My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1123

Vol 5 Chapter 1123: The Perfect Ending

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The ancestor of the Heavenly Ghost Palace is trembling; "It can burst eight holes in a row, what did this little friend Lin Chen experience..."

An arithmetician of his level has seen too many historical anomalies!

"Within the scope of the old man's capabilities, throughout the history of the Holy World for nearly ten million years, which demon list has 5 and 6 consecutive detonation points at the time of sanctification, it is not the experience of fighting with many saints!"

"These evil spirits even experienced the five robbers and the emperor's cultivation, sacred against the sky, successively sacred the saints, and experienced them. What kind of spiritual tempering and spiritual accumulation will this little friend Lin Chen have to experience in order to achieve the eight saints? The degree of the hole!"

The saints of countless old antiques are shocked, stunned, and shocked!

They racked their brains, and it was hard to imagine what kind of experience this child had experienced in order to complete such a powerful accumulation, and he could burst 8 holy holes in one breath!

Everyone was expecting Lin Chen to get out of the gate. He was full of Shenghui, and the strength of the flesh and blood was condensed. All the spiritual powers of the avatars were condensed together. The five avatars and Lin Chen's body were closed and sitting cross-legged?

Everyone was shocked!

Did not go out...

Suddenly, another change took Lin Chen as the center and suddenly rose!

boom! boom! boom!

Sudden changes in the situation, the mountains and rivers tremble!

As if not to stop the dead, Lin Chen never acted according to common sense!

At this moment, the sky above his head rises with four brilliant stars Pole Star!

Everyone at the scene took a breath of air!

Those four "colors of jade" whose colors are different and whose energy fluctuates like a star fight are the complete inferior crystals!

Four inferior crystals!

Dark system, fire system, soil system, water system!

This child took out four inferior crystals in one breath?

What does he want to do?

It was Ao Qing from Wan Qing Dian who first reacted!

"The power of the alien crystal can help the host to impact the Holy Land to a certain extent, but does he want to refine four inferior alien crystals on the spot?"

An unprecedented horror idea rises in everyone's heart!

At this moment, Lin Chen opened his eyes and his radiance!

"The power of alien crystals is incorporated into the body!"

The four inferior crystals are like rotating polar stars, which are completely incorporated into Lin Chen's body, Zhou Tian moved, mountains and seas together!

The five avatars and Lin Chen's body all suppressed four inferior crystals!

Lin Chen's eyes are red and orange! "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" is running to the extreme!

With his current cultivation as the prestige of the mind and mind, it is simply not comparable to the "Wartime Emperor" and "Genesis Nine Tribulation"!

The four alien crystals were brought into the body, and were instantly controlled by Lin Chen. The element attribute values skyrocketed!

[Gain 78000 advanced fire energy, 67000 advanced water energy, 64500 advanced dark energy, 69700 advanced earth energy.

After absorbing four alien crystals, you can get all advanced element attribute values of basic upgrade!

Bang ~!

Lin Chen's breath was raised to a whole new level!

In Lin Chen's eyes, the hegemony of the heavens and the heavens!

All the people staring at him were terrified by his eyes!

On the accumulation of spirits, when he was on the mainland of Kyushu, Lin Chen dared to challenge the false gods by fighting for the emperor!

When geniuses of the same age are complacent and can leapfrog, Lin Chen will face an opponent who is a saint and the worst criminal in the holy prison!

After Lin Chen entered the Holy Realm, his opponent was not the genius at the end of the genius list, Saint!

From the secret killing of the Four Saints in the dark island, to the pursuit of the group Saints, the Qiyun Island cut 14 Saints! To the four levels of the Holy Realm, break into the Sacred Mountain Range and slaughter the holy beasts like pigs and dogs!

Who can compare such experiences, so accumulated!

On the sharpening of the soul, Lin Chen breaks the game, and is opposed to a generation of epic legendary Haotian Saint King!

Even facing the will of God, he still showed his sharp edge! Shenwei, can not suppress him!

