Chen wanted to act, and Luo Yao'er immediately transmitted a voice to him.

"Dont disturb, there is a new force in your body to help you reshape. This time you are injured too badly, it just happens to activate this force perfectly. You will feel at ease when you come down, and leave the rest to me!"

Lin Chen gave Luo Yaoer a deep look and said seriously: "Although I am still very angry with you, you must be careful not to die!"

Luo Yaoer's lips slightly raised, Fanghua peerless.

"They don't threaten me, protecting you is the most important thing."


"what is that?"

"It's a very strong life. This kid has a strong potential for life. Now this potential has been inspired. His cultivation practice has reached the peak of the Five Tribulation, and there is a high probability that he will step into the sanctuary."

Day Sun Burning Heavenly King glanced at Lin Chen and said lightly: "This is not the most important, take this witch first."

Xiao Jing smiled and touched his chin, said with great interest: "Oh, I actually got an opportunity to break through the holy realm, interesting..."

Luo Yaoer slowly stood in the void and said indifferently: "Whoever goes one step further and dies."

call out! call out! call out!

The twelve saints surrounded Luo Yaoer, and the sun burned the golden spear behind him, and sneered: "Interesting, do you want to protect this human race boy?"

Luo Yaoer's face was expressionless, and his slim jade hands glowed with a faint red light, such as a micro-moon blue wave, with five fingers flowing.

A pair of smart eyes, now transformed into a faint blood-red jade-like beauty, demon, charm, eyebrow indifference to the extreme.

Luo Yaoer folded his hands together, opened his lips lightly, and thought about the obscure formula.

"My emperor has only one sword, which can demolish, swallow the stars, receive the moon, chew the gods, cut the sky, destroy the world, and destroy the world.

The Blood Gathering Beauty opened her hands, and the hundreds of millions of blood light wandering slowly in her palms gathered into a **** scimitar.

This machete is like a blood jade cut and cast, and the blade is bent like a moon, releasing a magical magic...

Bang ~~!

The moment the Scarlet Scissor was held by Luo Yao'er, the terrifying magical energy was like a magic prison that covered the sky and was released from the magic sword, and came to the heavens!

The aura of the entire burial holy mountain range is incorporated into the **** moon-like blade like a vortex!

The earth, the sky, the withered and broken image!

The earth veins become dry and cracked, the aura in the sky evaporates, and all life is withering, annihilating, passing away, withering.

All the light between heaven and earth must be swallowed up by the **** scimitar! Heartbreaking, sad, and endlessly desperate.

In the end, even the face of the sun-drenched Saint King also changed, especially shocked!

"This... Could it be that the magic knife cuts the sky..."

The sun burned down the day and the sage king clearly remembered that the chaos of the holy prison shook the Holy Realm in all directions on the day before countless epochs.

A woman killed the Holy Realm and turned it upside down, and a magic knife spread across the world, so that the gods could not stop her in this world!

That magic knife seems to be able to devour everything, and it can be the most evil existence in the world, a nightmare in the history of the human race!

The level of the Holy Land in contact with the scene is far less than that of him, and he has not been able to spy on the portrait of the magic knife. The news was blocked by Holy World some existence!

Buzz~! The twelve holy realms were uncontrollably sucked in by the magic shock of the magic sword!

The magic energy of the magic knife is too strong. Taking out all the void, time, space, light, aura, life, it seems to be able to swallow everything in this world!

Even the pretentious demon list Xiao Jing showed some fear and fear, "What a terrible knife!"

The twelve holy realms are preparing to brew this world-wide blow. When they are desperately fighting back, a hurricane light is split in the void, tearing the sky apart, cutting off the sky covered by the magic gas, and saving the twelve A holy land!

The group saints were shocked, and the strong came again!