My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1116

Vol 5 Chapter 1116: Lin Chen The Strongest Promotion In The History Of Shock

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Lin Chen devoted himself to the sharpening of his soul and his spiritual accumulation. The back and forth of his life, the enemies he encountered, flashed across his mind.

"It's time, there is no better chance than now! Blood Flame Saint Dragon Pill, come out!"

Lin Chen's thought urged the Blood Flame Saint Dragon Pill in Dantian, and transformed from the young Dan to the finished Saint Pill!

At the moment when the finished Shengdan was born, all kinds of medicines were refined into the body. Lin Chen, who was in the nine-color light cocoon, ignited a round of blood flames, and the blood was strong, and began to condense towards the last dragon force!

"It's not over yet!" Between Lin Chen's eyebrows, a terrible vitality broke out!

Buzz~! Endless spiritual fluctuations surged from the eyebrows, and the massive spiritual attribute values of the five avatars were continuously injected into Lin Chens spirit to understand the "spirit bridge" in the sea. In the sky!

Bang ~!

Everyone clearly feels; from Lin Chens direction, there is a strong energy fluctuation, strong like a dragon, blood and blood, like blood flame burning on Lin Chens body, igniting nine-color light cocoons, Long Xiao Shake the sky.

A group of spiritual storms brewed from the top of Lin Chen's head, resembling a torrential rain pear blossoms, sky and rain. There is a tendency to go up to Jiuxiao and go down to Jiu You!

This momentum has shaken the hearts of every saint fiercely!

Such a vision, they can not admit their mistakes!

This is a sign of imminent spiritual sanctification and physical sanctification!

Coupled with the sign of the nine-color light cocoon brewing the Holy Light, the chance that these three visions can appear at the same time is infinitely close to zero!

It only exists in the illusory legend of the Holy Realm!

The strongest promotion in history, the Trinity!

"To turn the sky... This kid really wants to turn the sky!"

"He was going to take advantage of the momentum of breaking through, the moment with the strongest life potential, struck the Three Saints in one blow!"

"This is a true trinity. He wants to be sanctified by the flesh at the same time, cultivated as a saint, spiritually sanctified, and simultaneously promoted to the status of the three saints. It is perfect and seamless!"

"It's terrible! All of us underestimate Lin Chen's ambitions. He not only pursues the perfect hole, but also the most difficult Trinity in history to advance!"

"This is definitely a moment to witness history. The sanctified genius of the Trinity has only existed in the legend so far. If he can accomplish this feat, he must be the first genius in the list of evildoers!"

Countless veteran saints have different expressions, there are tears in their hearts excited, there are people who are crazy and crazy, and there are murderous surges!

No one expected this result. The Trinity is the most difficult part of sanctification!

Throughout the ages, countless pretentious geniuses attempted to impact this difficulty, ended in failure, and even laid a chance to bury their perfect "burrowing hole" for this purpose. In the end, only one holy cave was opened. Ordinary sanctification, inaction, and reduced to the lowest saint. territory!

So far, with countless blood lessons, I dont know how many geniuses, peerless evildoers, and dare to bet on my own destiny to challenge the strongest promotion of the Trinity!

This time, Lin Chen is a little different!

He is not like the genius of the past, the thunder is heavy and the rain is small.

His accumulation in the three major fields is extremely solid. The body of the flesh has long been transformed into a holy body. Now, with the momentum of breaking up and adding ``to raise the pill with the body'', two forces help him accumulate a lot!

Mental power has already entered half of the peak of the Holy Spirit. After sneaking and breaking the ancient array of the Holy King of Haotian, he obtained the highest high-level spiritual power of 990,000 points in history.

Until now, his avatar is still helping him refine the massive spiritual power transformed from the spiritual power value!

The saint has a hunch that he is very likely to succeed!

"You can't let this guy get promoted successfully!"

"If this child is sanctified by the Trinity, it will surely be a real dragon flying into the sky, and it will be unstoppable. It must be strangled again!"

The three saints in the Sun and Moon Hall are full of fierce light, and the two holy realms from the Hundred Gates look at each other and they hit each other!

Kill Lin Chen!

call out! call out! call out!

Hundred Holy Gate, Sun and Moon Hall, and the Five Saints come out together.

"Oops, the Sun Moon Hall and Baishengmen shot!"

"Yes, these old guys are really disregarding their faces, and they are so aimed at a junior, and their old faces are gone!"

Numerous saints scolded in their hearts that the Baishengmen is now down and not to mention, the Sun and Moon Hall is the strongest sect below the Sixth Grade sect, among the top. Among the saints present, there is no background of the Sixth Grade sect, and no one dares to protect Lin Chen!

The Five Saints turned into five streamers, and the line around the backsliding tore the void and raid Lin Chen!

Luo Yao'er, who was fighting hard, turned his eyes slightly and narrowed his eyes.

"Mary ants, find death!"

She turned the offensive, her hand shook her magic knife tightly, and the blade pulled out a strange and **** knife!

Daomao swept towards the space behind Lin Chen. Wherever he passed, the magic sounds rose up, and the ghostly crying wolf howl of "Woo Woo" was scratched. Strangled the space to disintegrate and explode, sucking up the quadruple attacks of the three nearby holy realms, terrified that the three holy bodies manifested their respective methods and quickly retreated!

Daomang line has a spare flash, when a large amount of fragmented space debris is free from the void, it is swallowed by the Daomang, and the light is eaten into nothingness, like a side of the magic prison!

Buzz~! In the blazing sun in the sky like a sky, a dozen fingers of vast expanse of holy light were crushed to crush the sword!

Immediately after Tian Ming Dao Sheng Gu Changtian swayed the Dao sword, hundreds of knives were slashed in the sky.

Gu Changtian had a knife in his hand, dominating the Eight Wastelands, blocking the position of Lin Chen in the air, facing Luo Yaoer indifferently.

"You seem to care very much about the young man. There is a flaw in the attack. Now you can't break through our offensive."

"Death!" Luo Yao'er became more and more indifferent, and his inner heart was shaken with a touch of emotion. Her flaws were caught by the two great Xeon holy realms present, and she was delayed! Don't let her offensive leak out!


Lin Chens holy dragon sensed that a saint was approaching and roared angrily, igniting azure blue light all over his body, and wanted to make the strongest blow!

Just as Lin Chen was also preparing to use the last two tactics to kill his enemies, a mental wave that made him both familiar and somewhat strange emerged from the top of his head!

"This...this is!"

Unexpectedly, a holy light without warning suddenly descended from above nine days!

"Who dares to move my squad leader, I will destroy him!"

boom! boom! boom!

Five spiritual waves, like five meteors falling, hit the five holy realms hidden for dozens of miles!

The spirit of the Five Saints was shaking, and his face was pale. The spiritual strength of the Double Saints of the Baishengmen was a little weak, and the corner of the mouth was directly bleeding.

Repel the Five Saints in one blow? Another strong man came!

Everyone took a closer look, and a silver-haired man landed next to Lin Chen's nine-color light cocoon.

This man has a demeanor, with silver hair and light hair, skin surpassing snow, face like snow jade, bright eyes and bright teeth, collar like larvae, facial features and flawless appearance, beyond countless handsome men and women in the world.

His white dress wins the snow, perfectly highlighting the slender figure like Chunyang willow branches.

A few geniuses can't help but hold their breath...

This person may be a little strange to some old saints, but for some of them monster-level genius, but the apex of looking up exists!

This is another legend!

No. 1 in the genius list, son of surprise!