My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1119

Vol 5 Chapter 1119: Sanctification Of The Flesh

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Jian Qingcheng's beautiful eyes were trembling and muttered to himself.

"He...all of them must be sanctified in flesh, sanctified in spirit, and consecrated in the same day!"

The scene is extremely chaotic!

"Elder... Elder passed out!"

"Hurry...hurry to call the old patriarch..."

"The old patriarch also passed out!"

"What did I crack my grass! What is this?"

"All Trinity? Crazy, it must be crazy!"

Many old antique holy places are directly frightened by this scene!

Throughout the ages, no one dared to think like this, no one dared to do so!

The sanctification of the Trinity is like an illusory legend, like a mountain where no one has climbed, and everyone is looking up to this mountain.

But today, six people suddenly appeared, telling the world that these six people are about to set foot on the high mountain regarded as a legend at the same time!

This is no longer a description of the horror of the world, it can be described as a miracle reproduction!

"Miracle! This is a miracle! This is the reincarnation of the true **** sent by the gods!"

Some old antique holy realms were tearful, and the saints who believed in the true **** bowed down directly in the direction of Lin Chen!

A hidden quartet of quartet old antique eyes gleamed, excitedly murmured: "The Holy World is about to change, history will be rewritten, and the name of the dark horse club will always be extolled!"

The two holy realms, Gu Changtian and Dari Fen Tian Shengjun, who were fighting Luo Yaoer, couldn't help but cast their horrified eyes in the direction of Lin Chen.

"My human race actually gave birth to such evil wizards..."

"Where did these little guys come from? It's too shocking to be secular..."

The two sacred realms did not dare to be too distracted and devoted themselves to the battle.

"What a terrible fighting power, if she insists on breaking through, a magic knife is enough to kill, and our number can't stop her from doubling. If it weren't for the sake of protecting the teenager, she had already broken through."

"What is the relationship between this kid and her..."

Qun Sheng secretly shocked himself, and the offensive was extremely cautious.

Luo Yaoer had a knife in his hand, killing a group of holy cards, and the fourteen holy realms worked hard just to stop her.


The sword light exploded and the Holy Lotus lotus was opened all over the sky. Xiao Jing and the demon stepped back ten steps each, and met their opponents.

The monsters in the monster list are difficult to score unless they have a huge gap in rankings or a battle between life and death.

The little demon's slender jade finger flicked and flicked, and the lotus sky, like a golden net covering the world, covered Xiao Jing's endless sword spirit.

"It is worthy of the guy who can repel Lin Xingchen. Lin Chen and the guys around him are not simple..."

She glanced at Lin Chen's side, her lips slightly raised, revealing a smile that charmed all beings.

Xiao Jing's eyes, Yu Guang, looked at the Trinity sanctification signs of Lin Chen and others, and his heart sank!

"Is the person around this kid also some amazing wizard..." Xiao Jing's eyes narrowed, and then he sneered at the demon queen; "He has an ambiguous relationship with the demon girl, you dare to help him, is to let Zixia Wanggu In the midst of the crisis, you, as the young master, dont know how to weigh the pros and cons of this matter?"

The little demon flicked her sleeve and said indifferently: "It doesn't matter, you don't force Lai Lai here. Your grandma's work is always done first. You Xiao Jing should be very clear, either you can beat me out of here, or you will get out. "

Three times and four times I was looked down on, Xiao Jing thundered angrily: "A woman who relies on the identity of Zixia Wanggu Shaogu, you really think you have nothing to do! Today I will break your mind! "

"Pretend to be a big-tailed wolf, your aunt can knock you over with one hand!"

The battle between the two evils increased by one point.

Hidden to watch the group holy war circle, several obscure eyes locked Lin Chen.

"Four adults, when will you do it?"

The questioner is the man in gray robe wearing a ghost face! He had assassinated Lin Chen in the Sacred Mountain Range!

When the assassination failed, he immediately notified others!

The four men with eagle eyes and owl masks beside the ghost-faced gray robe said indifferently.

"Mo Ji, the people of Zixia Wanggu are still hidden in the dark, and we may not be able to win the kid now!"

"You have to wait. The cloudy fuzhao has been passed to the organization. As long as the two captains arrive, even if there is a strong man in Zixia Wanggu, we can't stop us."

"Before that, rash actions would only reveal whereabouts and calm down. The assassination was only a matter of moments, and the child was absolutely stunning even if he was shocked, even if he is now promoted to the holy realm, it is only the lowest holy realm. Press him!"


Two gazes in the void stared at the battlefield and couldn't help but sigh.

"This action, I don't know how much impact it will bring to Zixia Wanggu. Miss just returned..."

"No way, we two old bones can't help but stop the young lady, you don't know her temper, when the young lady's five robbery and emperor's behavior, they dare to challenge a group of saints, fancy a dragon egg, stunned He broke into the nest of more than one hundred holy beasts and stolen the dragon eggs, and he didnt stop until he was able to do so.

The two figures in the crack of the hidden space are the two old men who saved Lin Chen's Zixia Wanggu!

"Speaking of this, if this kid can really complete the promotion of the Trinity, he is really qualified to join me in Zixia Wanggu..."

"Hahaha, we both wanted to go together. I'm very satisfied with this kid..."


Under the eyes of all the eyes, within the six nine-color light cocoons, there was a dragon-like blast, resounding through the sky!

"Blood Flame Saint Dragon Pill, the power absorption is completed! Ning!"

Lin Chen roared suddenly from the bottom of his heart. All the powerful qi and blood power that burned like blood flames suddenly broke through the boundaries of the whole body, turning the last meridian and the last bone into a holy body!

"Sanctify the flesh, break me!"


Six **** dragon-like dragons gleamed through the sky, and shocked everyone. At the same time, a powerful power to shake the sky was released from the genius of the dark horse club!

The group saints watching the battle dumbfounded, what a beautiful fireworks, this is the light that life breaks through the boundaries!

Sanctify the flesh and succeed!

Black Horse Club, all members exceeded 100 million dragon power!

"He... they succeeded..."

"Physical sanctification, perfect physical sanctification! His qi and blood power is still rising, and he is approaching 200 million dragon powers!"

"True perfect promotion, this is just the beginning, their trinity is sanctified, and it is really perfect and docked!"

The screams of the group's fanatical excitement, the geniuses stared intently at Lin Chen and the other six!

Bang ~! The spiritual storms above the heads of the six people throbbed, like dreams and dreams, with dim spiritual light, transmitting the nebulous light like a nebula!

Group Saint breathless!

Too domineering!

The flesh has just been sanctified, and even Yu Jin is still striking the strength of the flesh shell body, these six people have to step into the spiritual power of the holy realm!

As if this meat shell was sanctified, just a prelude before the storm!