My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1124

Vol 5 Chapter 1124: Fighting Alone

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The little demon smiled enchantedly, and frivolously blew a whistle to Lin Chen: "Who made you soak up the dream lover in other people's hearts, that's the most demon existence in Shenyang Palace ever."

After hearing this, Lin Chen suddenly realized, and then joked at Xiao Jing: "Shenyan Palace, I will definitely go. And you, either go or I will play with you."

"No matter how strong the potential is, you have to survive, but it's just a late stage of the Holy Realm, Ben will be able to beat you to death with one hand!"

Xiao Jing sneered!

Bang ~!

Lin Chen's avatars broke out with a strong momentum!

[Spend 399 intermediate talent points, steal attribute values: 400 ignition energy, 450 advanced rune energy, 200 advanced rune energy...]

Lin Chen used the sacred harbinger for all the holy realms within the range suitable for activating his talents at the moment, and stole expensive attribute values!

He now has a rune energy of 0 points. If he wants to fight, he has to add some attribute values.

Lin Chen raised an eyebrow at Xiao Jing.

"Try it?"

One-on-one, Lin Chen is not yet an opponent of the demon list.

But if he and all the avatars besieged each other, even if they are not defeated, Xiao Jing will not feel so sad!

Xiao Jing does not seem to change his face, but in fact his intention to kill has skyrocketed!

"Nine bursts of holes, this kid's potential is simply beyond common sense. Over time, as long as he doesn't die, he really is qualified to go to the Palace of Divine Flame!"

Immediately afterwards, the little demon stopped Xiao Jing and waved to Lin Chen: "This guy gives it to me, you get your things done first."

Xiao Jing's mouth twitched slightly...

The overbearing attitude of the forces of all parties towards Lin Chen has once again refreshed their understanding!

When the Holy Realm is heavy, it dares to provoke the evil spirits list, and this child really cannot use common sense to figure out...

"Lin Chen Shengsheng is indeed very strong. I heard that there are many orange-level combat skills in this son. In addition to his avatars, without the duality of ten holy realms, I don't think anyone can threaten him."

"Not necessarily, 9 burst holes is indeed a terrible qualification, but it's another matter when it comes to the situation."

"The key point now is not Lin Chen. No matter how strong he is, it's just a matter of Holy Realm. He can't be able to turn the tide. The key battle depends on the situation of the demon girl!"

"We know how difficult the leapfrog battle between the Holy Realms is. Any 14 Holy Sacred Realms can suppress his Lin Chen in the middle and second stages!"

The saints of all forces saw through the situation at a glance, and adversity has not changed.

Lin Chen wants to break through, but also depends on the war situation of the demon woman.

"That's Lin Chen? Lord Yin Tianzi's goal?"

"9 burst holes? What a horror... No wonder they will become the prey of Lord Yin Tianzi!"

At this time, two shadowy gray afterimages appeared to be beside the ghost-faced gray robe.

He hurriedly respectfully clenched his fists: "Congratulations to the two captains!"

The other four saints bowed respectfully!

"Well, we happened to assassinate the target in the Southern Region. The only one who can come the fastest is the two of us. Since Master Yin Tianzi has spoken, then we will quickly kill after a blow!"

The distorted gray residual image ordered, "Action! The people of Zixia Wanggu, give us two, you take the kid!"


Lin Chen took a deep look at the little demon and turned to Han Yizhi.

People in white clothes win the snow, their eyes are as bright as the stars, the gentleness between the eyebrows is shy, and the smiles reveal the bleak beauty of the woman who is even in the country.

Lin Chen looked a little dumbfounded, then touched his chin with a bad smile and said, "Yes, Yi Zhi, your men's clothing looks pretty good."

Han Yizhi stunned and chuckled.

Yes, Lin Shuai is not aware that Han Yizhi is a boy.

Han Yizhi is a cute boy, knowing the whole class 66, he is in the dark as the leader of Lin.

It's no wonder that when he first met Han Yizhi, he was shy and timid than the girl...

"Squad leader..." Han Yizhi smiled slightly, and he was not broken. "You are making a lot of noise this time."

Lin Chen pulled Han Yizhi behind him and smiled: "Then make it bigger!"