There are several people with such courage, this fighting spirit, ancient and modern!

"There is Lin Xingchen, I have felt that I will have a fight with him in my life. My fate said, I never believe that if he appears before my eyes again, I will still repel him!"

Lin Chen's potential condenses to the peak!

"It is now! The ninth holy cave, give me, open!!!"

At this moment, all the Divine Power of Lin Chen was infused into the five abnormal crystals in the body, and launched five kinds of Strength of Different Crystals, all towards the position of the ninth Holy Cave, all poured down!

Bang ~! Bang~!

This explosion, like the decay of a new star, seemed to explode in a singularity in the universe, exploding a whole new scene from Lin Chen's body!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

This time the power is more than ten times more terrifying than any previous burst of holes! Fortunately, the saints were already prepared, and immediately started to defend!

The sky is falling apart, the sun and the moon are losing color, and everything is upside down!

The whole heaven and earth, as if covering the nest, were instantly overturned by Lin Chen's eruptive momentum!

The battle between the demon queen and Xiao Jing was interrupted by the burst hole!

Han Yizhi's spiritual shield was shattered into nothingness, and the battle with the Eight Saints was forcibly interrupted!

The only thing that is not affected is only the battle circle of Luo Yaoer, which is hundreds of miles away, waiting for the Xeon Holy Land!

Even with the defense of the Holy Light, most people still feel a shock of the eardrum.

The sky was full of smoke and dust, and the miasma of the Sacred Mountains was partly dissipated.

Countless people took a closer look, and in the sky, six tall and slender teenagers stood in the sky, all of them shone with nine'hexagonal stars', like the heaven and earth of Tibet, and swallowed the sun, moon and stars.


Weird silence!

Everyone was frightened!

Seeing Lin Chen and his avatars flashing nine'Holy Caves', they were so scared that they couldn't say a word!

9 consecutive burst holes!

Ning Qingxuan's hanging heart finally fell!

Lin Chen finally broke through the shackles and reached the unprecedented peak with the power of avatar and anomaly!


Lin Chen, a long breath.

When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were filled with magic.

He stood on the Holy Dragon, the Dragon Phoenix of the Holy Realm entangled his feet, the nine-color divine light was like a long rainbow, the galaxy-like spiritual power enveloped Zhou Tian, the young man struck a silver robe as bright, the eyebrows were domineering, and his eyes looked down These mortal beings.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! ha ha ha ha!"

Lin Chen laughed in the sky, dripping heartily!

In the laughter, there is a domineering but not conceited taste!

"This is the holy power of the holy realm, this is the pure power of the holy body, and the spiritual power to enter the holy realm. What a grace, it is no longer temporary and lingering, it belongs to me permanently..."

Lin Chen's expression was full of intoxication.

He now only feels that he seems to have become a brand new species!

A thought, a move, can affect the world!

Nowadays, even if he urges the Holy Spirit at will, the lethality of a finger crush is countless times more terrifying than the "Nine Tribulation Stars" that broke out during the Five Tribulation Warlord!

It is no longer a description of strength of power, but the level of life has completely transformed into a whole new level!

Lin Chen raised his eyes and looked around. After Luo Yaoer and the little demon in the distance, Han Yizhi.

Looking at more than a thousand saints thousands of miles away, everyone who has been swept by his eyes has a creepy sense of crisis, as if the secrets of his whole body have been seen by Lin Chen!

Group Sacred Heart Hair!

Lin Chen's heart can no longer make waves.

The saint, himself not long ago, faced several saints casually, and he had to do his best to fight for life and death.

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth rose slightly.

"Now, nothing more!"

Thousands of saints who have their eyes on him, he can come and go!

The thousand saints present no longer threatened Lin Chen!

In this vast Holy World, he is finally no longer a small mortal!

As soon as his eyes turned, Lin Chen looked at Xiao Jing of Jingshen Gate!

The eyes of the two came into contact from mid-air, and there was hidden space distorted.

Lin Chen's mouth twitched, madness!

"The demon list? I heard you want to kill me?"