My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1126

Vol 5 Chapter 1126: 18 Pieces

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At this time, Lin Chen's heart is in a misty gray space.

In Taiyi time and space, there is a scene that only Lin Chen can see.

Taiyi Space-Time possesses all the strengths of practitioners.

And in that gray space, nine magnificent six-pointed stars are suspended, nine holy caves!

Nine Sacred Caves in Taiyi Space-Time + 9 Sacred Caves in Lin Chens Body...

In other words, the sacred energy that Lin Chen and his avatars can exert is not 9 holy caves!

Instead, a total of 18 holy caves!

This is the capital of Lin Chen dare to leapfrog the challenge!

After countless epochs, "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" turned the corner, and finally began to reveal a corner from Lin Chen's body!

Broken heart red secretly brewing tricks, while Sen Leng said.

"I have to say, you are really a monster! No wonder Lord Yin Tianzi will send us out to kill you in advance!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, "Yin Tian Zi?"

When the ancient **** was seriously injured and infiltrated into the Holy Realm, he once received an apprentice, with a talent of extraordinary talent, and his talent was superb.

This person is Yin Tianzi!

"It turns out that you are the running dog of Yin Tianzi, but unfortunately, you will definitely die today, otherwise I will let you bring him a word, I will find him sooner or later."

Lin Chen smiled slightly, and Duanhong burst into the sky and laughed!

"Your boy will never understand the greatness of Lord Yin Tianzi, go to die, Lin Chen! Bai Sheng Yan Luo laughed with one voice!"

Buzz~! Buzz~! Buzz~!

After the heartbroken red body, Sheng Hui was gloomy, 20 holy acupoints rolled out a massive amount of holy energy, and turned into a blood sea. The blood sea turned into a hundred virtual images, and the group surrounded Lin Chen!

His face was originally about forty years old. At this moment, he began to age rapidly, his gray hair turned into a hunchback, and he looked like a skinny old man.

"It's Hell Yan Fa, these guys are the killers of the Nine Shadows organization?"

Lord Fu Shengguo's face changed slightly!

The ancestor of the Heavenly Ghost Palace is slightly dull, "Oh, bad, little friend Chen Chen is in danger! This **** Yan Luofa is going to use his vitality to launch, they actually got to this point, who in the end is instructed!"

"Oh?" Lin Chen smiled playfully; "It seems to be hanging."

Suddenly, someone Lin pretended to be mysterious and said: "You know, there is a rule in this world. That is, you must not fight the most handsome one in the Holy Realm, otherwise you will be condemned~"

Fuck~! Lin Chen snapped his fingers and launched the "super chaos" superimposed before!

[Trigger super chaotic talent, a total of 11 states, four targets have fallen into a super chaotic state. Duration: 30 seconds.

Buzz~! boom! boom! boom!

The sacred energy in the holy caves of the four Nine Shadow Killers exploded and almost shocked themselves into a serious injury!

"This... what the **** is this?"

"A part of my holy spirit is not under my control?"

"My consciousness is messed up! Is this a kid?"

The four were shocked and stunned, and their blood, holy qi, and even consciousness were partially confused!

Sigh~! Bang ~! A wave of visions has not been smoothed again! The space around the four people lifted a hell-like gray wind-blade tornado, sweeping the sky, or lowering the red lotus-like purgatory flame!

The flames of purgatory burned the space, and the crystal walls of the space were burned and broken, and turned into a dragon wandering!

[Launched two blue-level advanced nirvanas, targeted at four: start bombardment.


Qun Sheng breathed air!

Is it really condemned to beat handsome? Is there such an operation?

"Sure enough, as the kid said, the means are varied and tricky! Give this seat! As long as we can complete the cooperation of Lord Yin Tianzi, we will be able to obtain multiple inferior crystals!"

At the moment when he was targeted by the nirvana, the red fingerprints of the heartbroken suddenly changed!

Buzz~! Hundreds of Yan Luo virtual images vibrated in unison, bursting into horrible sound waves of holy light, such as the music of hell, wanting to crush Lin Chen directly!

Duanhong Hong was forced to fight hard with Lin Chen?

Lin Chen's war-like spirits and awe-inspiring smile; "Try my +12 ghost phoenix gun!"

"Yu Tian!"

The Holy Spirit was once again injected into the "Aurora Crystal", Lin Chen flaunted his gun with his gun, shot the Gengjin Changhong at the point of the gun, penetrating the sky, and divided it into five, like a round of round light!

boom! boom! boom!

The sound wave exploded, tearing out the abyss-like space crack!

Hundreds of false images of Yanlu were cut in half and dissipated quickly!

"Wh... what?"

Broken heart red look shocked, why did this kid's strength suddenly soar?

He counted the secret skills of Lin Chens strength limit, even though he was affected by part of the super chaos, it was enough to crush Lin Chen!

"Die to me!"

Lin Chen's eyes showed the light that stirred the wind and clouds, and he changed his sword and held the blue moon.

With a knife in hand, Lin Chen dominates the sky!

All his sacred energy was injected into five alien crystals!

The saints were shocked!

How can he control the power of five kinds of crystals at the same time without being exhausted? To what extent is this kid's background strong?

"He... is he really sanctified for the first time? Why use the sacred qi to flow through the clouds, not to lose the old saints!"

"It is rumored that Lin Chen once briefly advanced to the Holy Land when he slaughtered 14 Saints on Qiyun Island. I am afraid that this is related to this hole card. He has had experience in controlling the Holy Power. This is not the first time to fight."

"Wait! This knife, you look at this knife!"

When the saints were talking, there were several old-style knives who were ravenously shouting!

All avatars of Lin Chen launched a total attack, all of his holy weapons were strengthened to +12 or more, and their power soared!

At this time, all the Nine Shadows killers are trapped in the nirvana and the interference of the "super chaotic" state, which can cope with Lin Chen's strength and sacredness by no more than half!

Injecting vitality, the pure power burst, Lin Chen suddenly waved his sword, and the clear blue moon slashed out a sword that was forever!

The extremely rotating aurora knife cuts the space, shatters the crystal walls of the space, and its momentum is like a knife that cuts through the world. The charm of this knife is brilliant, and even the saints are amazed!

The next moment, the group horror!

"not good!"

The Holy Land of all parties immediately defended!

Daoman trembles, divided into five, heading towards the virtual image of Yan Luo in all directions!

Thousands of miles of sword gas, angered hundreds of Yan Luowei!

However, it is not over yet!


The rotating Baizhang Aurora knife exploded in anger!

Five fast-moving blades explode into the sky, thousands of Shenghui blades are shattered into exquisite and transparent broken jade Xuemang, colorful, turning into a hurricane.

The whole world shrouded in demon qi was instantly shrouded in gleaming shattered mansions!

All geniuses are dumbfounded!

"What a nice view"

The female geniuses heartily marveled at the same time!

Pretty? The saints can't help sneering!

Only the Holy Land can deeply feel the sharp edge that penetrates all!

Lin Chen closed his knife and smiled slightly.

"There is a **** in ancient times, and there are no tears in it. This knife is a farewell gift that I gave you to go to hell."

Broken heart red pupil shrinks!