My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1117

Vol 5 Chapter 1117: The First Genius List The Battle Of Evil.

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Everyone is dumbfounded!

Only a dozen people on the field recognized the identity of the people in white!

Two years ago, with a peerless appearance, he defeated the number one genius list and became the culmination of a new generation of genius list.

The top genius list, the son of surprise Han Yizhi!

It also has another title.

The most beautiful boy in the Holy World!

Really, it is better to be known than to meet!

Even the "old rivers and lakes" who have seen countless beautiful women are also a little stunned.

The peerless eyes circulate deep and endless spiritual fluctuations, as if as long as you gaze at the moon-like eyes, you will be lost forever in the endless spiritual world, making people irresistible and intoxicated.

The gentleness between his eyebrows reveals the shyness of the teenager, and the smile also reveals the bleak look of the woman in the country.

This person seems to be only in heaven!

"Is this spirit aura, is it Zhiyi... so powerful, there is a simple taste in the aura, it should inherit some special power..."

Lin Chen concentrated on impacting the realm, and only a ray of spiritual thought could perceive the arrival of Han Yizhi.

Han Yizhi didn't turn his head back, and raised his hand to Jiu Guangguang Cocoon with a thumbs up.

Lin Chen's mind was steady, and he was fully focused on impacting the realm, everything was in silence.

After the ancient god's post-breaking power became more and more powerful, after stimulating Lin Chen's life potential, such as a torrent of infinite energy washing Lin Chen's wounds over and over again, while recovering, he became beyond the heyday. The icon's taste!

On the other side; Han Yizhi's horizontal emergence shocked everyone, and the single person blocked the Five Saints, which made more people guess and know his identity!

Seeing that Han Yizhi is a helper, Luo Yao'er's mind is steady, and her experience is not trivial. You can see the powerful power hidden in Han Yizhi's body.

Unless, the demon list shot!

The faces of the Five Saints in the Sun Moon Hall and the Baishengmen were rather ugly. When they were helpless, Shenghui reflected the sky, Yunxiaxiawei, and sprinkled a piece of auspicious light.

"A good genius list is the first. The people in the dark horse club kill me four geniuses of the sect. Do you want to stop us with one person?"

The two men, bathed in Shenghui, walked out slowly. The overbearing between the eyebrows and the eyes seemed to be watching the beings and ruled the world!

Immediately to the west, a shadow appeared again, like a dark moon in the sky!

In the dark moon, there came out a weak old man like a wind, white-haired crane face, leaning on a cane, a pair of eyes fascinating like Yuan.

"The old man is the old bone of the Dark Heaven Temple in the Southern Region, little fellow, this son killed me the Dark Heaven genius in the Southern Region, Fei Anxing, I always want to say that others dont dare to move you, it doesnt mean that the Dark Heaven Temple doesnt dare. ."

Han Yizhi's small face appeared dignified.

These three people, each saint is the existence of 30 holy caves in full bloom! Holy Peak Triple Peak!

"It's useless to say more. Seeing the truth, I won't take a step back!"

Han Yizhi's white and ruddy fingertips knotted the handprints, and the glorious spirit of Xueguang shrouded Lin Chen's body, like an eggshell, protecting Lin Chen!

"Oh, the old man hasn't shot for a long time. Today I want to see what you can do on the top of your genius list!"

"Several ones over there, the three of us hold them back, you go and get Lin Chen out!"

The three holy realms screamed loudly, but the sun and moon hall waited for the five holy faces, but they nodded.

Han Yizhi smiled slightly, his style was peerless.

"None of you will break through my defense."

Bang ~!

As soon as the words fell, the aura of blue spiritual light came from out of thin air, forming a spiritual encircling circle, encircling the group of eight people!

"Spiritual Enchantment? What a strong mental force!"

"Can't last long, break him!"

The two sides immediately fought, and the means displayed by Han Yizhi frightened the faces of thousands of holy realms watching from afar!

Only one person actually blocked the Eight Saints, which is the number one genius list today! Such a combat power, it is not inferior to the evil spirit list!

"Interesting, more and more interesting. Hahahaha!"

At this time, the laughter shook the world and the world changed.

Everyone took a closer look, it was Xiao Jing!

In his eyes, there was a brutal killing intention: "It makes you grow up, but it is really a threat. In the future, it may really make you rise to the list of evildoers. When the time comes to kill you again, it will be difficult. However, today you can die under my sword, which is considered to be the right place!"


A shattering sound like a dragon shook the sky, the sacred heart trembling!

The demon list, the devil, is about to shoot!

Between the evil spirits list, life and death are strictly prohibited.

Xiao Jing shot himself, on behalf of him, he recognized Lin Chens threat! The future will threaten the existence of his shocking demon!

Xiao Jing holds a sword, his eyes are starry sky, and his sword is full of anger. A spiral of sword gas storm circulated near his sword!

It was a sword like a dragon, the whole body was black and ink, and the sword body was embellished with a little red awn, like red training under the stars.

Thick, long and dark, everyone saw the first impression of this sword. And sharp enough to tremble the saint!

Second grade? Third grade? Or Sipin?

No, maybe more than that! This is a powerful sword beyond measure!

Han Yizhi's small face was particularly solemn in time.

"Xiao Jing of the evil spirits list, this man's combat power is extremely strong, and the means of the evil spirits list can be said to be heavenly.

Han Yizhi's complexion emerged with determination, and he was planning to use some killer skills...

Haven't waited for everyone to look forward to the sword of this terrifying demon, with a sip of coldness to deter the heroes!

"Who dares to move him!"

Bang ~! There was a crack in the sky, and the light was rolling down.

In the vast light, a lot of orange-clear lotus flowers are constantly blooming, and the world is magnificent. Among the thousands of orange lotus blooms, beautiful, forming a superb scene in the world!

The snow-white delicate lotus foot stepped on the lotus and lighted the blue waves, and stepped down from the void, the girl-like beauty of the orange girl and the beautiful face, like an angel.

The angelic face, the temperament between the eyebrows and the eyebrows are very charming and sultry, as if a look, can provoke the male desire of any man. There is also a hot figure that can't be moved, and the charm of the inverted beings exudes with a smile, and it is enchanting to the extreme!

Almost everyone has only one subconscious reaction: the most beautiful fairy!

Only a few of the saints recognized this fairy-like charmed woman.

Xiao Jing's expression suddenly became solemn!

Zixia Wanggu, the contemporary Shaogu master, one of the top ten beautiful beauties of the evil demon list, the little demon queen!

"Lin Chen is covered by me, Xiao Jing, you try him, I don't mind to scrap your third leg."

The little demon smiled slightly, the laughter was soft and light, and the murderous secret was hidden.

Some young geniuses have a fledgling genius, and they react instantly.

Only Xiao Jing frowned, "Why, you can't have a leg with this Lin Chen?"

The little demon flicked her ears and said indifferently: "Are you a man or a yin and yang person? Why is it that a chicken lady, either fight or roll. I have nothing to do with your ten legs, you do not chase you Goddess of the Flame Palace, come here to make trouble?"