My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1122

Vol 5 Chapter 1122: Earth Shattering Bursting Holes

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Just opening the first holy cave would be like a collapse of heaven and earth and the earth and the earth would be turned upside down.

Lin Chen's outburst has become the central point of the Funeral Mountain Range!

"The old man has never seen such a horrible first holy cave opening vision!"

"This kid is too **** strong! We all look down upon him! The physical sanctification and spiritual sanctification just now did not inspire his life potential at all!"

"It's not finished! It's not finished yet, his continuous burst of holes begins!"

Countless saints were horrified, and the roar shouted for the first time!


The second holy cave, like a real dragon flying in the sky, burst away! The momentum is as strong as the first one!

Lin Chen's robes flew, and the robe hunted and screamed, the divine power was magnificent, the divine light was thousands of miles, the momentum swallowed the eight wildernesses, like a god!

The five avatars shone with nine colors of light and fluttered their hair, and the face of Jingyan Ruyu glowed with new life. The eyes of the five people were closed, and they were extraordinary!

Bang~! Bang ~!

The third Holy Cavern followed the explosion, and the Holy Force penetrated the next Holy Cavern, radiating endless Holy Spirit to nourish Lin Chen's flesh!

Lin Chen's whole body seems to have opened up into a wild world, a series of three bursting holes, like a star shifting to the moon, shaking the world!

"The fourth holy cave, open it to me!"

Lin Chen's thoughts moved together with the avatar, and the Holy Spirit burst into a rush, and rushed into the position of the next Holy Cave!

boom! boom! boom!

This time, it was burst! Lin Chens fourth, fifth and sixth holy holes exploded even more violently than before!

"He really broke through! My goodness, that record of not being able to beat the success of many of the demon list!"

"This has hit the 4th holy cave, he can still burst to the 6th hoop in succession, my God, does he still have the strength?"

"Surely there is! The 6th are all bursting out of the continuous hole, he hopes to hit the 7th!"

Whether it's the Heavenly Ghost Palace or the Lord Fu Sheng, the almost roaring roar!


Xiao Jing's face is extremely embarrassing!

At that time, his burst hole score was only 5 holy holes, already on the list of evil spirits!

Now Lin Chen surpassed his achievements that year!

This mortal who was regarded as trash, waste, and aphids, was standing at a higher starting point than him!

"Hahaha! Xiao Jing, don't put on that dog face, the man I want to protect after the demon, will it be a commonman, I tell you, he is much more than that!"

When the little demon was in a happy mood, she smiled and charmed all beings. When Yu Guang cast her eyes on Lin Chen, her heart throbbed slightly.

"You can repel even Lin Xingchen, Lin Chen, you should be much more than that!"


Ao Qing in Wanqing Hall couldn't help but hold his breath...

Burst holes to the 6th holy hole in a row, this is already an extremely scoring achievement!

At the beginning of the Holy Land, there are 1 to 3 holy caves. In the middle period, 4 to 6 holy caves. In the later period, there are 7-9 holy caves. The 10th holy cave is a complete consummation, and the 11th is both a holy realm.

4 to 6 holy caves are the first and middle stages of the Holy Realm, Lin Chen is now equivalent to the peak of the first and middle stages of the Holy Realm!

The 7th holy cave is the final stage of the holy realm! It is much harder to climb into the sky than to go to heaven!

This is a watershed node in a realm!

Everyone hasn't recovered, Lin Chen seems to have never been expected by anyone. Lin Chen's momentum with the five avatars soared sharply, and the Holy Force carried through the sky.

boom! Rumble~!

The nine-color Holy Light exploded, rising from all over the world, and gathering in the Eight Wildernesses and Sixers! The seventh holy cave, exploded!

Bang ~!

Lin Chen was covered with seven hexagonal starbursts all over him.

The scalp of all saints and even geniuses exploded!

Seven consecutive hole bursts!

What kind of peerless talent it is, looking at the epoch of the billions of holy worlds and the extremes of the holy realm, several people can do it!

"The thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm will rise a new star, evergreen, and the Holy Realm will come to a peerless evil!"

The two retired saints are tearing in tears, and tears are excited in their eyes!

However, Lin Chen acted as if he would never follow the common sense, a blaze of blazing aurora began to emerge from Lin Chen's eyebrows!

"Sure enough! After physical sanctification and spiritual sanctification, both of them will have a crucial improvement on my burst hole!"

The sanctification of the flesh shell can make Lin Chen's life potential break through the limit! With the power of Nirvana of the ancient gods, even more powerful!

Spiritual sacredness can greatly improve Lin Chen's spiritual touch, so that his fighting spirit, consciousness, courage, perception can reach a whole new level!

Lin Chen's spiritual touch and holy power instantly locked the position of the eighth holy cave!

"The eighth holy cave, break me!!"

Lin Chen shook with a scream, and everything shook the sky, shaking the universe!

He mobilized all the powers of the five avatars, and all kinds of sacred powers were transformed into the power of the great shore pushing the three thousand worlds.

The space shook and shivered! During the changing times, the spiritual starry sky of Lin Chen and the avatars shone thousands of nine-color Shenghui!

Bang ~! Bang~!

The eighth holy cave, open!

At this moment, all excitement, ecstasy, jealousy, anger, envy, all stopped!

The heads or elders of the various forces from the Southern Region, the Wild Region, the Strange Region, the Yan Region, the Profound Region, the Yellow Region, the Sword Region, etc., all the noise and discussion came to an abrupt end!

The crowds and saints floating in the air looked like ghosts, staring at Lin Chen and other avatars with incredible eyes!

The eighth?

Eight consecutive holes!

Countless people are dizzy!

They haven't reacted yet, Lin Chen burst into the eighth holy cave!


The saints are almost crazy!

"Is this guy still human?"

"The more the hole bursts, the more horrible it is! The old man felt it very clearly in the past. The impact of the hole burst is not simply a matter of talent!"

"It is the tempering of the soul and the accumulation of the spirit! The encounter and experience of this son so far must be far beyond my imagination!"

"Look at him now, the momentum is like a rainbow, swallowing the sky. There is a taste that dominates the world, the momentum is still long-lasting, this is not like a person who bursts into the hole!"

"What did he go through to get to where he is today..."

Han Yizhi, who was trapped in a difficult battle, felt Lin Chen's breakthrough, smiled slightly, and his style was peerless-"I really deserve to be the monitor!"

Little demon queen's lips slightly lifted up-"Sure enough, I was not disappointed, Lin Chen!"

The second old man, Zixia Wanggu, who secretly protected Lin Chen, took a breath of air when he witnessed this moment!

At that time, the first-generation founder of Zixia Wanggu, the legendary legend that left behind from the Holy Realm, had never reached this height!

Potential is potential, strength is strength. But anyway, Lin Chen now has the possibility of reaching the summit!

"In other words, has this child's potential surpassed the strongest ancestor of Zixia Wanggu..."

The second old man's heart set off a storm!

Miss's vision, is it still poisonous!

There is no limit to the future of this child!