My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1114

Vol 5 Chapter 1114: The Tranquility Before The Burst

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"Unexpectedly, today I had the honour of seeing the true appearance of the magic knife. I don't know what your relationship with the adult is."

A faint indifferent voice echoed to the heavens and earth, and the world was cut with a knife air road, rolling down!

The man walked down the Daoqi Avenue, his face sinking like water, and his face looked like a man in his thirties, but the vicissitudes of his eyes saw through the dust, like an old monster who had lived for millions of years.

He was carrying a long sword with a tiger's head, and the sword like a dragon and a tiger fluttered around him, stabilizing a little disordered space!

"It's the Heavenly Sword Saint of Huang Yu, Your Excellency Gu Changtian!"

The twelve holy realms looked relaxed and their confidence increased by one point.

There are two great Xeon holy realms, and today there is still a fight to fight!

Luo Yaoer was as plain as water, and ignored this person at all.

Tianming Daosheng turned his head to look at the day burning King Sheng, and said indifferently; "I can't think of a day with you."

The latter sneered: "Don't talk nonsense, you know the origin of the knife better than I do. Even if it's not true, it has something to do with it."

Gu Changtian took a deep look at the magic knife and said amazingly: "It may be true that the desperate charm is not something that can be imitated by the demons of the crooked melon, but the breath Its been a million times weaker, more than a million times weaker... If its true, weve been swallowed long ago, and its impossible to stand here."

"I have notified the person above, join hands, she seems to be interested in protecting the kid, we just need to hold her back!"

Burning Heavenly King said with a deep voice, the group Saints hit it off!

Bang ~! Holy light, afterglow, steaming Xia Wei, a round of holy day suppression, the dragon and tiger-like sword light split the sky and cut towards Luo Yaoer!

The DPRK was led by two Xeon holy realms, and twelve holy realms lightning brewed and broke into the Xeon offensive, fighting around Luo Yaoer!

"But so."

Luo Yao'er was expressionless, the magic knife flickered, and a **** knife monstrously flashed out!

This knife is heartbreaking! Before the knife is reached, the knife will first disintegrate the opponent's fighting intent!

The last second was still awe-inspiring. The Holy Force was like a sea like a deep sea. It passed through the heavens and the earth. It had an endless space of hymns, and it became the border of **** in the next moment!

Where the Bloody Daoman passes. In all directions, the light is dim and free, the space is distorted and fragmented, all the light is twisted into a vortex, evacuated, absorbed, devoured, and annihilated by the knife and awn!

What kind of handprint of holy light, orange-level swordsmanship, power of alien crystal, bloodline supernatural power, fourteen holy realms of four or more brewing offensives, have been swallowed by the **** sword!

The sharp edge of the sword, even the direction of attack has been reversed!


An elderly goat-beard wanted to expand his proud body, raided Lin Chen, and grabbed Luo Yaoer's vital point.

His body had just unfolded and escaped into the void, but he could not quench the aftertaste of being protected by the sword. The moment the whole body of the Holy Power was disintegrated, the Holy Blood raged and the Holy Spirit was drained half!

At the next moment, he was involuntarily sucked by the Scarlet Sword! His face is full of panic!

Bang ~! A piece of golden light slashed down from the sky, cutting off the suction like **** demon abyss, and the golden spear of the burning sun of the heavenly king did not know when to hold it in his hand.

"Sense...Thank you for your help!"

The sage of the goat hair was cold and sweating, and thanked quickly.

"Dont think about attacking that teenager, the opponent we face is the strongest level you have encountered so far, she gave us this distracting opportunity! Give me a twelve points of spirit, we only need to delay her to be ours victory!"

Tianming Daosheng's voice spread through the ears of Qun Sheng, and all the saints swallowed subconsciously.

Bang ~! Heaven Sword Sword Saint made another sword, this sword was absolutely stunning, like a thousand of Yinhui poured down, the Milky Way fell for nine days, Sheng Hui shone the world, full of the power of alien crystal and orange-level sword!

Fight again!


"Good! This knife is too domineering!"

Lin Chen witnessed the battle in the nine-color light cocoon, and was shaken by Luo Yaoer's means!

Luo Yaoer and 14 holy realms fought together. Although the battle was terrifying, they did not hurt the area near Lin Chen. It was obviously Luo Yaoer specially protected Lin Chen.

Bang ~!

With a long roar and a flash of blue light, Lin Chen released his blue dragon!

The dragon has three hundred feet, the dragon pupil shines like a star jade, the blue is blue, the dragon scale is light blue, the dragon tail is blue, the dragon claws cloud, the phoenix wings are purple, the appearance looks like heaven, and the magnificent wilderness.

This is a genuine holy dragon! An eighth-order holy dragon enough to cross the border to match two holy caves!

Qinglong protected Lin Chen from death to death, so that he would not be affected in any way.

"My background is completely enough to impact the Holy Realm! Even to say, more than enough! On the cultivation of war spirit, I broke down many sacred skeletons, on the accumulation of the soul, I passed countless life and death, from Kyushu to kill all the way to the Holy Realm, killing the Holy There are a few more, on spiritual tempering, even Shenwei can't crush me by half!"

Lin Chen's eyes showed a terrible momentum!

With the power of the ancient gods remaining in his body, Lin Chen can save and explode and become sanctified immediately!

But he did not have the first time to impact the hexagonal brilliance of an inch below his heart, but he kept recollecting and sharpening his soul.

Holy Realm is a realm that transforms into a new life. Sanctification will mean surpassing the level of mortals.

When impacting the Holy Land, radiating a persons life-long experience, potential, tempering, and accumulation will become an important factor in sanctification. Not only will it increase the success rate of sanctification, but more importantly, under the premise of sufficient talent, A "burst hole" will occur!

Bursting points are basically the conditions that will only happen when entering the Holy Land for the first time. It refers to the signs of successive bursting points when a person's life potential, blood talent, spiritual accumulation, and spiritual tempering reach a new height!

Heavenly arrogance, the opening of a holy cave is the promotion of the holy realm, which can already become a step in the sky and become a dragon!

However, there are a few super geniuses who are able to burst into the holy land when they step into the holy realm, and continuously open 2 to 3 or even 4 holy caves!

Breaking holes depends not only on talent, but talent only occupies a small part. In the final analysis, it depends on personal tempering and accumulation. This is crucial!

Super first-class genius, a higher chance to achieve "burrow", most super geniuses can burst to 2 to 3 holy holes when they advance to the saint.

Only super genius, it is possible to burst to 4 holy holes!

The explosion of 4 holy caves means that sanctification is the mid-term of the Holy Realm!

And those historical monster-level geniuses known as the end of the Ten Thousand Years' Sinister List have a slight chance to burst 5 holes in a row!

And the achievement of more than 5 holy caves can only be achieved by the enchanting list of the past dynasties!

And it is only possible, not every monster can achieve more than 5 results, this result is really too difficult to go up!

You need to challenge the saint with the emperor, hunt the sacred beast, and fight the holy realm in order to burst the five points. It is difficult and too difficult to burst the hole 6 times in a row.

This is why Jian Qingcheng will never be sanctified. She has been pursuing more extreme swordsmanship and fighting, constantly sharpening her spirit, accumulating spiritual experience, for the occasion of sanctification, more burrows!

So, how many holy caves can Lin Chen explode?