My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1127

Vol 5 Chapter 1127: Nanyugu Wanquan.

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Tens of thousands of blade gas fragments, such as raindrops, hurricanes, whirlpools, storms, and the most magnificent and splendid storms between heaven and earth, slammed into the sacred heart covered by the nirvana!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

As if it were an unprecedented storm, the knife gas fragments slammed into the space position of the broken heart!

The terrible Daomang Yuyun destroys the whole space, and the tremendous explosion, like a world-destroying disaster, comes to the world!

The Sword Qi fragment and the corner of the Sacred Mountain Range were twisted into nothingness!

The geniuses who marveled before were all pale in time!

The sharp aftertaste exploded by the knife gas fragments still ejected hundreds of miles in length and breadth, forcing many saints to seriously defend and block the broken mans!

When the broken light dissipated, the sky was filled with snow-like nine-colored divine glory, and only six tall boys were left outside the sacred mountain range.

The young man stood by the knife, like snowflakes in the high sky, and the nine-colored divine light falling like a ceiling was dotted on his silver robe, and it was bright and colorful.

Shenglong occupies under his feet, and his avatars are on each side, such as the king over the world, and no one can suppress his sharp edge!


"I actually... wept."

When many people recovered, they found a line of tears in the corner of their eyes.

The pupils of some Holy Realms shrink slightly.


Nine Shadows organized four holy killers, and the whole army was wiped out! No dead body!

"This knife is perfect..."

"What a powerful blow, such as the rain in the sky, the infinite energy of the sword, the infinite change, the sharp edge that climbed to the extreme detonated into fragments to enemies, and the power did not fall but rose! This is an orange-level knife, and it is not ordinary. Comparable incomplete orange rank combat skills!"

Many sword sages and sword sages are either trembling with excitement or breathtaking!

This knife can no longer be perfect! Within the scope of the chaos and nirvana in the Four Saints, combined with the delay of the avatar, in the face of this seamless knife, there is no chance to escape!

"Hahaha! Worthy of being our lady."

"The kid's performance is too horrible, and the old man was scared by him! He has been able to destroy the Four Saints one by one without using the last hole card.

The second elder of Zixia Wanggu laughed heartily, and the captains of the nine shadows who held the second elder looked heavy.

The dead elite of the Four Sacred Realms died, and both of them have to suffer a lot of punishment!

"A good genius, huh, huh, we like to kill the genius best..."

The Nine Shadows captain laughed a few times and glanced at Lin Chen's eyes, revealing his murderous intention!

"Although I don't know why you Jiuying is staring at this kid, but the old man can advise you, this person may be our future aunt in Zixia Wanggu, don't think about too many moths, once he is on the list of evildoers, Will you try him?"

The two elders laughed, and became more and more fierce between the moves!

The two captains looked gloomy like Li Mang in the dark.


"Finally no longer the weak warlord..."

Lin Chen exhaled for a long time, his eyes were even worse!

Taiyi Space-Time can have all the cultivation practices of the host, and the accumulation of the cultivation practices of the 18 holy caves by Lin Chen will be the beginning of his journey to the Holy Realm!

These 18 sacred caves are not the other 18 sacred caves. Each sacred cave in the sanctuary contains different sacred gas.

If the holy cave of the first realm contains the qi of 10, then each of the double caves holds the qi of 20 or even higher.

Lin Chen roughly estimated that his 18 holy caves were set up, and the power of the holy air could be comparable to the common holy realm of the 14 holy caves.

That is to say, Lin Chen is now wearing the holy realm in the late stage of cultivation and the real holy realm in the second stage of cultivation!

In addition, the elemental attribute value accumulated by the heart method "Taiyi Futian Jue" is extremely high, and the repair is based on the double Holy Realm of 15 Holy Caves!

If you add the power of five alien crystals, and many half-orange-level exercises that are forcibly promoted to orange-level combat skills, and after strengthening the holy weapon, Lin Chens combat power is directly following the ordinary double of 19-20 holy caves. Complete the Holy Land!

As long as the opponent is not a monster-level Holy Realm genius, the Holy Realm Double can threaten Lin Chen not much!

9 holy cave repairs to have the power of 20 holy caves? I dont dare to think about it anywhere in the Holy World...

The Holy Realm has become so outrageous, it can be seen that if Lin Chen opens 20 holy caves and 30 holy caves afterwards?

"Now I'm just laying the foundation. There is space and time. When I break through the 31st holy cave and enter the holy realm quadruple expansion cave, the combat power will reach the sky in one step!"

After Lin Chen had a thought in his mind, he avatared himself and swept through the audience, putting away the attribute light spheres and four orange crystal chests dropped by the Four Saints.

[The system prompts the host that the host has been promoted to the Holy Land and begins to activate the 7.0 upgrade requirements of the Tiandao picking system. For details of the upgrade, please refer to the system.

When the system light screen pops up, Lin Chen still has time to view the system in the future.

Bang ~!

A clear blue light descended from Jiuxiao!

The magic energy between heaven and earth was suddenly dissipated by more than half!

This is an unprecedented sight! Luo Yao'er's demon qi made the world wither!

Now, there is actually a vibrant flavor!

"A strong man comes again! And stronger than any one before!"

Lin Chen's heart shook.

boom! boom! boom!

After that holy light came, the war circle in the far empty space was horrified by the horror momentum.

A moment later, a beautiful shadow flashed to Lin Chen's side, the breath was fragile, it was Luo Yaoer!

brush! brush! brush!

Numerous holy places descended, surrounding Lin Chen and Luo Yaoer and others.

Among the 15 holy realms, one holy realm was quadruple and even the right arm was gone.

In order to delay Luo Yao'er, they all paid a heavy price!

As the first person, with his hands down, his face is handsome. He looks like twenty-five or five years old. His eyes are as blue as the sea. The eyebrows are vicissitudes and quaint. The blue robe flutters. Feeling hairy at the bottom of my heart.

"This old guy has a terrible atmosphere, which is stronger than the two elders in Zixia Wanggu and the first two holy realms. Maybe it is a super strong who opened 49 or even 50 holy caves!"

Lin Chen's heart sank.

Among the group saints, a small number of forces clearly saw the comers!

"It turned out to be the ancient Wanquan of the South Region..."

"This old guy has also gone through the customs. Legend has it that the old guy bloomed 49 holy caves two million years ago and stepped into the fifth stage of the holy realm!"

"Gu Changtian and Dayi Shengjun are both the five-fold early stage of the 43 holy caves, and another holy land five-fold later stage. I'm afraid that Lin Chen and this witch can't go away!"

As soon as the ancient Wanquan came, the situation changed instantly.

Originally, 14 holy realms barely delayed the situation of Luo Yaoer. When Gu Wanquan arrived, Luo Yaoer was in a disadvantage.

"My Excellency Wan Quan, why are you the only one here?" Gu Changtian secretly heard.

Gu Wanquan glanced at him quietly, and his voice came out flatly: "You are nothing to do as those old guys, some are still closed in the secret area, some are still traveling in some marginal dangerous areas of the South, and some are still In the deadlock, no one can get there in a while."

"But... anyway, the old man is enough."