My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1118

Vol 5 Chapter 1118: Dark Horse Club All Staff Are Outrageous

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"Humph!" Xiao Jing sneered. "You and I are not far behind in ranking. Don't be arrogant there. I don't know who will die!"

Boom~! A dragon-like sword light shattered the sky, pointing at the demon with lightning!

The little demon came out with one finger, and the slender, jade finger made a horizontal stroke, pulling an orange light training in the air, exploding the sky full of sword light!

Xiao Jinglian stepped on the sword dragon and flashed horizontally. The little demon pointed to the void and gave birth to Wan Lian. Zhou Tian changed and crashed!

Qunsheng breathed a hard air!

It was another shocking world war, and it started, and it amazed everyone!

The showdown of the enchanted list! Every move is almost flawless and seamless! Between the offensive transitions, the battle is sublimated into an artistic match!

For the sake of a Lin Chen, the first beautiful boy in the Holy Realm, the demon list, and the demon queen are all born!

"This trip to the Sacred Mountains is really right..."

"There was a witch with a sword to fight the saints in the front, then there was a genius list with the first one to fight the eight saints, and there was a strong showdown in the demon list, all together!

"This Lin Chen, too strong, will become the core of the big storm no matter where he is!"

The group saints were amazed, but Ning Qingxuan felt a little uneasy.

She may be intuitive, she always feels that there are certain crises spying on Lin Chen...

At the moment when the group of holy wars were turned upside down; Lin Chen was focused on the position of the first holy cave at the next inch of the heart.

"Explode the hole, we must control all the positions of the holy hole, and brew the potential of life to the peak when it hits, rushing to the top, second, third, fourth..."

Lin Chen remembered all the locations of the holy acupoints he received, and the corner of his mouth rose slightly.

He also has killer skills!

On spiritual accumulation and soul sharpening. Lin Chen is confident and not inferior to anyone!

But he has a disadvantage, that is talent. In all fairness, Lin Chen can be regarded as a talent, but compared to the existence of these demon lists, it can't be ranked at all.

One of his killer skills can make up for this flaw perfectly!

That is his phantom avatar!

Whether it is fighting or life-saving, cultivation, this killer rune that Lin Chen regards as the strongest trump card has never disappointed Lin Chen!

He impacted the cultivation of the Holy Realm, and when he adjusted the Qiqi to the peak, the avatar could practice synchronously with him, and he could also carry out the same bottleneck accumulation!

In other words, Lin Chen's five avatars impacted the Holy Realm, which is equivalent to six Lin Chen's impacts on a Holy Realm! For promotion, only Lin Chen is the only person!

If the impact of the Holy Realm is repaired, it is liken to push a door open, everyone else pushes the door with one person, and he, Lin Chen, pushes the door with six people!

And the gains are only owned by one person!

It doesn't matter if you don't have talent, then it's enough to work hard and accumulate!

This capital, Lin Chen is more powerful than anyone!

This is an advantage not possessed by any genius or demon list!

"It's time, avatar, out!"

Brush ~!

The five sacred lights descend from the sky, and all avatars of Zhende Chang, Zhende Jiu, Zhende Ying, Zhende Shuai, Zhende Xiu, Lin Chen are born!

"This... this is the genius of the dark horse club!"

"They were all unscathed? Didn't they stay in Lin Chen's air-transplantation bladder before?"

When the heroes were puzzled, at the next moment, many geniuses were dumbfounded, all staring at all the geniuses in the dark horse club like a ghost!

boom! boom! boom!

The Nine-Color God Light rises into the sky, the five avatars sit in the void, the light blooms, and they condense into one-nine-color light cocoons to wrap themselves.

At this moment, all the sages present were amazed and all young geniuses were frightened!

How ridiculous is the dark horse club...

They actually want to be sanctified on the same day and at the same moment!

"I... I'm really right, what are these little guys doing? Six people... six people have to be sanctified at the same time!"

"The old man has lived countless epochs, I am afraid I will never see anything more outrageous than this..."

"Six peerless geniuses should be sanctified at the same time! My God, even if Lin Chen stood alone, would they all stand behind him?"

"What the **** did they do in the tomb of the Holy King, the six were sanctified, which was terrible..."

A group of old saints, when they saw the six nine-color light cocoons condensed, this scene almost suffocated them!

The chance of sanctification is the unprecedented chance of genius!

The genius list of each generation is one hundred thousand geniuses, and in the end there is no big deal of sanctification!

Only Jian Qingcheng's anti-heaven warlords who have genius...blood, experience, tempering, soul, and all fields can be sacred!

Throughout the 36 domains, how many swords are there?

As far as the genius on the bright side is concerned, there is only one sword allure! It's the one that came out in millions of years!

In the dark horse club, everyone is not lost to Jian Qingcheng's peerless attitude!

A question haunts everyone's mind!

Are these young people really human?

Jian Qingcheng's fighting spirit covered Qian's eyes, blue waves circulated, gazing at Lin Chen's direction, his heart was both complicated and amazing!

She pursued the state of her life, tempered the swordsmanship for thousands of years, and asked herself invincible hands under the holy realm. Now, not only has someone surpassed him, but there are five not inferior to her existence!

"Master, as you said, people really can't blind their eyes. This world is big and big. There are always some supernatural existences, born between heaven and earth..."

Jian Qingcheng murmured like a dream, and his mind seemed to have some sublimation, which was more complete!

However, in the next moment, Jian Qingcheng's heart shivered!

In Lin Chen's position, she felt similar energy of qi and blood and spiritual fluctuation...

Could it be that?

The dark horse club, all the people are sanctified, very outrageous? It's really ridiculous!

Almost everyone believes that there is nothing more outrageous in this world!

However, the mental storm and the violent blood storm of the violent wind and rain still broke Lin's cognition!

boom! boom! boom!

The strongest energy of qi and blood fluctuates, like the roaring of billions of dragons, deterring the sky, shaking the sky, and erupting on all the geniuses in the dark horse club. Approaching the Holy Land!

boom! boom! boom!

An angry dragon-like spiritual storm raged over the tops of the five geniuses and merged into a gigantic spiritual dragon, with spiritual power like the sun and menstruation, spanning the sky and dominating Kyushu!

Everyone's consciousness exploded and their scalp numb!


Weird silence!

In addition to the raging mental storm and the burning blood, everyone fell into a state of stopping thinking!

They... still underestimated the monsters in the dark horse club...

Regardless of whether they are young, impatient, monster-level geniuses, or those who have experienced vicissitudes and experienced endless antiques and holy places...

At this moment, their expressions were all very consistent, all opened their mouths wide, their eyes almost glared out, and stayed in place!

There are some old people who passed out in shock on the spot!


No, much more! No one guessed their ambitions!

The Black Horse Club wants all members to attack the Holy Trinity!

At this moment, the history of the Holy Realm has opened a new page!