His eyes fell on the three holy realms of the Sun and Moon Hall and the Five Saints of the Hundred Gates, and the Dark Heaven Hall, and the fighting intention broke out!

"Everyone wants to attack me Lin Chen when retreating, it seems that I have to give you a big gift!"

Lin Chen is running his mind, and is preparing to do a big job!

"Be careful! Someone attacked!"

"It's from the Nine Shadows Organization!"

Two voices came into Lin Chen's ears, and they were the second elder of Zixia Wanggu!

boom! boom! boom!

The terrifying energy fluctuations exploded from tens of thousands of altitudes, and the space debris flew into the air!

The forces of all parties were shocked. This is the destructive power that can only be caused by more than four times the Holy Land!

Lin Chen was keenly aware of the killing and reacted with Han Yizhi at the same time!

"Sneaky, get out!"

Lin Chen shouted, the idea of the body and the five avatars, the spirit beam of annihilation was crushed away!

Sigh~! Rumble~!

The spiritual beam of light shattered, and four figures appeared in the void. The breath was particularly strange, giving Lin Chen a gloomy sense of oppression!

"It's a keen sense, this kid is a bit troublesome, attack him in close combat!"

"Quick battles and quick decisions are just one holy place!"

The battle in the Holy Land changes rapidly in one breath!

Seeing someone sneak attack on Lin Chen, the Dark Heaven Temple waited for the Eight Saints to return to God immediately, and adjusted their posture to Han Yizhi! Don't let him help Lin Chen!

"Squad leader, these eight guys will be handed over to me, you will concentrate on dealing with them!"

Han Yizhi passed on his voice, and his deep eyes became particularly dark, like a **** of boundless expanse.

At this moment, Han Yizhi's spiritual power has skyrocketed! More than doubled before!

If the former Han Yizhi could only barely stop the Eight Saints, then now he is enough to confront the Eight Saints head-on, not falling down!

Roar ~!

The two of them had a strong heart, Lin Chen assured him to give Han Yizhi behind him, stepped on the dragon, his holy dragon rolled into the sky in anger, spread his wings and flew, and he was overbearing!

"Every six holy realms are the same, just die!"

The four Holy Realms are so imposing, the Holy Light cloud steams Xia Wei!

Only Sacred Realm Duo can see these four people, all of them are 16 to 20 Sacred Realm Sacred Doubles, all of which are the ruthless characters of the old Sacred Realm!

The palms of the Four Saints glowed with sacred gas, and a dozen flying knives exploded violently towards Lin Chen!

The knife light is as light as a snow flake, and there is no earth-shattering momentum in the past, only the space crystal wall is cut like a slice

"Hahaha, what kind of spicy chicken fighting skills! Let the coach teach you what flying knives are awesome!"

Lin Chen was full of enthusiasm, the sacred energies of the nine holy caves and their possessions were suddenly injected into his five alien crystals, and the power of the'amorphous crystal' surged!

Lin Chen's wrists were drawn horizontally, his palms flicked, and four flying choppers with thin cicada wings appeared!

Shengjingxiu's use of Jueying Flying Sword's four bursts will no longer bear the sequelae of collapse.

[Activate Instant Light Split, costing 292 intermediate talent points.

Hey~! Hey~! Hey~!

Twenty streamer-level flying knives are like a shadow, releasing the violent power of breaking the cauldron and the spirit of destruction!

Lin Chen's flying knife contains a kind of momentum until death, containing three powers of spiritual power, pure power, and anomalous sacred energy! The streamer like the stars and scattered flowers accurately hit the assassin flying knife of the Four Saints!

Tear ~! boom! boom! boom!

The space is torn, the knives are twisted, and the two sides are smashed by the bang, which cancel each other out!

Lin Chen was full of war, and the holy spirit of 9 holy caves rolled into the sky. His eyes showed the **** of the world!

"This is my divine power, so cool!"

Lin Chen's combat strength can't help making the Four Saints stare dumbfounded!

Thousands of old saints looked dazed!

One person took the four holy tricks?

Not right!

How can this kid be as strong as a ghost!

This is completely unlike the fighting power of the Holy Realm that opened the 9 Holy Caves!