My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1120

Vol 5 Chapter 1120: There Is Only One Person His Name Is Lin Chen.

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"My spiritual power, in the burial of the Holy Mountain, obtained the spiritual attribute light ball that fell after many saints fell, and has already been half-stepped into the position of the Holy Peak!"

As soon as the handprint changed, Lin Chen produced the cultivation handprint of the "Tai Chi Bible", and the idea was pressed!

Click~ Click~ Click~

The crisp crackling echoed Lin Chens spiritual awareness, and his "spiritual bridge" broke!

No, to be more precise, it is more like an active split, condensing a more dense and vast spiritual fluctuation!


All the spiritual power of Lin Chen reunited, and then exploded into a starry sky!

At this moment, the violent wind outside the sacred mountain range was overshadowed by the storm!

The expression of everyone was horrified and horrified, this is a sign of spiritual sanctification! It means that there are six other sacred wills born in heaven and earth!

There seems to be a starry sky above the sky!

This starry sky condensed by spiritual power spreads thousands of miles away, the stars are like Hengsha, vast, vast, slim, unreachable, beautiful!

"What a huge spiritual power, it is more than several times more powerful than when the old man was promoted!"

"Success! They succeeded again!"

"This time the promotion is not a risky entry, but a steady momentum after the steady fight, a strong promotion into the spiritual power of the Holy Land!"

"Demons! It's enough for one person to have such a strong accumulation, they are so stable that all six of them are against the sky!"

"Are they really able to create myths and promote all the trinity?"

The saints of the group shook their hearts, and the vision of burying the holy mountains awakened more powerful men to cast their eyes on this side!

Bang ~! Lin Chens spiritual understanding of the sea began to evolve into a galaxy, with as much spiritual power as stars!

Every "star" is Lin Chen's spiritual power. Even if the body is devastated and the spirit is severely damaged, as long as there is a star mental power remaining, Lin Chens spiritual form will last forever!

Compared with the previous spiritual power, the spiritual power of the half-step saint and the saint realm cannot be compared at all! One tenth of Lin Chens spiritual power is enough to crush his previous self!

As of now, Lin Chen has not really inspired his life potential. His physical sanctification and spiritual sanctification are all natural!

But at this moment, it was the moment when Lin Chen's spiritual energy was most focused.

He fell into a state of'deep meditation', his consciousness returned to what he encountered when he came to this world. Kyushu mainland, Lingzhou, wasteland, Shenwuzong...

His restart has gone through his life again, reviewing his journey and experience since his journey, and everything Lin Chen has experienced will become the cornerstone of his transformation into the level of life!

When in this state, consciousness will not wake up unless killed. Not only Lin Chen, but everyone. This is the eve of the sharpest moment of life's spiritual sharpening and spiritual accumulation!

Once interrupted, the consciousness is chaotic and wounded, and the chance to enter the Holy Land for life is extremely slim!

Two powerful saints in Zixia Wanggu secretly guard Lin Chen from the gaps in space.

They are here for this, this is also the death order of the demon queen!

At this time, Lin Chen in the nine-color light cocoon was radiant, radiant, light-hearted, and the facial features were shining brightly. This is due to the spiritual sanctification.

However, it was also a small detail that Lin Chen forgot.

After completing the promotion of the spiritual power in the Holy Land, in order to perfectly integrate the body of the flesh, there will be a small amount of spiritual refinement, just to perfectly integrate the host body.

Mental power is the form of consciousness. If the spirit breaks through, it will also transform the body into a body suitable for the current spiritual state.

Although there are not many strong men who have the spiritual power to enter the Holy Land, many people know that this is an ordinary "spiritual refining" that cannot be ordinary.

However, no one, including Lin Chen, thought that this routine "spiritual refining" would bring another great earthquake that would shake the Holy Realm!

I saw that a faint spirit Shenghui washed Lin Chen's whole body, his face and temperament were refreshed!

But so is the genius of all the dark horse clubs!

As the spiritual Shenghui entering the Holy Land washed their faces, they slowly took off a thin, cicada-like, milky-like mask.


All the saints were stunned!

The geniuses stared at the people in the dark horse club, and the pupils were terrified as the spirit washed away!

Spiritual refining will wash away all things that are not suitable for the body, including Lin Chen's thin paper "Thousand Fantasy Mask"!

At this moment, the mask fell off.

All the same and young faces appeared as if they were young!

People who witnessed the moment when the mask fell off, their brains were suddenly not enough!

Sun Yue'er's hands beside You Yousheng covered her red lips lightly, and the gentle eyes like water were full of incredible...

Sister Yue Youlan and Yue Qingli stared straight at the six people, and the heart was shocked and trembling!

The mouth of Lord Fu and Lord Shengyou gradually opened...

The holy land from the strange land is shocked and stunned!

The dozen saints and the geniuses of Xuanyu in the Southern Territory were dumbfounded!

Lin Chen, Lin Chen, or Lin Chen!

The face, figure, and breath of these six people are exactly the same!

Six Lin Chen?

The scene was once very strange...

Quiet, no one spoke!

Their eyes looked at the six men deadly, and they tried their best to explore, and their eyes were almost staring out!

But everyone has only one result!

These six people are all Lin Chen!

True or false!

Everyone's scalp blew up!

Everyone is stunned! This time it was really everyone who was ignorant!

The saints, the geniuses, the elders, and everyone looked at each other, their eyes wide and small, all shocked, suspicious, stunned, no one could tell, which one was this?

what's the situation!

What the **** is going on?

What about the people in the dark horse club? Is it all false?

How could this be fake! They really exist, they are geniuses on the genius list!

Then, a thunderous idea hit everyone!

Everyone's scalp felt numb at once, and their hearts were shaking!

A sage from the strange land woke up like a dream, his mouth trembling tremblingly.

"It turned turned out to be this way, and I finally know why... No wonder that at the Quartet Conference, the Black Horse Club has the strength of all eighth-level pharmacists!"

Perhaps from beginning to end, there is no dark horse club at all!

There are no six geniuses!

In other words, refining the eighth-order young pill at the Quartet Conference of the Strange Territory, title: Lin Chen, the true virtue of Peerless Saint Pius!

At the Quartet Conference, the young man of the age of eighth-order artifacts, Chen Dechang, was Lin Chen!

From the Southern Territory, Fu Shengguo shines, accomplishing a feat that the eighth-order apothecary can't do; repairing the appearance of Princess Shengguo's unique sword and true virtue is also Lin Chen!

It is Lin Chen who dives into the terrible forbidden land of Chen Family Purgatory Volcano Island and uses the Purgatory Volcano as a fireworks display!

In other words, on that day, those who entered Rainbow Island were simply not the six geniuses of the Dark Horse Club!

It is Lin Chen who is the real blood-washed genius list!

He swept the genius list with one person!

Entering the burial holy mountain range, slaughtering dozens of holy beasts, seeing through the conspiracy of Haotian holy king, and leading the black horse club is also Lin Chen!

The six geniuses in the so-called black horse club played the holy king of Haotian and exploded the stone tablet of the gods, which was also done by Lin Chen alone!

The monster-level geniuses in the genius list are awakening and thinking carefully!

Why, when burying the holy mountain range, everyone in the Black Horse Club knows how to fight?

Why, everyone in Dark Horse will break through and cultivate, and everyone will break through...

Because they are the same person!

This Lin Chen lied to everyone!

There is no dark horse club in this world!

Some are just an ordinary young man under the gods, with a nearly anti-celestial experience, rising from the strange territory all the way, fighting all the way to this point!