My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1121

Vol 5 Chapter 1121: Lin Chen Board The Holy Land

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The geniuses of the dark horse club are all the same person!

This news, like an unprecedented bombshell, blew everyone away!

The Sun Moon Hall, Baishengmen, Nanyu Dark Heaven Hall, Zixia King Valley, etc., all the forces and powerful people were shocked by the news!

His camouflage skills are beyond everyone's imagination, and some people are even more amazed by his admiration!

"Black... All the geniuses in the Black Horse Club are Lin Chen alone?"

"This is too ridiculous. The old man didn't even think about it..."

"This dark horse club...No, how much is this Lin Chen, against the sky."

"No wonder... No wonder Qing child said that the people in the Dark Horse Club practiced their combat skills synchronously and quickly. It turned out that the rain came like this!"

The ancestor of the Heavenly Ghost Palace is shaking and fascinated, and his expression is astonished!

As a holy-level mathematician, he had never seen any strange things, but Lin Chen's hand "hidden the sky and crossed the sea", framed everyone!

Not to mention the geniuses, even the old and rich antique holy places are shocked by this fact, and even a large number of people can't come back!

Almost no one will think about this problem, if they don't see it with their own eyes, they won't even believe it!

Everyone in the Dark Horse Club, the ranking and title are clearly registered in the genius list.

Because of this, no one has ever doubted!

Can I falsify after logging into the genius list? This Lin Chen is simply against the sky!

This kind of true and false indistinguishable avatar technique is unheard of by the well-known saints!

"Do you want to take a shot... There are too many secrets in this kid, but every point of scratching is enough to transform us to a whole new level!"

"You don't want to die! Didn't you see how strong the witch's magic knife is? You dare to play Lin Chen's idea, and later she will desperately try to kill the encirclement, even if you have a hundred lives, she is not enough to kill!"

"If you want to go crazy, you can go up by yourself. The old man can't trouble you with this trouble. The witch's knife can easily be swallowed up by the space. She is staring at her, and she can't run away without the strength of Heavenly Sword Saint!"

Some of the sacred horror of the holy situation, the companions or elders around them quickly prevented or retreated.

The situation is already extremely chaotic!

For a Lin Chen, the first genius list and the demon list have come, who knows what will happen if you fight again!

Then, the expressions of some holy realms were particularly dignified and even shivered!

Think carefully!

Looking at the genius on the genius list for thousands of years, one retreat for ten years or eight years is as simple as eating and drinking.

And he is a teenager in his early twenties, and he is not even 100 years old. Compared with the genius who has practiced for thousands of years, he is almost a child-like age!

But at this age, he has reached the foundation of physical sanctification, spiritual sanctification, as well as holy medicine and holy caster, no! To be precise, he can reach six holy level alchemists and six holy level casters alone!

Such a teenager, how terrible his future? No one dares to imagine!

Just as they never believe today that they can witness the sanctification of the Trinity with their own eyes.

Lin Chen's potential is already incalculable!

"It turned out that it was Lin Chen who was the son..." Yue Youlan was intoxicated, but it was a pity that the flowers were intentional and the water was unintentional.

"No wonder, no wonder I saw that Lin Chen always had an inexplicable heart palpitations, it turned out that Zhen De Shuai was him, he was Zhen De Shuai!"

Yue Qingli pursed her red lips lightly, her heart was not uncomplicated.

Sun Yueer stared at the six Lin Chen, his eyes blurred, and the light in his eyes seemed bright and dark.

No wonder, at that time on Rainbow Island, she had a little illusion, Lin Chen was a bit like Zhende handsome son. It turns out that he is him, he has always been Lin Chen!

Youyou Shenghu suddenly said to Lord Fu, "How many do you think your son-in-law can burst?"

The lord was shocked, and his mouth was full of bitterness, and he smiled bitterly: "This son-in-law, I can't afford to sacred the kingdom!"

With Lin Chen's performance and the potential shown now, Mo said that a holy kingdom of four ranks can be treated with the highest etiquette to any six ranks!

The sovereign thought for a moment and then said: "Perhaps, even if you can challenge the enchantment list, you may not be able to challenge success. Even the explosion of 6 holy caves, of course, I am not sure. I am the strongest genius of the holy kingdom, also in history. Only burst to the third."

Ao Qing Fuxu of Wanqing Hall nodded, "Well, what I see is the same, the old man also thinks that the result will be between 5 and 6 holy points, and the continuous bursting of the hole will be more and more difficult, starting from the 5th and back Almost every step of the history is at the level of creating history, the difficulty is too difficult, too high!"

Ye Yousheng gave Lin Chen a deep look and said, "No, maybe more than..."

You Du Sheng's evaluation of Lin Chen seems extremely high.

At the moment when the Qun Sheng blasted the pan and his heart continued to stir up the turbulent waves, Lin Chen, who was a party, was not aware of it at all.

This is the moment when the potential of life in his life is excited to the utmost. Nothing is allowed to distract him.

Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness, thinking, fighting spirit, life potential, have become more and more high and clear!

"The situation is so complicated at the moment. If I can only explode 4, 5 holy caves, it is difficult to get rid of the situation and turn the tide. I want a higher and more admirable promotion! For this, I have to bet everything!"

Lin Chen's heart can be said to be broken, and an unstoppable momentum is brewing!

Lin Chen's Nine Tribulation Wheels began to'melt', flowing to Lin Chen's whole body, and the ancient god's'Nirvana Power' merged into a brand-new force, converging like a dragon to the next inch of his heart.

Bang ~!

The endless nine-color divine light rose from Lin Chen's body, and everyone suddenly held his breath!

At this moment, Lin Chens six avatars were charged with the same piece of energy, and they aimed at an inch under the heart with all their strength. The light of the six-pointed star became more dazzling!

Lin Chen's breath, like the heavens and the earth, turned upside down! His blood is like a dance of hundreds of millions of dragons, a roaring roar, and his spirit is as vast as a star fight, as if it has opened up the signs of a world!

"It's now! The first holy cave, open it to me!"

All the origins of Lin Chen's Nine Tribulation are like the sharpest war guns between heaven and earth. Under the condensation of the body and the avatars, they burst out the strongest momentum and suddenly crashed into the heart of the "hexagonal star"!

Sigh~! Bang~!

This collision is like a volcano eruption!

This bombing is like a huge dragon breaking through the sky!

At this moment, Lin Chen's body was full of holy glow, and the momentum was violent and turbulent, sweeping across the Eight Wastelands!

He and the avatars suddenly shattered the nine-colored light cocoons that enveloped him!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

The crystal wall of the space was broken into countless fragments, and the teenager bathed in the nine-color Holy Light was reborn!

Lin Chen, board the Holy Land!

Holy moment of the Trinity!