My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1115

Vol 5 Chapter 1115: Lin Chen's Ambition

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Burial in the Holy Mountains, the center of the Tomb House.

"It's her... the chaos of the holy prison that year, I haven't been in the holy world, I can't think of meeting such a legend today..."

Haotian Saint King is in the blood demon burial holy array, extracting the remaining saints flesh and blood essence in the array, like a stream of light injected into the body, the heart has palpitations, his face is full of fear!

He learned that he had no chance to shake the opponent unless the body was born and fought to death.

The main reason is that this formation is derived from the devil's handwriting. If he uses the Holy King Xiu as the formation, it is completely another result. Unfortunately, there is no time for this time.

"This time let this boy let a lot of people go. I am afraid that my inheritance news will spread out. I know that I have an affair with the Devil. The genius who can come next time is estimated to have nothing to see. "

Holy King Haotian returned to the tomb and looked gloomy.

At this time, there are more than 100 geniuses in the tomb!

These geniuses were either shocked or courageously asked the Holy Heaven Haotian respectfully.

"See Lord Saint King, we are willing to follow Lord Lord! As for the evaluation of the world, the winner is the king and the loser is the pirate. We never care about these. Lord Saint is willing to pursue a higher realm, I will wait to die and follow!"

Several geniuses kneeled on one knee and stood in the corner of the mouth of Haotian Saint King in the void.

The thoughts of these young people can be seen through at a glance, and they do not hide it.

Among the forces where some of their geniuses are located, Mo said that the Ninefold Holy Realm, not even the Eighth Holy Realm, has doomed them to grow in the future!

Since there is a supreme saint in front of him, why not follow the king!

If you can get the favor of the Holy King, it is not a great blessing to simply enjoy a kind of exercise?

As for the so-called pursuit of Mozu power, these are all floating clouds! In this world, strength is king!

Haotian Shengwang knows his present situation and his news has been spread. The genius who will come next time may not have the foundation of these little guys.

In any case, they also passed the screening of the first and second levels. At present, they only want to implement their own "plan", and only they can use it!

"Neither, since you have the heart to pursue this king, then eternal swear allegiance to this king! This king gives you enough strength!"

The Holy King released the Holy Prestige, a faint way, and all the geniuses kneelly surrender!

However, only one person did not kneel.

The man's black robe, his eyes like an eagle owl, exuded a fierce mang that was darker than darkness.

It was the mysterious young man who first felt Lin Chen who was in the "Congenital Shadow Technique" before entering the Sacred Mountain Range!

"Hao Tian Sheng Wang, I have a cooperation, I do not know if you are interested."

The man actually sent a voice to the Holy King Haotian, and their eyes were awe-inspiring!

"Another interesting young man..."


Buried outside the holy mountains;

The saints who had been fighting for thousands of appearances shuddered and retreated!

so horrible! One person alone keeps the Fourteen Saints and still has the upper hand!

The origin of this woman is so horrible!

They saw with their own eyes that the saint who had attempted to attack Lin Chen just now was almost swallowed by the magical energy emitted by her knife!

If one is caught off guard, the sage quadruple may also fall on the spot!

This type of battle is even rare for them!

"The old man has never seen a battle of this size. This is the rarest Xeon Jihad in the history of the Southern Territory!"

A sage from the Southern Territory swallowed a difficult word.

Another saint's eyes shone, staring at Lin Chen's direction, and said: "The dark horse club's peerless demon, Lin Chen, seems to be concentrating life potential, impacting the Holy Realm, and brewing a hole!"

"He stood up after breaking through, and his life potential was stimulated to the extreme. I don't know how many holes he can burst with his ability?"

"At least..." Some saints pondered for a moment, tentatively said: "There must be three?"

"Hey! I guess it's four holy dens. This kid is making a big noise in the holy king's tomb. No other genius can have his kind!"

"Huh! You look down upon this young man too, and I want to say that he can burst five points! This is a unique demon. In the future, he will definitely step into the existence of the demon list, and the warlord Xiu has forced the Holy King out, Who can have this accumulation?"

A group of old antique saints from all over the 36 domains whispered to each other.

The geniuses of the Holy Realm are as numerous as Hengsha. All the saints present think about which was not a genius with a strong spirit and which is not on the genius list. They have a young and frivolous years of their own.

But the limitation of the genius list is always there, unless it is in the top ten thousand.

The demon list is different!

The list of geniuses is changing countless times, but the list of demon is still only 10,000 places!

In the thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm, there are too many geniuses born. To surpass them to become a genius, which is not a legend that creates a historical story!

The evil spirits between the evil spirits list cannot be secretly killed in life and death, they must be reported to the high level, and the life and death battle can only be carried out after permission! Unauthorized life-and-death battles will be punished from the'high-level'!

From a single point, it can be seen that the genius list and the demon list are different. The degree of the top power of the Holy Realm to the demon list is not comparable to the genius list!

Today, we can witness a horrifying world of evil spirits comparable to the list of evil spirits, and everyone is unwilling to miss this eternal scene!

"That kid is Lin Chen? Sure enough, he is the dragon and the phoenix among people. It is indeed the person who killed my top genius in the Sun and Moon Hall..."

"It looks like we have a chance to kill him now! The time when he was sanctified was the weakest!"

Many saints naturally have Lin Chen's enemies.

Forces like the Sun and Moon Hall do not resemble the Hundred Gates, only one Oriental Yao.

The Nangong Ruin, which fell in the hands of Lin Chen, was not the only top genius in the Sun and Moon Hall. They and the genius of the previous generation were included in the top 10,000 genius lists, attempting to enter the Sacred Mountain Range and obtain a holy fate.

There are also those geniuses who were killed by the Black Horse Club in the life and death reincarnation competition. Some of the forces behind them are also present today, staring at Lin Chens situation!


"Don't be fooling, little nizi, this battle is no longer a specification that our old guys can interfere with!"

Ao Qing old man in Wan Qing Hall seriously scolded the girls, and even the two princesses of Fu Shengguo were reprimanded!

The current battle situation is very complicated. It concerns the demon clan, and it moves the whole body in one stroke. The forces behind it will be destroyed and destroyed.

They dare not rush to help Lin Chen this time!

Ning Qingxuan was so anxious that he fisted his fists, his nails cut through the faint blood, and dripped into the void.

Ao Qing sighed in his eyes. This nizi has a unique talent, the highest existence in Wan Qing Palace in history, and cultivated their inherited mentality, and the state of mind has already been extraordinary.

"Only this kid can affect you to this point...if this kid falls, I am afraid that this nizi will fall into endless hatred. For the mentality, cultivation is not advancing..."

Ao Qing seemed expressionless, but in fact his heart was anxious.

Yue Qingli grabbed her sister's jade hand and comforted: "Seven younger sisters, His Excellency Lin Chen will surely come forward, and he will be safe and sound."

Yue Youlan cried silently, and prayed for "Zhende Shuai" in her heart; God, if you want to punish, punish Youlan alone, Youlan is willing to bear any pain and punishment for Zhende Shuai son...

Sun Yueer Hao bit his teeth tightly, even daring to open his eyes to see Lin Chen's direction.

However, at the next moment, the faces of the saints watching changed again!

An old man in the Holy Realm seemed to see a ghost, staring at Lin Chen's nine-color light cocoon, muttering.

"My God, no, how big is this kid's ambition..."